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  • Layra, Retokada! (GGSS Series)
    433 359 22

    Humans are humans. Madali para sa lahat ang manghusga sa kung anong nakikita nila sa paligid. Hindi maiaalis sa mga tao iyon, kumbaga ay nakasanayan na. Ang nakikita nila parati ay mali at madalas ang tama. "Travel and tell no one, live a true love story and tell no one, live happily and tell no one, people ruin beau...

  • Swirling Colors [MRS #1]
    6.4K 568 12


  • Where You Can't Stay Forever (Forever Series #1)
    13.8K 9.6K 41

    All of the beautiful memories, just turns into a beautiful nightmares.

  • Chasing Mistake (Editing)
    2.9K 2.3K 26

    One hardest thing in life Promise to your love ones

  • My Real Fake Love
    3.8K 968 51

    Bryan and Adam Perez are twins. They're both stupid hot, talented, genius, at higit sa lahat... IDENTICAL! Pero ang plot twist? BAKLA ang isa. But life is unpredictable indeed. Si Adam na may pusong babae ay kinailangang magpanggap bilang si Bryan (na naging fiancé ni Emma) when the terrible tragedy happened sa buhay...

    30.9K 1K 42

    [COMPLETED] Rights Series 1: Empower Women// Exploitation. She doesn't care anything else happens in the lives of those around her. If her help is required she will be given. She simply express her opinion and appreciated human rights. She learns to build her self-esteem. Building herself with no help from others. Not...

  • Summer of 2013 [COMPLETED]
    3.1K 1.8K 39

    It was the summer of 2013. A summer where it all begins. A summer of bittersweet, love, pleasure and desire. She is Henziel Celino Gonzaga an unruly teenage girl who meets Davis, a provincial man who inspires her to alter her path, become a writer, teach her to love and dream big. 07/09/2020 Book cover by @lynceno

    Completed   Mature
  • Quarantweet
    141 59 2

    Sally Vera Sy is a Grade 12 student in Finley Academy and suppose to be graduate this year. But because of the sudden attack of the Virus, all of the events coming onwards are cancel. While staying at home, her daily routine was spending time on her social medias, and one of them is Twitter. What can she realized whi...

  • I LOVE YOU, AGATHA [PUBLISHED under Chapters Of Love]
    6.5K 2.3K 30

    BLURB: He fell in love for the first time but just had his heart broken. Shawn Stanford is a nerdy student who fell in love with a girl whom he accidentally bumped inside their campus. Sa unang tingin pa lang niya sa dalaga ay naakit na siya sa kagandahang taglay nito. Agatha Rhea Ylonda, the sweet girl with an angel...

  • Identity Diary Of Cross Role Player (Under Revision)
    17.7K 10.7K 100

    She's lost in a fake world that not everyone knows it was existing. She doesn't want to leave that brotherhood even if they are all cross role player. She lives happily there not until she meets him, but little did she know he is also a cross role player. Mamahalin pa rin kaya nila ang isa't-isa kahit maraming naninir...

  • One Shot Stories(Compilation)
    995 770 10


  • EROS
    13.2K 6.9K 50

    "Manny water cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it." Arceilla Wetzel, isang babaeng nakatakda nang ipag-isang dibdib kay Prinsipe Deitu na anak ng Hari. Labis na namamanglaw at nagdadalamhati ang damdamin ng dalaga, sapagkat kahit kailan hindi ninais ng kanyang puso na mapangasawa ang Prinsipe ni hiniling ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • You Look But You Don't see...
    7.6K 864 55

    Nina Monae's life has always been about overcoming one tragedy after another. She finally finds some hope when she finishes highschool with flying colors but this means University is her next destination.With nothing but hope in her hands she believes she has finally left her misfortunes behind. Jake Brandson is a re...

    Completed   Mature
    140K 7.2K 53

    She's in the dark world, where no one knows that she's been existed. A dark that consumed her whole being when her parents died at her early age. In a room that she considered a hell, becomes her home. Then a man named Mason Mazzoni an italian rudess businessman tycoon introduced to her. Mason force her to marry him...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ocean Book Club [OPEN]
    1.3K 238 9

    I made this book club for all the aspiring writers who want to discovered their story. Note: This is a Filipino Book Club only.

  • Thalia, Quarantine Love Story?
    337 251 12

    Thalia is currently recovering from the pain caused by a break-up with her boyfriend Raven. Assuming that the pain is part of the so-called "healing process", she took several months dealing it, and she thinks she's just stuck to it and no process is happening. Carrying her great sorrow every day, she sought to be fre...

