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  • Captain N: Meet the new Game Master
    61 3 3

    Alisa was just the college geek...until she woke up one day staring face-to-face with a certain green plumber. (Cover Art by Knox Robbins on Tumblr)

  • Saiyans of Canterlot High
    461 23 11

    Set after DBS Final Episode and Equestria Girls Rainbow Rock. Two Saiyans and their wife have been transported to another unfamiliar universe after their planet earth was erase from existence, now they'll find themselves going to school that is quite magical and meeting new friends while possibly new lovers too. Gokux...

  • Equestria Girls' Bizarre Adventure
    1.5K 46 38

    Through time and space, warriors who had the star shape birthmark fought against powerful enemies, who wanted nothing but victory and conquest. In this tale, six heroes defeated their own mighty foes and then were able to enjoy some peace until death. Their deaths came either by sacrificing themselves for others or na...

  • Ninjas and Heroes: REBOOTED (Mha x Ninjago)
    3.1K 103 6

    (Ninjago x Mha crossover.) During episode 19 of Ninjago: "Wrong place, wrong time" an action caused by Lord Garmadon sends him and our four ninjas an entirely different realm, with different rules and laws. So once more armed with the golden weapons our four original ninjas must become . . . HEROES!! (Reboot of the o...

  • Call Of Duty Ghost X Anime Crossover: Rise Of The Ghost
    98 11 1

    In the near future, there is the brink of near destruction has coming by the evil terrorists. But there is one young man part of the Military special Operation Teams known as Ghosts. He will stop his enemy and protect the one he dear he love. This is.... His Call of Duty.

  • warriors of worlds reunite
    10 0 2

    randy Cunningham (aka) the ninja and other warriors to team up with superheros to stop ultron sigma to destroy the worlds with infinity stones. shipping randy Cunningham x Heidi Weinerman

  • Fandom reaction
    23 0 1

    this isn't much of a story its more of a place for any fandom such as RWBY, MHA, Kill La Kill, Etc to come and react to any of my new stories. And/or react to any movie, TV shows, or games with them in it as the main characters. Now if you excuse me, I have to go get some of the people to react to these trailers, bye!

  • Sonic and the Dragon Ball Armageddon (WORKING TITLE)
    18 0 2

    After a battle between Sonic and Dr. Eggman, Sonic is transported to a distant universe, but it's not just any distant universe. Taking place after the events of Dragon Ball Super, Sonic is transported to Earth in universe seven in which he meets Goku after Goku's return from the tournament of power. After the revival...

  • Cartoon Universe: Season one
    22 7 7

    A series is coming to a Wattpad near you. Join our heroes as they battle evil and explore the multiverse in this this brand new first season of Cartoon Universe. NOTE: The images in the story cover and story belong to their respective owners. All characters and franchises belong to their respective owners.(Except my O...

  • Ninjas of remnant
    309 17 2

    4 elemental ninja masters get sucked into a portal in a completely different world as they must figure out where they are. Will they leave the world? Read more to find out (also r.i.p Kirby morrow and it's the main reason why I'm doing this)

  • The Insane Medic of Helltaker/TF2 X Helltaker story.)
    508 10 4

    what if the son of the Medic woke up in hell after pretty much dying.

  • guldo OC x one punch man
    45 5 2

    yes it's happening

  • In Another World as a Clone (Clone Reader X In Another World with My Smartphone)
    19.9K 394 15

    During the First Battle of Kamino, A large number of clones were out to fighting side by side with their brothers until they were all killed by lightning accidentally created by God . As an apology, God allows only a single individualistic and a few selected of the clones to be resurrected, but since he cannot send...

  • (Male Clone Reader X Valkyria Chronicles X Star Wars )
    3.1K 27 3

    Set in Europa, a fictional version of Europe, in 1935. Because of its abundance of Ragnite ore, which can be refined into a powerful fuel, the neutral nation of Gallia comes under attack from the East Europan Imperial Alliance, which is itself engaged in a war with the Atlantic Federation. However, The East Europan Im...

