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  • Highschool love?
    3.9K 261 37

    UnderTale fandom is werid so... This book is too and cringy as fuck This is about a human (sorry all you fandom who hate human versions) girl named cross going to school for the first time in years because of the past.soon he finds someone... I suck at this sorry again.

    Completed   Mature
  • Truth or Dare UnderTale AU Sans {CLOSED}
    17.8K 512 200

    Here are the ships -Crossmare (NightmarexCross) -ErrorInk -Afterdeath -Murlust (Dust x Lust) -DreamBerry -HorrorKiller -Kustard -Viper x Sci -Outer x Dance But you can do other ships too, just except the worse for the dare Art isn't mine