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  • KIK.// Larry Stylinson.
    539K 16.5K 58

    TopTommo: send me a picture of your dick. StylishStyles: .... All Rights Reserved To: @longhairedirwin.

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling For the Bad Boy (Larry Stylinson)
    786K 29.5K 49

    Harry Styles is a loner. He doesn't have any friends and is bullied frequently. Louis Tomlinson is a different story. He's popular, mainly because everyone is afraid of him, he has three best friends and girls falling at his feet. The only problem is Harry has a massive crush on Louis and frequently asks himself "why...

    Completed   Mature
  • Royal || larry
    334K 19.9K 16

    ••complete•• once upon a time there lived a beautiful prince, who lived in a beautiful castle. one day he stumbled upon the most beautiful boy he had ever seen and he decided they were going to live happily ever after

  • When Harry Met Louis
    529K 14.8K 32

    Harry and Louis are two average lads with one incredible dream. When they are brought together by what seems to be a decision of fate, it appears that all of their wildest hopes have turned into reality, and before they know it, they're living their dream together along wih three other boys. Harry and Louis instantly...

  • Undone, Undress (Larry Stylinson)
    1M 43.3K 90

    Louis' new roommate is shy, skittish, and flinches at the slightest sounds. He's an art major who gets drunk on cherry wine, wears lacy lingerie, and shows up late at night covered in bruises that blossom across his skin like flowers. Obviously something is wrong. Louis just doesn't know what it is.

    Completed   Mature
  • Escapade » Larry Stylinson
    125K 2.6K 10

    ❝What are your dreams, young man?❞ ❝I- I don't know, sir..❞ He answered, stuttering a bit. ❝I don't know..❞ Harry never expected that such a question would throw him off as much as it did. He didn't expect that he'd be thinking about that same question until three am, or that he would come up with something as cr...

  • Fire And Ice L.S
    193K 7.2K 65

    Harry Styles does not let people in. Nope. Never. Not even his best mates and Uncle who are his kin. But what happens when one day he is met with cold blue empty eyes. And the game that they are playing doesn't make the situation any better. It burns anything and everything in it's way.... What better to tame Wild FIR...

  • The Evil Boss- L.S
    455K 19.2K 17

    Louis is the new secretary for the famous CEO Harry Styles, who has had a record for breaking hearts. Almost instantly, Louis hates the man yet lusts after him all together. So they make a deal to use each other for their own needs. But what happens when the CEO's ice cold heart starts cracking?

  • Chocolate Kisses // ☆
    318K 19.3K 29

    "Do you want a kiss?" Harry asks. Louis looks at him in clear disgust and annoyance. "Excuse me?" He inquires. Harry smiles and pulls out a bag of chocolate kisses. "They're your favourite aren't they?"

    Completed   Mature
  • Even Angels Have Their Demons | l.s.
    17.3K 1K 25

    Louis is appointed the role of Guardian Angel, and his first mission is a boy named Zayn Malik. Unfortunately, it seems that a certain Demon has gotten to him first. Or... an Angel/Demon AU where Angel Louis hates Demon Harry, but somewhere along the way that stops being so true. Credit to @dysanic for the cover photo...

  • Until Now (Larry Stylinson)
    307K 8.5K 41

    Harry's eighteen and in his last few weeks of school before heading off to uni in September. He and his best friend, Niall, have always been close, they both shared a love for music and a certain band- The Rogue. Harry had always had a soft spot for the lead singer, his bright blue eyes reminded him of someone he once...

  • Pressure
    551K 20.6K 41

    Eager to reach his families expectations, Louis lives a life of secrecy and denial. In one of the most respected households in Doncaster, there's no room for mistake. But when Louis meets Harry styles in his first year of boarding school, it seems all the more difficult to keep himself In check.

  • Little Cub
    893K 30.8K 50

    Harry Styles is head of the underground, he's ruthless, possessive, feared and powerful. Louis is a student, his dad works for Harry but Louis has no idea about the underground world. What happens when Louis dad causes trouble and Harry kidnaps Louis for revenge. (This is my story, please do not copy, also on AO3 unde...

    Completed   Mature
  • Elf Bites ❄ l.s. AU
    124K 8.3K 42

    "Deck the halls with balls of toenails, fa-la-la-la-la, I hate your beard." "I don't have a beard." "I know. It's pathetic." A jolly AU where Harry is an elf-in-training who quits his job and moves to London after the Elder Elves cancel Christmas in the North Pole. He plans to stay in London after that...but he deci...

  • Prisoner
    115K 6.6K 32

    Louis interns at the state prison and meets Harry who's on death row with only six months until his execution date. - "Why would you want to love someone who's already gone." "I didn't choose to, but I do, and now I'll just have to accept that my heart will be shattered."

