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  • 99 smut challenge (multiple fandoms)
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    So far I've done: Otayuri - Yuri On Ice Victuuri - Yuri On Ice Kagehina - Haikyuu Boyf riends - Be More Chill Bloxxie - Helluva Boss

  • BloodWen
    664 22 6

    Here's the story of how me and Gwen first met. So plz enjoy

  • Helluva Boss x Reader Oneshots: Vol. 2
    1.3K 37 5

    Since I still got messages for the closed we go again! Another handful of funny, touching, and (most likely) raunchy scenarios for you to fantasize with. What will you get yourself into this time? 😉

  • Laa-Laa's Car Adventure!! (Requested.)
    100 7 8

    This story was requested by @rayjbunz. I hope you enjoy what I have written!

  • The Ninja's Past (A Lego Ninjago Fanfic)
    6.4K 219 19

    Heyo! So this is technically the third book in my Ninja series. (The Mysterious Ninja is the first, Hunt for the Green Ninja is the second) So this will kind of explain who Liz is and what she does. A reader suggested that I make my books into a series, and one book should explain a bit more about Liz. So, here it is...

  • Eliza's Life With Triple Threat
    37 7 6

    Eliza was adopted by Triple Treat from the orphanage. This is her story with Triple Threat.

  • Book Cover Requests (open)
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    Since I am only adding words to your favourite images, and adding effects, I'm gonna make you guys book covers. Just do as the info asks lmao Still open!!!

  • Art Log
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    Enjoy my once shitty now subpar art.

  • Kung Fu Warriors (Meggy, Desti, Agent 3, Agent 4, Agent 8 and Clauds x Bryan)
    49 5 2

    Ever since Bryan and his mother (Tosheena) came threw china, Bryan meet 6 friends Meggy, Desti, Agent 3, Agent 4, Agent 8 and Clauds. They have been getting ready and also training a lot. The girls were shocked that Bryan has fire and was amazed. During there time, somebody is coming for Bryan and to take his Fire awa...

  • 💖:HSZBIN HOTEL, la polilla y el ciervo:💖
    91 3 1

    que irónico, ¿verdad?, el amor viene en muchas formas, tamaños, colores, y abecés te puedes terminar enamorando de la persona que menos te esperas, y de la que supuestamente odias. historia 100%100 mía, todos los derecho, para vivienne medrano. creadora de la mayoría de personajes principales o segundarios.

  • Innocent bean protecter book
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    if you think that Jon, Niffty, etc. characters are beans, then come on down here!

  • My art book that full of art that eh ..... enjoy.(requests open)
    1.3K 301 59

    This is a book full of my art that are eh.hope u like em cause i dont know if i do but i dont hate em neither.

  • Newborn red.
    179 18 1

    Alastor dies at the hands of Valentino and Vox and they finally think that he's out of their metaphorical hair. He's not; he's reborn as a boy called Kai and with his sister Charlotte, the hazbin hotel patrons and his two mamas, he's gonna make sure that Valentino and Vox have what's coming to them.\ Includes: Valenti...

  • Hazbin Hotel x Reader
    88.9K 1.9K 24

    I watched Hazbin Hotel and did a lot of reading on these guys, so I figured it'd be fun to make one! Buckle up and get yourselves ready for some demon fun!

  • Metal Gear Cyborgs
    2.2K 101 7

    Raiden, Monsoon, and Jetstream are all enemies in one way or another. But what happens when a mysterious woman brings them all together and tells them to team up? Will they become the ultimate fighting team!? Or remain enemies to the bitter end? **I do not own Metal Gear Rising or any of the characters. All rights go...

  • Watching Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Challenge
    461 5 1

    I notice there isn't many watching Hazbin Hotel or watching Helluva Boss fanfictions. So I'm making a fanfiction challenge. Create a fanfiction where the cast of either shows reacting to their show, music videos, etc. The purpose of this challenge is to celebrate the work of Vivziepop and the entire cast. Post your...

