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  • Fantasy Bakugou x Reader
    1.5M 57.5K 67

    ◾ Cover Credit: Lavendecherry ♡ ◾ I do not own My Hero Academia ◾ or this fantasy AU ◾ Characters belong to Horikoshi You, a young hunter, leaves her home to go on a quest to save her village from the tradegy of war. But what happens when she's given false directions and runs into a hot headed Bakugou, who speaks...

  • High school, it can't be worse than middle school, can it? (ATLA AU)
    1K 19 1

    Just your average high school story. Friendships, crushes, heartbreak, kidnapping...all that fun stuff :) See how the Gaang goes through all the high school drama together. Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the fanart (I couldn't draw even if I wanted to).

  • tamed // k.bakugou
    3.9M 135K 55

    "A jerk to the world, a gentleman to his girl." ˖⋆࿐໋₊ #1 in bokunoheroacademia #1 in bakugou #1 in katsuki #1 in katsukibakugou #1 in bakugouxreader #1 in mha #1 in bnha #2 in anime #2 in xreader #2 in katsukixreader #2 in myheroacademia #3 in fanfiction #3 in fanfic ˖⋆࿐໋₊ ‼️ DISCLAIMER ‼️ I do not own any fa...

  • Loving the World (Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios)
    243K 4.6K 65

    Well would you look at that, it's another Hetalia Boyfriend Scenario book... Lemme tell you, we have a heck of a lot of characters here. This book contains a fair amount of fluff, some sneaky angst here and there, and mild swearing. The countries featured in this book are America, England, France, China, Russia, Germ...

  • Hetalia x Abused! Child! Reader: Hat Game
    76.3K 2.2K 12

    Pick an object out of the hat and go home with a country! Disclaimer: I do not own. I just copy, pasted, and edited it from

  • Romano X Sick! Reader - Skipping
    1.5K 99 1

    (F/N) wakes up with a fever and after exchanging texts with her moody friend, the last thing she is expecting is him to come and look after her. I don't own hetalia Amazing Cover made by Alderheart

  • Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetalia
    1.4M 29.9K 113

    So what's it like to have a boyfriend? Especially if they are the personifications of countries? Let's find out! Feel free to request and comment. Character requests closed. Scenario requests open. 10/2/17 - This book is now ranked 117th in the top 1000 Fan Fictions here on Wattpad, making this the highest ranking Het...

  • Eagle and Dove; Germany x Reader
    52.1K 2.3K 24

    Just because you're the capitol of America doesn't mean you can't be a hero. It's just the stopping a war part that is complicated. In order to be a hero you have to choose to follow your heart or to follow your common sense. As a spy for America in Germany at the time of WWIII, the logical thing is to get out of th...

  • Hetalia & Other Reader Inserts
    10.6K 129 21

    4-12-18 Edit: Fixing spelling and grammatical errors and well as formatting style. Unknown what day I will be finished. This book of reader inserts contains one-shots or small arcs of the following: Hetalia x Reader OC x Reader Vampire x Reader Animal x Animal!Reader Phobic Reader (current phobias written: Nyctophobia...

  • Heavy is the Cost: Russia X Reader
    38.2K 2K 49

    do I have to write a summary? it's a Russia X Reader. read the book please?

  • An inevitable twist of fate (Prussia x Reader)
    2.4K 177 16

    You'd never thought you would end up in a palace...nor had you thought about spending your days being the servant of lord Beilschmidt. But then again...fate has always had a dark pleasure in unfolding the path to your destiny. Life-changing choices continue to bring you closer to its vague promise. Soon sacrifices wi...

  • Royal Guard | Rusame | Countryhumans AU
    173K 9.7K 30

    America is the rebellious prince of Britannia who only desired to have freedom in his life. Of course that's impossible considering the position he was born in. He will be the next king when he comes of age. He's sick of all the rules, lessons, balls, and arranged marriages he has to go through. All the talk about hi...

  • Avatar Zuko
    208K 8.3K 48

    AU where Aang was never the avatar, and the airbending avatar had died in the Fire Nation attack. The next two avatars also both died without consequence, no one even realising who they were until, 16 years ago, the Fire Prince was born as the avatar with no one realising. Read his story, his hardships and, in the end...

