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  • ''We Rule Us'' | SiX: The Musical
    21.7K 1.2K 90

    •This is a story of the queens who once ruled England, reincarnated, and now in the 21st century clueless and might make chaos sooner, the tudor kids will also be here :³ •So, this fanfic has quite alot of characters? Some of the chapters might be inspired by IRL events, or other books, this has a fair amount of angs...

  • Truth or Dare? ~ SiX: The Musical
    881 75 12

    A group of college students decide go to Mexico for their last vacation together, On their last night there, They made a new friend whom invited them over to a destroyed church on a hill and wanted to play a game of Truth or Dare which ends up being deadly. This book is heavily based of the movie, Truth or Dare: Exten...

  • Sixstgram (Parrlyn &Katanna)
    21.4K 841 46

    So i love reading these but I really wanted to make on for six so yeah thats what I am doing. Parrlyn and Katanna will be included in this story. Highest Rankings (I am really lazy and only know a couple) 1 in Parrlyn (2/18/2020) 2 in Anna of Cleves (5/20/2020) 1 in Catherine of Aragon (8/16/2020)

  • Six the musical one shots
    43.9K 2.2K 201

    This six the musical one shots... this is my first book. Also the amount of times I wrote shits instead of shots shouldn't be allowed.

  • A New Chapter ~ SiX: The Musical
    26.1K 1.1K 77

    These former queens of England have done a lot of mistakes in the past which lead them to an ending that they wished they didn't have.. Well almost all of them. Then sometime in the 21st century, They got reincarnated to live once again and was absolutely clueless on what'll happen in the future and what chaos they'll...

  • Smoke and mirrors
    1.7K 156 11

    Jane Seymour was an ordinary student, she hung out with her cousins, Anne and Katherine. But when a certain curly haired bookworm catches her eye, she's willing to do ANYTHING for her. Even hurt the people she considered friends

  • Revenge: A MultiMusical Fan Story
    3.2K 131 23

    In this modern day world the Hamilton and Six casts were revived and get a second chance to live out their life. Only downside, King George III and King Henry VIII were revived too. What happens when these two spiteful kings join forces with the SQUIP so the three of them can get their revenge? Musicals Featured: Hami...