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    "Would you like to come to my University...?" Isang tango at Oo mo lamang nito..........mababago ang takbo ng buhay mo.... Paano kung isa ka sa mga nakapasok sa isang paaralan na hindi mo maunawaan ang mga pangyayari? Maraming sekreto at mga nakakakilabot na mga mukha ng mga estudyante......ang makakaharap mo? Dito mo...

  • A Series Of Unfortunate Events In The Life Of Satoshi Mochida
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    Satoshi sometimes questioned who he was friends with. Especially now. A simple mistake of sleeping in late escalated into something more as his incredibly persistent friends get involved. Little do they know the answer was right under their noses the whole time.

  • These Memories Are Haunting Me
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    After Heavenly Host, Satoshi can't seem to get rid of the memories and thoughts of the damned school, and it had slowly gotten worse until he can't handle it anymore... This story mentions a panic attack, please beware and don't read if this may trigger you!

  • Thunderstorms
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    Satoshi is staying at Yoshiki's one night, too bad he didn't count on there being a thunderstorm that night.... Satoshiki Satoshi X Yoshiki Boy X Boy Don't like don't read, simple

  • Lost love
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    The school dance is coming up and Ayumi gets a date. Who is he? What has hr done in the past? Can he be trusted? And, will Ayumi's heart be broken?

  • The Storm
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    Ayumi suggests to the group that they go on a camping trip only, none of them had thought there would be a storm that night... Satoshiki (Satoshi X Yoshiki) Camping AU Heavenly Host never happened in this

  • On top of the world
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    Ayushiki one shots. Basically all there is to say about it but yeah I

  • Nightmares
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    Yoshiki hasn't been to school since the horrific events of Heavenly Host. His friends haven't heard anything from him and so, Satoshi decides to visit him but what he finds is definitely not what he expected... Satoshiki one shot Mute Yoshiki X Satoshi.

  • Fate is on Our Side ( A Corpse Party Fanfic )
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    Satoshi and his friends are dragged into the hell known as Heavenly Host Elementary, but this time things are looking up as Yuki manages to keep control of herself. While they may have Yuki on their side, Sachiko is more determined than ever to prove to the 9 that they are ALL going to die painful, gruesome deaths.