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    Dawson is- most people who don't know him would say- as straight as they come. And senior year away from home promises to be a big year for him: no parents in sight, a whole new set of friends, he just seems to have it all. Not to mention that all the pretty girls of the very private Wharton High are dying to get a ta...

  • As Told By Tuck & Axel
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    This is the story of Axel and Tuck: a tale of debauchery, douchebaggery, felony, and plain stupidity. It is a tale written by two best friends with nothing better to do with their law degree than write the story of their anything-but-monotonous life. (Boyxboy) Message from the writer: Before you read I have a quick d...

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  • Something About Sam
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    Taite Jefferson certainly did not expect the world's biggest superstar to be sitting on his living room couch when he woke up the day after his high school graduation. He didn't expect to like him, either. Taite Jefferson was very, very wrong.

  • Liability
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    [BxB] In the eyes of the public, Rhys Martinez is the darling boy of the governor of New York, who has an angelic smile and charming wit. The people of New York and the media adore him, girls and boys (as well as some men and women) are desperate for even just a second glance from him. Reality is a fickle goddess, how...

  • Untethered ✓
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    Isaac Kirk's world comes to an abrupt halt when he finds out his Soulmate Mark isn't identical to that of Jamie Ryan's; his best friend and the guy he's been in love with all his life. Isaac's mark is also in COLOUR, which is an even worse fate, because it's rumoured that people with coloured marks don't even get to h...

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  • Vanilla
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    Julian White doesn't say his real name in self-introductions. Hiding behind his middle name and a pair of overly round eyeglasses, he tries to get through the tenacity of attending a competitive culinary school under his uncle's influence. Amidst his learning of crust structures and the nutritional value of bananas, h...

  • Ass Milk
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    "So, how did you know you were gay?" "One day, I was walking and a rainbow tumbled from the sky and onto my head. Consequently, my brains fell out and I forgot what a vagina was. So, suddenly, when I accidentally walked into a changing room and thought, damn, I want that dangly thing between his legs up my arsecrack...

  • Metanoia |BxB|
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    Jasper McKormic understands that Prints are meant to help guide everyone to their perfect match. The black lines that appear on everyone's skin tell the story of soulmates and the name that eventually materializes tells who the Universe has chosen to be at one's side. Jasper's never been good at obeying what the Un...

  • Reality Check (BoyxBoy)
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    I just smirked at the way they all looked down on me. The way they all try to trip me down and glare like they can kill me with one look. I could easily laugh their stupidity and small minds as I make it through the day the way I've always done it. By myself. With no friends. No family. I don't cry myself to sleep ho...

  • Something From Nothing
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    "I don't care if you're a girl, a boy or a god damned gold fish. You're mine and that's all that matters to me." --- Logan Mercier, Crowned Prince of the Wolves and Alpha of the Red tooth pack. He's your stereotypical bad boy but with a heart of gold. He never expected to meet his mate while he was hanging upside dow...

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