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  • Between The Pages
    5.8K 1.2K 34

    Natasha had always been a reader. And it didn't take her long to discover an absorbing world of wattpad. Flooding with stories, it was just the heaven she always dreamed of. Tanmay wasn't out there just to write, he wished to make a place in the reader's heart. But more than that, he wanted his characters to become im...

  • Short Little Shorties 2
    2K 516 50

    "Some more little stories to keep you entertained..."

  • Short Little Shorties
    21.8K 4.7K 145

    "Small little tales to keep you entertained."

  • Tiny Tales From This Universe
    978 316 31

    While the universe is full of stars and galaxies, it's full of stories as well. Come, board the spaceship of my words as I take you to enjoy the tiny tales spread in this universe. Welcome, to the Tiny Tales From This Universe.

    2.3K 765 15

    ~available as ebook on Amazon Kindle~ An experiment gone wrong, Gives feelings to a rat, In the cage of love, He gets trapped. This is his story, And a girl so vintage, For he is her Romeo, And she, his Juliet. There comes a villain, Vowed to tore them apart, For he too loves the girl, Can't replace her fro...

    358 96 4

    "A wish for a world without borders" .A poetry compilation.

  • Colours Of Their Rainbow
    1.1K 242 9

    Hand in hand, They walked down the sand, Watching their colorful rainbow. Their hearts got tangled, Down the paths they mingled, Dancing their colorful rainbow. Then came the lust, Then they lost the trust, Singing their colorful rainbow. Will the colors start to fade, Or will the rainbow show its shade, How will be t...

    19.4K 1.2K 15

    A ship carrying five Mercini's was on its way to harness the ice from Pluto when a hit with an asteroid forces it to crash-land on the Earth. Will the humans extend a hand of peace, or would the aliens pick up the guns? Will they be able to get back to their planet? Read the story to find out.

  • FALLEN KNIGHT (poetry)
    681 185 13

    The journey of a knight fled from the battlefield, his efforts to find solace in the new city and his love for the princess

    2.4K 609 10

    "It can happen over a coffee, It can happen over a fight, It can happen after decade, It can happen at first sight. You never know when it happens, You never know how it happens, Only thing you know, Is Love just happens" *** Witness the life of Aisha, Entwined with that of Manan, But without a nasty twist, Love...

  • Fini's Drawing Book
    1K 321 32

    Fini welcomes all you lovely humans to this exhibition of his drawings. Here, you'll get to see his sketches, drawings, paintings and many other things. And guess what, it's all for free! So, just enjoy your time out here.

  • The Wizard's Space
    466 145 24

    Who says the magic is lost? There's magic in the words we write, There's magic in the poems we rhyme, There's magic in the photos we click, And there's magic in the friends we pick. Magic is something that is nothing, and still, it is everything. "It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us." - J K Ro...

  • Quarantine Art
    776 86 8

    Sketches made in accordance with the current situation, accompanied by some lyrics.

  • When the Rhythms Rhyme
    2.1K 434 63

    Your favourite wizard is back again To play the game of rhyme It's time to pull the ribbons off When the Rhythms Rhyme Yes, When the Rhythms Rhyme! *** |Welcome back dear readers|

  • क्योंकि हिन्दी में कुछ बात है...
    74.9K 4.4K 177

    मेरी और मेरे दोस्तों ने लिखी हुई कुछ हिन्दी पंक्तियाँ

  • A Couple of Smiles
    176 54 4

    She's a girl so sweet Filled with confusion A beautiful puzzle With a complicated solution He is a bit clumsy A question without an answer A buffet full of emotions Garnished with a pinch of anger A sweet and clumsy duo They have their own style Fighting the battle of life They never forget to smile Never... After all...

  • THE GOD'S GAMBIT (on hold)
    412 114 8

    A girl who loses herself in some book, sitting at the same table in the same cafe everyday. A waiter of that cafe, who fixed his gaze on the girl, waiting for the right moment. A peculiarly dressed guy, who stood outside the cafe everyday, watching inside but never going in. A lady who drove by the cafe everyday, ob...

  • A Window with Entries
    147 40 6

    This book contains the poems and stories written for various contests.

  • Rhyme, Rhythm and Poetry
    28.8K 3.1K 117

    Poetry serves as a way to express emotions. It gives words to what we think about everything around us. Things which we could have said so easily. But, when they are expressed in poems, "it feels special"

  • Rhyming Rhythms
    14.7K 2.7K 148

    Let the curtains rise Let the show begin Let the rhythms rhyme Even the audience is so keen What are you waiting for Open the mystery box Full of smiles and tears It'll make you dance on the rocks Yes, it'll make you sing along and dance... *** The poetic journey which started in RHYME, RHYTHM AND POETRY continues on...

  • Tale-o-graphy
    1.4K 729 43

    "tales written in ten, the tales that define a picture."