  • hetalia x reader x 2p hetalia
    156K 3.3K 16

    the countries have a little sister, you , but they always ignored you even Canada(kumojiro : who are you Canada : I'm Canada) but what happens if you get the attention of the 2p's. Will the countries care or will they let the 2p's have you ?

  • Thomas Jefferson's Coming Home (A Thomas Jefferson x Reader)
    133K 4K 73

    Y/n Washington, the only child of America's first President George Washington. At 18 years old you are the most desirable woman in America right now, but you're not interested in marriage. Well that is until a certain Secretary of State returns from France.

  • Kitten! dagur x reader
    3.4K 83 13

    (Y/N) finds a cat that looks like the cat version of dagur the deranged, (Y/N)'s fictional crush, and names it after him. She takes him home and cares for him, adopting him as her own. But what she doesn't know is that the cat is actually dagur, and that he was under the effect of a potion. WARNING: will have some flu...

  • "Why Do You Love Me?" [John Laurens x Reader]{Book One}[COMPLETED]
    511K 14.3K 112

    [Y/N], twin sister of the bastard, orphan himself, finds herself in love with his best friend Lmao let's just say this was serious at one point. Now I just fuck around with it. -I do not own Hamilton, or you- Obviously, I will not make this historically accurate, for the sake of your feels and mine

  • Back in the Old Times
    39.2K 931 32

    In present day (Y/N) didn't care about much. All that mattered was what party she was going to that night and if there was alcohol present. Well, that all changed when she gets into a wreck and is thrown back to 1776. She has to learn more about her life and continue living in this different time period. Along the way...

  • How to Train Your Hybrid
    17K 445 10

    (Dragons and Vikings have switched roles.) They call it 'Berk'. Known for it luscious forest, pure water, and wild life. The only problem's are the pests who live on it. All he has to do it get a boar or something he would be good. That what went through Toothless's mind the first time he arrived on Berk. That was unt...

  • Burn... (Phillip Hamilton x Reader)
    39.9K 916 41

    Y/N Jefferson, the only child of Thomas Jefferson, His pride and joy. From moving to France to going to America (which has just gained freedom). Her father pushes himself to create this new country. Now while at a dinner meeting with his co-workers will she find herself in a relationship with one of their children? WA...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ma Belle Rose :|{2.0}|: Lafayette X Reader [Discontinued]
    15.8K 492 56

    {WARNING: THIS STORY ISN'T TECHNICALLY "COMPLETED" AND HAS BEEN LEFT ON A HUGE CLIFF HANGER! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!} Authors note: Hello! I wrote "Ma Belle Rose" over the course of a year and a half, and I've worked very hard on it. I would like to note that this book is a reboot of the original, and I only re-edited...

    Completed   Mature
  • Who Tells Your Story
    62.3K 1.3K 31

    ---ON INDEFINITE HIATUS--- The Hamilsquad is once again mysteriously teleported hundreds of years into the future this time to battle the monarchy for the all-important tile of... drumroll please... MOST POPULAR MUSICAL!!!! ...

  • Into The Past
    69.2K 2.1K 36

    At exactly 8:00 PM, not a millisecond more, a woman and her ancestor switched places. The ancestor traveled to the future and the woman traveled to the past, discovering that she is George Washington's descendant. And when she is told the year by her "mother", she realizes what had happened. Then her biggest dream com...

  • Daveed Diggs X reader ( Anthony Ramos sister )
    25.4K 417 21

    Y/n , age 29, best friends with Jonathan Groff ( GROFF SAUSE ! ) , and Lin-Manuel Miranda . And older sister to little turtle baby Anthony Ramos . You care to every Hamilton practice when u could. You became great friends with the whole cast well with one fighting French men / southern mother fucking democratic repub...

  • Killer Instincts | Lafayette X Reader(Haitus)
    2.1K 126 34

    Five friends. Four allies. Three threats. Two worlds. One mission. For those attending King's Highschool, brawls between claws and teeth are normal amongst the students. After all, all of them are gifted with the ability to shift into an animal as a permanent silhouette of their animal is ingrained somewhere on their...

  • When Stars Align || G. Lafayette
    69.2K 3.1K 35

    "Don't leave like this." The words weren't from family, nor from friends, but from within. Could she really, in light of tragedy, leave her family having lost her too? She could. And she did. If was her responsibility, her father's legacy to uphold, and the most important cause that could be found in the country. So y...