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  • Love Shouldn't Hurt
    1.5K 521 19

    Zara is rude, ambitious, and responsible. Nate is reckless, caring and understanding. Sparks between this unlikely couple start rushing back when Zara returns to her hometown. They soon can't deny that they're made for each other. But Zara had left her friends and family behind when she moved to NYC seven years ago in...

  • Atrocious-A Graphic Shop
    1.6K 228 26

    Open(⚫) Hiatus() Closed() A great book deserves an awesome book cover while an outstanding character deserves an aesthetic that awestrucks other and a beautiful chapter deserves a wonderful banner. You'll find all of these in this graphic shop, handcrafted and edited just for you.❤️ So, hop on and order away!😘 Ter...

  • Need A Friend | ✔
    4.1K 1.5K 25

    At age 26, Lavender doesn't have anything she wants. She has a crappy job, a crappy family and an even crappier boss. But one thing in her life is perfect: her boyfriend. But one day she gets a random text from a stranger telling her to grow up, things start to escalate sharply. Who is this guy and why does he care ab...