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  • Two Eyes And A Heartbeat | Jensoo
    45.5K 2.2K 20

    Taehyung is crashing with a ridiculously hot friend (Jennie) and Jisoo is very single. Lisa has an idea Jisoo probably won't approve of and for some reason, Taehyung goes along with it. OR "My friends are dumb and wanna set us up and I AM SO SORRY" "Take me with you" ...

  • Marrying Ms.Park
    167K 6.8K 69

    Funny how a night out can lead to many things, except you didn't think about marriage. For Jisoo, she now has to deal with a naked girl besides her.

    Completed   Mature
  • Marrying the Soft-hearted Villain
    3.2M 169K 143

    Ruan Qiuqiu had transmigrated into a cannon fodder that had the same name as her in the novel, Sweet Pampering in Ancient Times: Demon King Husband, Please Spare Me Right now, there were two paths before her: Option 1: Continue playing the role of the supporting female character. After a few rounds of being face slapp...

    291K 12.2K 87

    "oh, wait. this is a reunion? sorry, i thought this was a field trip to the zoo because you're all wild as hell like animals." warning: this is a crackfic and involves, mature theme, drama, insults, massive flirting and of course, cursing. 'texts au' BTS | Blackpink | Red Velvet | etc. highest ranking- #1 in bts | bla...

    91.2K 2.6K 25

    THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK OF BTS X BLACKPINK: A HIGH SCHOOL STORY. IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THAT YET, PLEASE READ IT FIRST SINCE THIS IS A BOOK 2, OBVIOUSLY. Rose and Jimin- The playgirl and playboy that fell in love with each other. Will cheating be another problem for them? Or are they loyal to each other. Bad habits are v...