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  • Lavenders Blue ❦
    13.9K 743 16

    ℓανєи∂єяѕ gяєєи ∂ιℓℓу ∂ιℓℓу ℓανєи∂єяѕ вℓυє уσυ ѕнαℓℓ ℓσνє мє ∂ιℓℓу ∂ιℓℓу fσя ι ℓσνє уσυ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧°.+ ゚✧°•°*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Lance McClain is humble, and he works hard for everything he has. Though he hasn't a friend or a foe in this ugly world, everyone in it seems to think him beautiful. Well, except for the three who shou...

  • The Half of It
    34.2K 1.2K 18

    {Ex Title: Demon's Pet - Currently being REWRITTEN} | KLANCE AU | In the world where people have guardian angels, Lance McClain has a demon. After miraculously surviving the car crash, Lance has recurring dreams about someone who Lance thinks has saved him. Returning to the cabin in Bangor where Lance had spent his...

  • The Real Enemy [Klance]
    90.5K 3.6K 27

    Keith is captured. It is unlikely anyone will come to his rescue and he is stuck in a cell. He must find the way out before it's too late. But wouldn't that be so much easier with a little help? AU where Keith was raised by the Blade of Marmora and hasn't yet met the other Paladins. Slow burn klance my friends. #1 lan...

  • Steal My Heart
    66.6K 3K 19

    Lance McClain, wanted in over thirty countries for robberies of 252.3 million dollar value, smuggling assault rifles and illegal substances over the US border, bombing several casinos along the get the point. Lance knew what he was doing. Because he was never caught. Not even once. "So, Lance McClain, crimin...

  • The Color of Death is Blue
    48.4K 2.2K 15

    The finest assassin in the country-Keith Kogane-and a pitiful boy with a deadly curse-Lance McClain-find themselves together due to an assignment gone awry. Now, with Lance in his custody, Keith is the target of every hunter in the city-including the biggest and toughest gang: the Galra. **Rated Mature for: graphic d...

  • The Color of Life is Red
    21.8K 1K 18

    {Sequel to The Color of Death is Blue} Keith and Lance take on the city as a team, searching out the sins in the dark alleys. Their reputation grew from killers to saviors of the innocent- dealing with the rapists, abusers, and murderers the court system set free. Within the gang community, two names were on everyone'...

  • Filters // Klance YouTubers au
    47.3K 2K 17

    We all use filters to make a picture look good don't we? Well, can filters be used on life too? Yes it's possible actually. And how do we do that? Well my darling, all you need to do is observe. °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° They were YouTubers and together they were, as the people quote, 'Team Voltron...

  • An Age a Month
    16.3K 618 13

    Set after season 5 Keith returns to Voltron after finding his mother and feeling like he has done what he needs to with the blade. Knowing the Paladins could use a break Allura brings them to a healing planet unaware the aliens focus on healing their emotions. What they truely need rather than relaxation like they thi...

  • Behind the Mask // Klance AU
    267K 12.7K 26

    Keith is one of the smartest kids at his school, but he's never really been remotely noticed by anyone. Lance, however, is one of the most popular guys at this same school. Nobody can take their eyes away from him, including Keith, who's had a crush on Lance since the day he met him. What he doesn't know is that Lance...

  • Klance Moana AU
    36.4K 1.2K 10

    Dude it's in the FLIPPING TITLE!! Maui will be Lance Moana will be Keith Chief Tui will be Shiro Grandma Tala will be Coran Sina will be Allura This is a Voltron Moana Alternate Universe. The main pairing will be Lance and Keith. Well that's all folks, and I really do hope you like this fanfic. Please share vote a...

  • level up ❇ klance trilogy
    188K 9.9K 51

    kmskeith: are we having a bonding moment? leggylance: you have to reach friendship level 5 to unlock Bonding Moment ™ kmskeith: ... challenge accepted This summer was nothing but a shit storm for Lance McClain. He lost his friends, his shitty boyfriend was cheating on him, and his suicidal thoughts wouldn't go away...

  • game over ❇ 'level up' trilogy
    11.9K 661 48

    ⚠️THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO MY FIC 'LEVEL UP' READ THAT BEFORE YOU READ THIS ⚠️ It's been 9 months since Anna was locked away and 7 months since Keith and Lance moved in together. It's now May and their senior year is coming to a close. This time of life brings its own conflicts and drama. But it gets even worse when dark...

  • respawn ❇ 'level up' trilogy
    4.1K 294 46

    ⚠️ THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO MY FIC 'GAME OVER', WHICH IS THE SEQUEL TO 'LEVEL UP'. READ THOSE BEFORE YOU READ THIS ⚠️ It's been 11 months since Anna destroyed Lance's life, 3 months since Carter tried to destroy Keith's. Now the new school year is beginning and everyone is heading their separate ways. They may be far awa...

  • Dirty Laundry by Gibslythe
    566K 22.4K 48


  • Treasure [Klance/Leith]
    78.6K 3.6K 29

    Keith lives in a world where love is judged by a simple locket that hangs around humanities neck. Inside contains the picture of their soulmate but the catch is that it only opens when you have a certain interaction with the other person that creates a spark between the two of you. He goes by people everyday as he gla...