  • Hellbound- A Comic Series
    56 2 1

    "Maybe it's for the best I ended up in Hell." Only the Hellbound Warrior can wield the Sword of Flame. The only weapon capable of ending the war between Angels and Demons forever. Makenzie Blake's parents recently divorced and he gets into an abusive relationship. After years of being with his awful boyfriend, he snap...

  • Demons Who Sin
    178 24 2

    A crew of 7 demonic sinners are brought together to learn how to live amongst each other, as each member of the Deadly Sins. It is proven to be difficult to learn their differences, as Ribbon pushes back his Pride to take care of what would be considered 6 toddlers. Note: This is a fictional take on Heaven, Hell, and...

  • Slendytubbies
    7K 89 9

    Pulled into a game by your own character, you find yourself encountering strange and monstrous beings. But after getting to know them, you find out they're just as friendly as anyone else.

  • Hazbin Hotel Ver. 2
    4.3K 53 4

    Welcome to the Hazbin Hotel! Or should I say new and improved! Join Allison, and her friends on an amazing adventure to make the Hazbin Hotel greater that it is now! Get ready to meet new characters, powerful and helpful! Are you ready to face this adventure that is placed for you? I hope you are! ships include: Alast...

  • PfP Requests (Can't Take New Requests Right Now)
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    Hey, soo... I'm sure this is early, but I am gonna draw your PfPs. There are, however, some rules I want you guys to follow: ~{||∆||}~ A) Don't spam me with "Is it done yet?". It's just as annoying as "Are we there yet?", and I absolutely despise that!! B) No NSFW PfPs... just... no. C) Be VERY PATIENT!! I have a life...

  • Morning With Vaggie - Hazbin Hotel x Reader
    183 4 1

    A one-shot romance story starring Vaggie from Hazbin Hotel and You. While going through your typical morning routine at the hotel, the two of you decide to have an early morning date before your next shift at work. All rights to Hazbin Hotel and its characters go to Vivziepop and her team. Source for cover art: https...

  • Zen's Journal
    52 6 10

    It's a journal. There is clearly a difference. Also I'm copying one of my homies.

  • HOTEL HAZBIN: las aventuras de sir pentious
    54 0 12

    aqui veras las aventuras del personaje secundario de hazbin hotel:sir pentious y sus eggbois

  • The Love of a Demon [Undergoing Editing]
    4.6K 101 7

    Caleb wake up in his bedroom but there is someone in his bed with you. Not only does he live alone but no one even likes him enough to sleep with him. Who is this? Only time will tell. Artwork credit to Usagi Star.

  • Angel dust protection squad #2
    36 0 3

    All i got to say for the description is KILL VALENTINO!!!

  • Cry Baby (Angel Dust)
    24 5 1

    Angel Dust, el es una gran estrella del cine para los adultos en el infierno y proviene de una familia de gánsteres y criminales, todas las personas lo adoran y lo admiran por su fama y sus shows para prostituirse, el es unos de los empleados de su jefe, quien es Valentino, uno de los Overlords más poderosos del infie...

  • ♡ Welcome to the Hotel! ♡ Charlie's Insta ♡
    1.2K 65 17

    "Welcome to the hotel! Feel free to take a look around!"

  • Broly's Son Male Reader x Kefla
    182K 2.4K 33

    (YN), The son of the legendary super saiyan Broly, and his grandpa, Paragus, we're lucky to escape the destruction of planet vegeta as they flew off space with a space pod. Nobody knows who or how it end up being destroyed. Paragus has lost his son Broly, and his wife as well...what happens next? Find out!

  • Sr. PENTIOUS X TU(lectora).
    4.4K 271 11

    ESTA HISTORIA PODRÍA CONTENER. 1- +18. 2- drama. 3- romance. 4- lenguaje vulgar. 5- asesinatos. y mas cosas.