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  • Mature Books
    385K 2K 79

    Some Mature Books........... The books in this book are either mature or contains mature content (Not always sexual) Btw, all of the authors names are in each and every story, I'm not sure why they're not showing up for some, if not most readers, but they're there. They're on the line under the reading, might have to...

  • Bound To Aïdon | 18+
    167K 4K 23

    ❝Bad girls deserve nothing short of punishment.❞ Ren is an undead sinner who has defiled the very laws governing life and death, and Aïdon is the sin who will bring about her eternal damnation. She can run from temptation... but she can't hide, for hell is his playground and she is his new toy. ❝For even the holiest o...

  • Stuck in Quarantine With Him (BakugoXReader)
    812K 21.7K 41

    Looks like you're stuck with Katsuki Bakugou, you two had got in trouble once again for fighting. Everyone else got to go home for the quarantine. But you two got punishment in which you both are to be quarantined together at the dorms until quarantine is over. What could go wrong? Also with the art as eventually I wi...

  • Suitor [Hisoka X OC]
    947K 34.8K 84

    "A male suitor?~ ♢" The jester repeated almost interested. "Yeah, Illumi wants her to find a husband." The girl replied as she stared at her friend seriously. "But I know her, she would only want the strongest to marry her." "The strongest, hmm~" He stared at her from a distance, she was pretty, that much he would adm...

  • Joker's queen (Hisoka x OC)
    58.3K 1.5K 19

    A young girl called Kaya decides to take the Hunter exam, but things change when she meets a certain fuchsia haired jester. Will he feel anything for her?