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  • Pleasure > Innocence 18+
    752 33 1

    Living with her popular brother, with all his hot friends hitting on her... what could possibly go wrong for Veronica Davis? *mature scenes. Sexual content throughout* Smut from the first chapter.

  • Inevitable 18+
    34.3K 996 37

    The lines get blurred... Georgia has always been attracted to Carter... however, when he becomes her step brother... what'll happen? When Carter's friends spend more and more time with Georgia, what could possibly go wrong? Previously on here. Will work hard to get it back on, and complete. *mature content warning*

  • It's You 18+
    7.1K 401 12

    She is forbidden. He sleeps in her bed every night, he keeps a secret.... What will happen when more secrets come out? Previously on here, over TWO MILLION views. *trigger warnings* *mature content* *not promising all sunshine and roses*

  • The Blind Date
    4.9K 294 15

    Olivia Clark faces troubles after she is fired for having an affair with one of her bosses clients. Her roommate and best friend, Samantha, convinces her to get back out into the dating world. Helping her in the romance category, she sets her up with a nice guy from the exclusive night club. Olivia begins to fall head...

  • 60 Days With Damien Black (ON HALT)
    9.9M 351K 66

    TOP 50 WATTPAD NOVEL When Amber has to go and live with her mums best friend all seems well. Until she meets Damien Black, who will successfully change her life for the better and the worst. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• '60 Days With Damien Black' is a novel that explores the traged...

  • For His Pleasure
    8.1M 226K 53

    "How much for an hour?" He dug through his wallet, eyes not meeting mine. I backed away from him, scared, "I'm not a prostitute." "Yes, you are. Screw the hour. How much for the whole night?" __ Working for the mafia had been fine until a new Don took over. He was a smug asshole, but it wasn't long until I was no lo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Two Dominants
    1M 9K 16

    MATURE Charisty is a woman who is used to controlling those around her in her line of work but she gets tired of all the stress that her responsibilities bring. She needs someone to calm the chaos in her mind. She has always been a woman who enjoys sex but has never been able to fulfil her own fantasies and sexual des...

  • The Personal Affair
    42.6K 867 11

    "Fuck." He groaned into my ear as he gyrated his hips behind me, going even deeper. So deep I could feel him in my soul. I could also feel the scratching of my wedding ring against his fine hardwood desk as he pounded into me. 'He' being Ryder. My boss. I'm definitely going to hell for doing something this wrong. But...

  • Vicious | ongoing
    218K 5K 14

    [MATURE CONTENT] "What if Josiah sees?" I say to him, looking around for a wanderer that could potentially come over to where we were, and then up at the large, towering windows above us. Despite being obscured mostly by an oversized bush, I couldn't help but feel antsy. And that's not just because of the god beside...

  • Bedded by the Billionaire [18+]
    483K 13.8K 13

    Richard Bassette had lusted after his housekeeper's daughter, since the day he'd begun financing her every expense. Vowing to bid his time and wait until she'd completed her college degree, he reels in his obsessive lust. Then came her routinely summer vacation. The second Richard eyed the engagement ring on her finge...

  • Discovering myself (18+)
    1.8M 42.2K 59

    BOOK COMPLETE - EDITION ONGOING. This work is intended for an 18+ audience. I stop searching for it and just stand in front of him perplexed. Is he saying what I think he is saying? Does he have my vibrator with him? Please tell me I'm overreacting, that I have misunderstood. To make everything just better he says. "O...

    Completed   Mature
  • Desire
    3M 23.8K 115

    One shots and ideas for future books. Vote, comment, follow and let me know which ones you'd like to see more of. May or may not contain sexual themes. Updates every Monday Cover art by the amazing @M_Rainberry

  • Give Into Me
    235K 995 19

    This is Mature Content filled with short stories of smut. Some will be in a males (y/n) POV and others in a females (y/n) POV. Enjoy Some of my chapters will be long Some will be short and get to the point just depends

    1.5M 15.2K 9

    The only sure thing in revenge is the beginning, the ending is uncertain. The truth can surprise you in ways you could never have imagined. A sequel to His Booty Call.

  • Detention boy
    542K 3.5K 20

    I feel the awkwardness fill the room as he moves his desk closer to mine. Soon we aren't to far apart and whispers in my ear. "I can imagine how good your insides would feel." "You disgust me." "At least I have something to do whilst I'm in detention!!"

  • The Figure Skater & The Hockey Player
    133K 3K 19

    It's simple. My brother slept with my best friend. So, I slept with his.

  • Taking The Bad Boy's Virginity
    165K 2.3K 19

    I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Natalia, and I'm twenty. I'm still in high school and I have the sex drive of a rabbit. I tend to be very carefree, and sometimes that gets me in tough situations, like when I took the bad boy's virginity. Now he's forcing me to date him for it. Without any sex. This is...

  • Missing The Hockey Star (Book 2)
    1.5M 52.9K 55

    The female voice that answered the phone was definitely not Nash's. Who was this? Did I dial the wrong number by mistake? "Hello?" The female voice came again. I removed the phone from my ear and looked at the screen. I wasn't wrong. It very clearly spelled out Nash across it. "Hi..." I started but stopped to swallow...

  • I Lost My Virginity to My Best Friend Brother
    91.9K 1.4K 35

    "How could you, from all the guys in the god dam world, you slept with my own flesh and blood!" Riles says, she was full on angry with me and I don't blame her. She has a point, I could of lost my v- card from anyone else but, it had to be her brother. " I'm sorry! It just happened, I mean I uhm..." she didn't let me...

  • my best friends brother
    291K 6.8K 27

    I prop my elbows on top of the kitchen counter, leaning forward as I continue sucking on my cherry red lollipop. Glancing up, I stare directly into his eyes as I unhook my lips from the lollipop making a popping sound which echoed throughout the kitchen. He stared intensely at me as my tongue ran across the tip of the...