  • Wattpad Attack of Toy Bots
    13 2 1

    In the factory their one man of my world his name is Mr. Roger he is owner the Factory then Thad and Ocellus are going to the Factory with Ocellus Changeling from her kingdom but then then Vaccum take all the Changeling inside the factory and All the Wattpad hero are Trap inside the Power Tank It's up to Thad, Adam...

  • Hazbin Hotel crossover MGE Male Human OC x Hazbin Hotel harem
    253 6 4

    (You need to have a the basic understanding what the monsters girls Encyclopedia and Hazbin Hotel is if you want to understand this story.) Eidon Abramm a young man age 20 has a semi rough life. Eidon has no siblings, his true father and mother are unknown. And Eidon himself has spend his time working as a night guard...

  • The definition of ultimate power (goku black reader x crossover)
    638 17 5

    Y/n was a student from union academy but later on was abused by the students and headmasters of the academy for reasons he has no power they continue to abuse ignoring insulting him while the headmasters were only paying attention more to their students until y/n has left the academy by the headmasters until y/n meet...

  • HH, HB, MLP, S, TCFNAF, DBZ reacts
    271 13 3

    Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, MLP, Sonic, Tony Crynight FNAF, DBZ characters reaction to @mothrashines3 book series.... Requested by @JuanDeleon198 (and yes, I shortened the names, since Wattpad couldn't fit it all in the title ._.)

  • Devils and Mercenaries (TF2 x Highschool DxD)
    182 7 3

    Teams vs Peerages... that's really all there is to it.

  • The Official Multiverse Chronicles Au
    8 2 2

    it's a crossover Au where the plot of every universe is wiped away by a reset button. now Femi,Astra,and others are going to find a way to make their own plot. but someone tries to corrupt the timeline. with some friends.

  • Cartoon Multiverse
    133 5 3

    Here's the Six Shards' cartoon worlds become one. In the new book series, Cartoon Multiverse

  • Koopa Resistance (Una historia de MarioxMeggy)
    1.7K 102 10

    Desde que Meggy ganó el Splatfest por Desti, ella y Mario estuvieron saliendo en secreto, solo que no sabían que una nueva amenaza iba a llegar al reino champiñón y posiblemente más tarde al mundo entero. Bowser decide tomar asunto en esta situación y ser un líder responsable por una vez en su vida. Podrán salvar al...

  • Adventures in the Multiverse
    328 6 7

    This is a story of how Batman, Gandalf, Wyldstyle and a bunch of other characters you may know from different movies, TV shows and video games defeat Lord Vortech. The adventures in the different dimensions will be pretty long.

  • Crossovers I would like to see
    771 24 17

    Basically, I talk about crossovers I would like to see

  • A Leader's Destiny (A RWBY Crossover)
    1.2K 58 25

    "War. War never changes unless we ourselves change. Change to correct our mistakes of the past and create peace. Peace so that we may discover harmony." -Kyle De Valiente

  • When Worlds Collide
    15 6 1

    Written by: @Heart_Embezzler1 @Thecaprion1228 @BadassBitchUWU @JuanDeleon198 @CyanImposterity When the two magical universes started using Magic, at the same hour. And the same time, what would happen? Only one way to find out ( Habzin Hotel × FNaF × Hateful Wonderland × Slendytubbies × MHA(?) )

  • The Dawn Of Heroes
    6.9K 55 17

    In a new land, heroes and villains alike will work together in times of crisis to find their way home. During their journey they will bond, fight and discover why they are there. This tale will alter the events of all worlds, and shift the universes indefinitely. What they do will impact not only the world they are in...

  • Goku: The World Warrior (Dragon Ball X Street Fighter)
    74 17 15

    Son Goku, the Saiyan from the dying Planet of Vegeta is being sent away to Earth. However, it's not quite the Earth we know as it is now inhabited by much stronger opponents than that of the Dragon Ball Earth. What awaits the young Saiyan is the world of Street Fighter where he'll compete with other street fighters to...