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  • Coffee Shop•sillie
    1.2K 79 7

    Millie works in a cafe,one day Sadie sink visits the coffee shop...

  • my adult baby girlfriend•sillie
    1.3K 68 6

    where Sadie's friend,sophia asked her to babysit her 19 year old sister.

  • phobia | elmax
    25.5K 961 19

    max is scared to love. but most importantly, she's scared to fall in love with her best friend.

  • i love you ➵ elmax
    12.4K 468 6

    [please make sure you watch season three before you read this since my story contains massive spoilers.] highest rankings: #4 in maxmayfield & #7 in elmax

  • love // elmax
    20.7K 720 18

    (COMPLETED!) "love?" "yeah, i love you." an elmax story! #3 IN MAXINEMAYFIELD !!! #2 IN ELBYERS !!! #1 IN ELBYERS !!! (started august 21st, 2019) (ended april 8th, 2020)

  • Mental hospital -Sillie
    613 39 3

    After a few traumatic experiences Millie Bobby Brown was sent to a mental hospital to recover making a few new friends, but one certain girl catches her eye, the girl who never speaks. Yeetus 😎

  • ETHEREAL , elmax
    21K 561 9

    ❝ so, who's the girl you dumped mike for? ❞ - MAXINE MAYFIELD ! ╰──➤ ❛ after el breaks up with mike, she turns to a certain redhead. ❜ ❪ maxine mayfield x eleven hopper ❫

  • thought you were a boy•elmax
    564 35 4

    where max,the douchebag mistakes a cute girl for a boy (takes place in season2)

  • 𝙩𝙝𝙧𝙚𝙚 𝙖𝙢 | 𝙨𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙞𝙚
    985 53 3

    "why?" "because.. i'm just a figment of your imagination" millieXsadie on hold

  • A reason to fight for.//elmax-Madmage
    42.3K 1.5K 44

    From enemies'll see. Max is tough on the outside but we all know that ain't the case on the inside and so will Eleven. This is set a few weeks after the snowball. Season 3 didn't happen. °completed 6th March 2021°

  • stranger things cast instagram•galeb•foah•sillie
    4.7K 82 22

    St cast instagram and group chat thingz #fanfiction #noah #galeb #gay #lesbian #pov #strangerthings tags-#elmax #elmaxau #finwolfhard #fack #lbgtq #st3 #st2 #byler #bylerisrealparty #elmaxisrealparty #silliemanips #elmaxmanip #elmaxedit #elmaxedis #byleredit #byleredits #finnwolfhardedit #milevenforlife #au #fadie #le...

  • Beauty//elmax au
    22.4K 627 11

    El moves to hawkins and becomes "friends" with a girl named Max.. - they are 16 in this - El doesn't have powers - Hopper is her real father - it is set in the present - includes swearing, very soft smut and some triggering things like homophobia - includes byler

  • good girl•sillie
    2.6K 129 10

    A bully love story,what can go wrong?