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  • A Pirates Kiss: Sunken Treasures
    3.5M 119K 38

    Circe is back and she is up in the air. Literally. She is a guest at the Royal Air Temples and with Nathaniel back by her side, she suddenly feels as though she can take on the world. But the world might be slightly bigger than Circe has expected. What is she to make of the Queen of the Air, who seems to hold all the...

  • A Pirates Kiss: Resurrection
    1M 58.4K 53

    Currently being updated in 2020 (The third instalment of the A Pirate's Kiss Trilogy) After a horrific betrayal and a devastating loss how can Circe ever hope to move on? Dead inside, she wanders the ocean alone without purpose, while those she loved continue to search for her, hope fading with every passing day. In...

  • Unsure. (A Jack Gilinsky Fanfiction)
    1.7M 34.8K 34

    a magcon fanfic. //jack gilinsky

  • love triangle m.e. and c.d.
    334K 5K 34

    everyone wants to live her life, traveling the world with nine boys. but no one wants to fall into a love triangle with two boys who youre stuck touring with.

  • When He Calls // J.G
    176 4 4

    When a new girl shows up in Long Beach, California she had to move across the states to live in California. Her name is Kaili as she runs into a popular kid Jack, Jack Gilinksy. Her world might take the right turn or the wrong turn.. Jack is on the high school football team, the Captain of the team. Does he come to re...

  • The Boy Who Left and Returned
    1.2K 43 10

    A girl named Kylie moved away because her father got a better job offer. She had to leave her friends behind. As she arrived to her new home she met the boy next door. He was polite, charming and basically the ideal package. She falls hard for him. Will the boy leave or stay? And will they find each other later on?

  • A Pirates Kiss (1st Adventure Watty Awards 2011)
    8.1M 238K 36

    It is Dangerous to deal with Pirates. Circe's Father has always told her so. So when a mysterious shadowy figure with gold and silver eyes appears on her balcony and attempts to steal her away the first thing that she wonders is why? Why does this mysterious stranger seem to know her more than she knows herself with...

  • Magcon Boys // S.W.
    530 18 5

    A group of best friends are trying to become YouTube famous. They want to change their lives and take it to the next level. As they work hard to achieve their goal boys become a big part in their lives. Will they be able to handle all the pressure?

  • The Truth behind lies
    554 2 2

    On Alex's first day of school she ran into someone she thought and vowed to never speak to again. Mysterious things began to happen. She gets random phone calls in the night and people begin to go missing, And She learns the unspeakable truth of her past.

  • Summer Love
    3.3K 44 41

    Cameron Dallas Fan Fiction. A girl named Kylie leaves her home behind and travels with her best friends to California. Along the way she runs into a guy named Cameron Dallas. As she fell in love at first sight, did he? Are they soul mates? Find out!

  • intoxicated s.p.
    1.2M 19.8K 60

    being the younger sister of a youtube megastar has it's perks, she's always had feelings for his best friend, staring at him from a distance but when her dreams become reality, she becomes intoxicated with the idea of them together.