    Completed   Mature
  • When Hate Turns Into Love (Larry Stylinson AU)
    2.1M 89.8K 32

    [3rd place in the Bromance Awards Holiday 2015] The Styles and the Tomlinsons. Those two families have never gotten along with each other due to an event in the past. So because of this, Louis Tomlinson hates Harry Styles, simple as that. What Louis doesn't know, though (or anyone in their families for that matter) i...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Kiss (Larry Stylinson AU) Punk!Louis
    1.9M 77.2K 32

    Harry's perfect. He has the best girlfriend you can have, the looks, and the popularity. He's confident, except when it comes to one thing. Louis Tomlinson. Louis has bullied him for as long as he can remember. He's the man-whore in school, he gets the girls, and everybody likes him. His body is covered in tattoos and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Room 317
    2.9M 59K 26

    Louis has a habit of not complaining. Harry hates it because, sometimes if you don’t complain, bad things happen; like ending up in the ICU. This is the OFFICIAL VERSION please note that there are four or five R rated scenes that have been moved to another site to keep this story un-privated. The links are provided in...

    Completed   Mature
  • echo. | larry stylinson.
    1.5M 61.2K 45

    ❞ Words hurt. Words break you, leave you in pieces. They hurt like a thousand knives. ❞ Harry Styles is an unhappy person, he is the victim of bullying at school. Being called names or beat up is a part of his daily life and he believes everything he is told. All the words haunt him every day and he is broken. Harry p...

  • lost memories | l.s.
    552K 15.5K 38

    Completed   Mature
  • 17BLACK
    6.3M 227K 92

    17Black: a gay strip club in London known for hot strip teases, a talented dj, and matchmaking? Harry is moving to London as a new addition to 17Black - new penthouse, hot job, amazing pay - sounds great. Sure it is a clear violation of Harry's sexuality, but it's not gay unless you make it gay, right? Plus it's only...

    Completed   Mature
  • Black Bird
    322K 10.9K 41

    Larry Stylinson Story (Completed) Harry bullies Louis... but that doesn't stop Louis from falling for him. Rated R: language, mild drinking, violence, sexual content, and story line. Warning: might be triggering so please read at your own risk. story includes deaths. Enjoy :) UNDERGOING MAJOR EDITING

  • Wanted Housemates | BXB ❤ L.S | √
    360K 16.8K 30

    [Completed] - Louis caught his boyfriend of five years cheating so he kicked him out, realizing only after that owning a big house and living with yourself and a very adorable dog is not enough. It's also damn expensive so he goes online and post on one of the most credible site known to man, Craigslist, to look for h...

  • The Devil Wears Gucci - Larry Stylinson
    121K 5.9K 17

    Larry Stylinson version of the movie "The devil wears prada". This story is already fully written, updates every week.

  • A Model And A Fan - Larry Stylinson AU (BoyxBoy) COMPLETED
    2.5M 86.3K 121

    Louis is shy and quiet . Harry is popular and known . ~ A few nights before his birthday , Louis decided he's going to tell his parents that he's gay . After all , they're his parents , they will support him . But what happens when he gets kicked out of the house ? ~ Harry just wanted to have a quiet walk outside , wi...

  • fuckboy || Larry Stylinson
    1.6M 49K 32

    Harry: Ass pic. Naked ass pic. Louis: No. Where the biggest fuckboy in school, Harry, ask for nudes.

  • Wicked || larry
    565K 40.5K 37

    ••complete•• ursula lives under the sea with her surprisingly beautiful son. she gives him legs so he can get revenge on ariel by killing her daughter, but he gets his own ideas when he views peter pans son

  • Hidden Identity ~Larry AU~
    462K 22.1K 23

    Harry writes fanfiction on a site called Wattpad. Its late and he's reading fanficition. He suddenly gets a private message on his account. And the friendship spirals from there. Little does he know that he's talking to the famous singer, Louis Tomlinson, who Harry's had a crush on for forever. Louis is finding it har...

  • OCD ➳ Larry Stylinson
    2.2M 102K 32

    16-year-old Harry has OCD, causing him to have repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations, obsessions, and behaviors. He thinks he's a freak. There's a new boy at school who disagrees. This boy could be the one to break down Harry's walls, and his name is Louis. **Warnings: Selfharm (PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE...

  • love || l.s
    1M 22.2K 202

    louis tomlinson is a famous model. harry styles is a famous singer. louis is openly gay. harry is closeted. but somehow opposites attract. i don't own any of these manips so credit goes to all the owners.