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  • breathe; yoonmin
    3.6K 155 22

    'i am not more than the sum of my parts, yoongi.'

  • The Anon
    2.1M 74.9K 33

    One blog, one girl, two very different people. 17 year old Charlotte Knight has always gone unnoticed with her brother the star football player and his good looks to her brilliantly talented Aunt. She was shy, quite and reserved. But deep down she hated the world, was sarcastic and ridiculously attached to her compute...

  • Dream: Fate | Yoonmin fanfic (2nd book)
    20.6K 1K 16

    ¤ Sequel to the Yoonmin Fanfiction: "Dream" ¤ @bangtaninfiresme

  • Through My Eyes [Vkook Sequel]
    55.2K 2.8K 28

    ~Sequel to In My Eyes~ I don't know anything about him.. Only his name.. And yet.. I'm in love with him..

  • The Bunking Diaries #YourStoryIndia
    164 16 2

    Who doesn't bunk classes in high school? At a point, everyone does. This book follows a group of 11th Grade teenagers, their heart to heart conversations during bunking , how they open up to each other, leading to life changing experiences, strong friendship bonds, and how they help shape up the personalities of each...