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  • The Prompt Contest
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    Short story. Such precise words! But only those who write these elegant piece of art know the hard work behind it. To provide a head start for the next epic short story, we, the Fire Founders are here with the official prompt contest book of the Hidden Literary Legends Community (HLLC). Hope you enjoy the contests! Lo...

  • The Amaranthine Studio- A Review Shop
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    It's always feels so special to see the words that were dancing in mind, touching others' hearts. But what if someone doesn't feel the way you do? Does it mean that you stop creating the art? Nope, not at all, NEVER! But indeed, nothing is perfect! Therefore, we, the Fantabulous Founders, are here with yet another wa...

  • Riveting Clips- A Book Trailer Shop
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    Hey there, you awesome writer! Did you have the dream where the goody two shoes school nerd or the bad-ass billionaire walked around? Well, we're here to make your dreams come true! But how? Book trailers! Yes. it brings your work to life. It's all classy and trendy. Love, Four Fantabulous Fire Founders

  • The Aureate Gate of the HLLC
    1.3K 94 5

    Hi, we're an community commenced by four like-minded Wattpad authors: @Sapphire14744 @LyraSerpens @zmswift @just_keep_writin Our aim is to create a designated place where everyone appreciates the hard work of other awesome Wattpadders, who have been kept in the dark. It's a place to support each other, harness one's o...

  • Editing Shop
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    Not everyone has perfected the skill of editing nor has the time for it. And so the lovely editing team of the Hidden Literary Legends Community (HLLC) have decided to open up an editing shop to help with wonderful authors of Wattpad to this regard. Our editors at always ready to help so what are you waiting for? Head...

  • Beta Reader's Club
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    Do you have an ambition for becoming a published writer? Did you know that literary agents read only first ten pages of your manuscript? Did you know that Colleen Hoover thanked her beta readers? So, why wait? Love, Four Fantabulous Fire Founders

  • Coloured Pencils: A Graphic Shop
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    "Don't judge a book by its cover" Hey, we all know this, right? But we all are still so tempted by those mushy romantic couples or the enigmatic, sexy bad-boys. So, guys what are you waiting for? P.S. All the banners are made by our handsome @RecycleVin Love, From the Four Fantabulous Fire Founders: @Sapphire14744...