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  • Uke Karma One Shots
    252K 4.3K 33

    This is just a book filled with different fluffy, smutty, and even angsty oneshots all about Karma with various guys, wherein our beloved devious and sadistic red-head genius is a genuine UKE. Yes, you read it right, my fabulous reader, a very moe uke!! So no hates if you don't agree. Enjoy ~~! -- (I DO NOT OWN ASSASS...

  • The Shy Girl And The Sadist | Karma x Reader |
    122K 2.9K 17

    (Y/N) gets transferred into the E-Class due to her drop of grades. She hardly ever talks to people in the E-Class, she prefers being alone One faithful day When Akabane Karma finds that she is in danger, He decides to save her and protect her for as long as she can. Will they eventually fall in love with eachother? Fi...