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  • Six Foot Eight Date
    28.9K 642 35

    His name was Miles. That's how tall he was... "From 50 feet away, I thought he was a volleyball pole. From 20 feet away, I knew that I was looking at a man, miles and miles of one, and the sand and the salt of the foam tapering at the edge of the Pacific, the haze of LA, and the warm sunlight that heated my bare shoul...

  • Stealing the World
    479 49 14

    At age 18, Agent Rivers is the most valuable, young, female agent the FBI has. On her most elaborate mission yet, she decides to work with amature Taylor Gray. The two make a dynamic duo, but Agent Rivers knows all good things must come to an end. Can Taylor get Agent Rivers to break down her own walls, and to start b...

  • Upside-Down
    7.6K 400 11

    Analida Primston and Matthew Babine became bestfriends 5 years ago.Now, Matthew is freshman and Analida is in 8th grade and they have become closer and closer each year that passes since they have become bestfriends. Between those years, they share secrets, laughs and stories, and now everything has become upside-down...