  • Shooting Stars - Klance
    95.1K 3.5K 14

    ◄Falling in love, falling for someone► It's just an old, cliché saying. But what if it's meant literally? And nevertheless, you'd end up in an awkward situation, with a public. !!WARNINGS!!; THIS STORY HAS BEEN REWRITTEN AND HUGE ADJUSTMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE, bxb, bad grammar, soulmate au, foul language, fake boyfriend...

  • Stars // klance AU
    191K 11.5K 16

    There were two things that Keith disliked the most about college: 1. His roommate's taste in music 2. Sanchez Aka. Keith and Lance become texting buddies thinking they have never met but they do in fact know each other and dislike each other with the passion of a thousand stars. This story was originally poste...

  • Slow dance with you
    250K 11.9K 52

    It's not common for when something in a small town happens to just let it be, no it's a big deal. Especially when you send the worst text to the captian of the soccer team and the star hitter of the baseball team. When he has a game. When his whole team saw the text. When the text is one if the gayest things to the w...

  • //OLD// Step by Step~KLANCE AU
    132K 7K 24

    "Your happy place?" Lance sounded almost completely doubtful. "Yeah, You know, when you close your eyes and imagine what makes you happy?" Keith said with a shrug. "Well.. I.. don't have to imagine what makes me happy. It's right in front of me" Lance gets in an accident with a robber, and ends up having his left ar...

  • The Little Mermaid
    1K 67 12

    [A re-enactment of The Little Mermaid (1989)] "Life's full of tough choices, isn't it?" A curious, free-spirited, rebellious, and courageous merman embarks on what could be a life-changing adventure to find what he truly longs for. From under the sea, Lance feels trapped and wants to be free, to explore the world abo...

  • Down below
    129K 7.7K 28

    They're legends, myths, they don't exist. But at the bottom of the ocean the myths are real, and some still believe in the creatures and they search.But the creatures down below they have rules to survive, rules that turned them into myths. Mermaids protect their own before anything else, and care nothing for humans. ...

  • Little Merman - Klance Mermaid AU
    6K 263 19

    When Lance was saved from drowning by a mysterious merman, he did everything in his power to see him again, including giving his voice up to the local witch, Haggar.. Keith is a merman who always loved humans, more specifically the boy that came to the beach every day to sing and play his guitar. What happens when Lan...

  • lungs // klance
    31.3K 1.3K 8

    [DOES NOT BELONG TO ME IN ANY WAY!! ] -Written by Dreamicide- After a near drowning experience as a child in which he doesn't remember how he survived, Lance avoids the ocean he once loved. He doesn't realize that's where his savior lives. Or: a slice-of-life story about a boy and his mermaid.

  • come out ❇ klance miniseries
    2.5K 126 6

    A klance miniseries in which Keith accidentally comes out to Allura and spends the next few weeks in a living hell as Allura tries to get him to admit his crush for Lance. On top of that, his attempts to tell Lance how he feels are going absolutely nowhere because Lance is too damn clueless to realize what he's trying...

  • my universe. (voltron omegaverse)
    48.5K 1.2K 15

    klance + adashi . . . . . . . . art belongs to rightful owners | I do not own voltron

  • In the Middle
    49.9K 1.3K 34

    Lance, a shy but flirty omega, is stuck between two packs with a forgotten past. Years ago, Lance was taken and claimed to be the not so official mate of Lotor. He remembers nothing after being scent marked multiple times but the his not so official alpha. Running away and being taken in by another pack, a certain m...

  • a million dreams [tgs klance au]
    26.2K 1.5K 17

    The Greatest Showman + Voltron Lance, a gorgeous trapeze artist with a backstory Keith, a miserable playwright looking for a new dream Shiro, a struggling humbug who only wants to support his husband, Adam Voltron translated into an 1850's circus act... disclaimer: i dont own tgs or voltron and this is in no way tryin...

  • outliers [klance au]
    55.2K 3.1K 24

    [after the events of season 8] An AU of AUs/Fix-It Fic When Keith was assigned to a mission concerning every single existing reality, the last person he expected to be chosen as his partner was Lance. The two ex-Paladins now embark on a journey where they must face their pasts to save the future. Old friends and lost...

  • beat drop [klance au]
    257K 11.2K 35

    Keith works a flowershop, Lance is a dancer. When two collide, things are bound to happen. A band called Voltron re-emerges from the past and the same four kids from high school come back together to try out music life again. ... Before Keith knew what he was doing, he reached to the microphone, meeting Lance's eyes...

  • swim with me? [klance au]
    236K 11.7K 38

    [WATTYS 2018 LONGLIST] Lance as a flirtatious, beautiful mermaid that gets a bit too close to humans; Keith as a college student with an art major who loves to surf. Classic enemies-to-friends-to-lovers (with a few plot twists), fluffy Klance AU (Disclaimers: I don't own VLD, cover was made by the lovely @-courteous) ...