  • Pangako // completed
    2.7K 1.2K 44

    Zara Elyse Saavedra is a model of the campus. She was once paired up with Cyrus Salazar whom she unexpectedly fall in love with. Cyrus Salazar, also known as Rixx, is a man to die for which everyone wishes to have him as their partner. They become friends after the event. Rixx became protective over Elyse. He promised...

  • Lacuna (Blank Space)
    3.2K 2K 33

    Love? They said that 'Sacrifice' is definition of Love. Can you sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of others? Can you sacrifice the love of your life? Well, Laina can. Yun ang paulit ulit niyang ginagawa. Dahil noon para sakanya masaya na siyang makitang masaya ang taong nasa paligid niya kahit kapalit ang sa...

  • Let Them Fall
    1.2K 626 25

    " Alam kung maganda ako, h'wag niyo nang ulit - ulitin oyy ! Kung ma inlove kayo , oh edi GO ! Wala na din naman akong pake na sa mga ganyan . Harsh ba ? Ewan ko ba bakit ako nagbago , hindi naman ako ganito dati . Marahil hindi sana ako ganito ngayon , kung hindi dahil sa nakaraan ko , at ito na ang bagong ako ." ...

  • My Husband is a Gangster (Complete)
    5.5K 1.2K 41

    Zeexhie & Zayan

    Completed   Mature
  • I Am Velasco (VS 1)
    103 51 10

    -Velasco Series 1 -Genry Troy Velasco.

  • Maaari Pa Nga Ba?[Infinity Love Series #1]
    14.5K 5.2K 46

    Paano kapag mahal mo pa rin pero hindi ka na maalala? Paano kung siya ay may iba na, samantalang ikaw ay nag-iisa pa rin? Paano kung matagal na kayong tapos pero ikaw itong umaasa pa hanggang ngayon? Ano na lang ang mangyayari sa'yo kung siya ay masaya na sa piling ng iba at hindi sa'yo? May pag-asa pa kayang magbalik...

  • Love Over Hate (Editing)
    2.1K 621 17

    Hate - to dislike someone or something very much... But sometimes, hating someone might lead into something deeper than hate. Ayesha can't accept the fact that he's inlove with Eros so she hide and covered her feelings by hating him. She choosed to hate him but deep inside she's burning with love. The more she claim t...

  • (Aro Fanfic Love) Love You For Infinity
    5.6K 1.2K 47

    Sẽ như thế nào khi hai tác phẩm đình đám được hội tụ cùng một vũ trụ là Twilight và Harry Potter. Aura Maria Swan là một phù thủy của gia tộc Swan, theo học trường Hogwarts, là em gái của Bella. Nhưng nàng phải giấu chính thân phận của mình. Mà chẳng ngờ rằng một ngày, nàng phải đến Italy để gửi thư đến hoàng tộc Vo...

  • Mated by an Alpha
    438 51 9

    Octavia seems to be a normal werewolf born into a normal family. what happens when her almighty Alpha ruler of her pack marks her against her will in an unexpected situation. Being a ruthless Alpha she's scared of her life. only one thing she has to do to survive....Win the heart of a ruthless wolf...

    1.2K 141 10

    Aierah Nareese Baeyens, A clumsy girl who fell inlove with a mafia boss. Her family killed someone's family. Someone used her to make a revenge to her family. Kaito Ferrarin, the cold mafia boss who claimed Aierah and arrange a fake marriage to her. He will use her to revenge her family who also kills his family. Wha...

  • When She Fell Inlove With Him
    1.9K 1.3K 20

    [HBG SERIES 1] May dalagang nagngangalang Sapphire Collins, ipinangako nito sakanyang sarili na hinding hindi ito magkakaroon ng kasintahan dahil sakit lang daw ang ipaparamdam non. Isang araw ay may nakilala itong binatang nagngangalang Ashton Lopez, habang tumatagal ay naging magkalapit ang dalawa. Ngunit dum...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love in Sadness (Monteberde Series#1)
    5.4K 1.7K 34

    Life goes perfect when you met the right person for you but for Klaire Monteberde, the perfect life is being with her family and friends. She grown up one of the boys, her cousins. She loved her family so much. She had a happy life until she met Laurent Hudson, the son of the owner of their school. They flirt. He fall...

  • Stolen World
    1.8K 472 4

    "If crime gives world and you hold my desirable life, then I must kill you."

  • Met Him In School
    480 184 5

    Stephanie was a particular girl whom never believed in True love but when she "Met Him In School" she tried to control her emotions but she couldn't. She felt something she has never felt before when she met him. Read the book for more information. This book contains the following: * Jealousy * Hatred * Love * Play...