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  • Plucky Chump
    56 14 2

    A boy's journey on rediscovering all that he forgot.

  • The Tale of Octriends
    2.2K 358 13

    We do not have an option in choosing any of our relations, not even in choosing our parents and siblings. But, we do have choice in choosing our friends and soulmate. In this story, you can see eight members, each choosing the others as friends. Each helping the others in leaving behind their uncomfortable past, helpi...

  • Friends With The Bad Boy
    3.9K 1K 33

    Good girl Hailey arrives in town ready to have a new start with her mom but as you know fate has a weird way of twisting things. Starting from greeting the badboy, Liam Lopez, with a metal bucket to hiding in his bestfriend's closet.... Looks like she's in for a lot of trouble What happens when the ultimate good boy...

  • A Love Given Chance
    3.6K 619 18

    Madhu is a sweet girl who is married to Siddarth. They both love each other so much that she can't even imagine her life without him and vice versa. What if she really has to face a day where she looses him and has to live her whole life without him? What all changes happens in her life after his death? Will she be a...

  • Totally Unexpected |ON HOLD|
    124 17 6

    This is my first book i am going to write . so please stick with me. Evelyn a nerdy ,goody two-shoes good girl who has one thing in mind and i.e to go finish last year of high school with flying colors and go to an Ivy League university. That was her plan.What she doesn't expect was to throw a bad boy named Aaron,hi...

  • Blindly In Love With You
    1K 143 17

    She is enjoying with him huh? Andrew frowned. He suddenly stopped dancing and made his way towards them. He stared them for a second and immediately pulled Sarah from his grip. He gave a final death glare to Ben saying She is mine. "What are you doing-" he cut off her. "Don't you dare....don't you dare-" he blinked. ...

  • Little Hearts
    657 103 12

    Who doesn't want to be loved, Who doesn't want to feel the moments!!!! Two different worlds, One wants to fall in love and One fears to fall in love. How fate makes a turn on them!!!! What does it store for them? Will they fall in love, will they both get what they want ????? Come let's check what happ...

  • The Foreign Exchange Student
    991 184 13

    I could feel my eyes widening, heart thumping and the sickly wet feeling of a bead of sweat sliding down my forehead, down to my ear and stopping there. I wanted to lift my hand and wipe it off, but I couldn't let go of that stupid small hope of going unseen by this six foot broad shouldered silhouette, standing besid...

  • Deep Into Dreams
    64.2K 3.2K 88

    Life is full of twists and turns and that's exactly how "The Matthews's" family is like. This story about two siblings and their inseparable bond will melt your heart but... When things go downhill after their mom's death, what do you think happens to them? And what happens when their dad from the army returns back h...

  • She's Crazy ✓
    3.3K 1.1K 53

    What happens when an altruistic but mawkish girl mingles with her artful but manipulative classmate? ++++ Here's Shiza Brandon who always puts others happiness before her own, something she regrets not doing in the past. And the word 'crazy' may be a tad bit triggering for her. Then there's the crazy Marina Smith who...