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  • ~My One And Only~ (Midas X Reader)
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    -Cover art isn't mine- !NSWF WARNING! This story contains a little smut and will have murder, if you can't handle that, skip it or don't read this at all :P I'll put a warning at the beginning of the chapter if there's smut, and when the murder happens 👀 ~You've been warned~ Also Fortnite belongs to Epic Games, not...

  • sugar & gold, a midasXreader story
    8.2K 361 7

    "do you think i'm crazy?" "absolutely" - y/n is a newly recruited agent at the well established Agency. after making an interesting impression on the boss, how will juggle not dying and her bosses affections? (i'm not good at descriptions im sorry sojxksjcjkskx) (will contain mature themes and swearing)

  • ❤Random Fortnite Stories❤
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    Want to read some... Smut? Lemons? Fluff? Well.... This book is the book for you! :D Please note that I do NOT take requests anymore unless it's a dedication to someone on a special occasion :3 (Yes, I did change the book title and about... Original was: Fortnite One Shots)

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    I'm hella fabulous ✨

  • Fortnite One-Shots!!!
    3.7K 90 19

    Hello there human! This is a one-shot book dedicated to Fortnite skins. As you can tell by the title. I'm taking request at the moment and I do X readers, fluff, smut ect. Request might take a little while due to some issues going on in my life so don't expect them to be fast! >:3 NOTE: THE COVER IS NOT MY ART! FOL...

  • The Complete List of the Greatest and most Famous CopyPastas
    58.2K 43 3

    The following is a HIGH QUALITY compilation of text and emoticons taken from around the internet, and pasted into this story. All put into three parts. They include emojis so if your browser doesn't support them I'm sorry.

  • [COMPLETED] Midas X Reader ~ Fortnite Oneshots
    36.6K 802 16

    This book is completed, but I may write oneshots on here once in a while.

    Completed   Mature
  • midasXreader oneshots
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    oneshots with pretty boy - - contains mature themes&swearing i can't comment or answer dms so rip my main account is tuffyx there is another oneshot book there 🥴✌️

  • Fortnite: Last One Standing
    13.3K 101 10

    WARNING: THIS HAS GORE, SEXUAL INTERACTIONS AND SWEARING!!!! A squad of 4 decides to try the Battle Royale! The 4 heroes are Leviathan, Omen, Brite Bomber, and Calamity! They come together and unite the most OP AF squad! Will they win or will any of the other squads that are mentioned win?

  • Random Fortnite (Gay) One-Shots/Ships
    2K 33 6

    This one shot will only have malexmale one-shots. and no, I will not be taking requests! Also, don't like this? don't read. that simple.

  • Golden Hands (Midas X Reader)
    64.3K 2K 98

    Just an ordinary girl named, y/n. She has an interesting past which involved the war of Shadow and Ghost. Many things happen until her life seems quite normal. She's just a civilian that works in McGuffin's bookstore. One day her whole life changed and things just got interesting from there. She met the love of her li...

  • Midas x Reader oneshots
    10.5K 431 27

    Ummm. Merry Christmas I guess. This will be a book of oneshots for y'all. Completed? Yes Hotel? Trivago

    Completed   Mature
  • Fortnite One Shots! (or Lemons)
    39.8K 352 5

    I saw a lot of people doing this and I had a thought. What if I did something like it, but with the option of having lemons as well? I also decided that I will only put lemons if they're requested! Credit to puppeteer7777 on twitter for the cover (which I edited pretty heavily over) [Only exception being that I wan...

  • Midas Touch - Fortnite (Midas x Reader) Fanfiction
    33.1K 1K 30

    The new assistant, y/n, works at the agency without knowing she will be Midas's assistant, she is given nothing but a small description of the person she will be working with. Will this job be a life changing adventure or just another job? warning there might be smut so please read with your own caution! also none of...

  • Meowscles x Reader
    15.7K 170 6

    You meet a mysterious hot man while on vacation on a yacht. You wonder why he has so much security around him. You wonder whats under those pants of his.

  • Fortnite Oneshots
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    So this is a lil side project, something to keep me busy when I'm not writing the X reader CUSS WARNING AND SMUT- -Cover art isn't mine, credits to the rightful owner- -Fortnite isn't mine, credits to Epic Games- this is gonna have some X readers in it, and some random Fortnite ships I come across. Oh it's also gonna...

  • from the rift | fortnite
    118K 6.6K 177

    Yes, Midas is here. Read the opening A/N! ✦ proud to be the most read, most popular brift book EVER i love you infinity 🥺| 7/9/19 <3 ✦ 100k | 24/6/2020 <3 The Drift x Brite Bomber story with an original twist-featuring my own original characters. Rated ages 14+. We were so happy at the beginning of the story. I never...

  • Midas x reader oneshots :3
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    Midas x reader one shots :3 it's very cash money (COVER ART BY @crazywhalez)

  • Fortnite: The Rat and The Cat
    210 25 6

    A love story about my favourite two skins I don't own! It's based off NewScapePro's Swift x Vix thing they did for 2-3 episodes. Except Swift won't betray Vix... I think. I don't know, I'll decide later. :P 15-year-old Vix goes to an ordinary school at Sweaty Sands. When a new student named Swift arrives in her class...

  • Fortnite RP world :3
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    *ok first off ll this is my first book ;-; ill try my best to make good book's like other people* first you can choose a fortnite character if the skin you want is taken don't worry there's more Skin's so have fun bc this is a role play do whatever you want in the roleplay this is only to have fun oki :3

  • | bliss | midas x reader oneshots
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    Here's my little book to help with writer's block while writing Your Touch and The King Rises. Some little stories that aren't long enough to make into books. Requests are open. There will be smut. You are warned.

  • "his girl" midas x reader
    4.9K 174 12

    Y/N, a notorious Shadow agent is sent on a mission to destroy the Agency and it's leader, Midas. Not being aware of how powerful he actually is, Y/N thinks this will be like a walk in the park.. Little does she know that she is about to change her life forever. who goddaym knows lmfao i don't own fortnite or any chara...