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  • Rant Book
    318 13 3

    This is just a rant book. I'll rant about people, but only if they get on my nerves enough to where I feel like I need to do this. Mostly, I'll rant about characters that annoy me in general. Cover Credit: @SapphireNight10

  • Existential
    68 1 1

    A fan made story from one of my favorite childhood cartoons: Little Einsteins The story stars a young boy named Leo who has just moved into the neighborhood of Greensville with his family, along the way, he meets some new friends, new enemies, encounters people who are dealing with personal problems and tries to fit...

  • Role-Play Book
    119 6 8

    Hi........ It's Me Fluttershy This My Role-Play Book

  • Descendants (Book 1)
    87 8 1

    Lightning McQueen,Adrien Agreste,Chris Kratt and Ian LightFoot are descendants of their parents and live on the Isle of the Lost and they are going to spread evil but once their parents enroll them in a school they are given the task to seal a magic wand from Princess Twilight the principal of the school can they do i...

  • Art Book
    562 62 20

    Here is a book on my artwork, feel free to request

  • Tmnt/MLP/Sonic: Fanmade Dogs
    190 21 8

    This is a book for my friend @camilalia9898 This is how I imagined what would look like if the TMNT, Mane 8 and Sonic Characters had dogs of their own

  • Spin-off 2: The Foot's Revenge
    1.3K 49 28

    Anti-mutant propaganda and laws have risen, and all meta-humans are to be arrested and detained. The girls and turtles are living life on the run from the law, and an old threat in the forms of the Foot has risen...with a new Shredder leading them. Who is this new, sadistic, technologically advanced and powerful Shred...

  • Story Tips with Elexa
    87 9 2

    Here are a few easy tips on how you can make your stories sound better, and maybe get some more people to help you out

  • The Weak Predator Spin Off Book 1: Five Nights at Pan Pan's
    43 7 2

    This is a fan made book series inspired by Five Nights at Freddy's and Cavemanfilm's Mine Nights at Freddy's series. In this spin off series, Aaron and his friends, Carlito and Flora are almost on their last year of high school and are looking forward to getting jobs, while also making plans of their own for college...

  • The Primal Of Dragon And Saiyan
    4.7K 35 5

    Y/N kido half human/dragon/saiyan from different universe, aka Earthland. Homeland of Fairy Tail. Will he protect the ones he loved? Lets find out

  • My Art Book
    8.5K 374 141

    Updates, Arts, Stuff and Trailer

  • TwilightNardo: I Met Him In Detention
    188 14 1

    !(This is the remake to the old one)! Twilight Sparkle was a girl, who hasn't had a very good life at her school, Crystal Prep Academy, she was contantly bullied a lot & no one there to help her. One day, she got a sudden transfer at a new high school, Canterlot High, but however on her first day she accidently got he...

  • If Only Book 2
    879 60 8

    Based on Frozen 2 and Wizards: Tales Of Arcadia It's been 3 years since Mal trapped these villains on the Isle and they're back to living their lives normaly and happily. Megamind is still the defender of Metro City and has a 2 year old daughter named Maddison. Lou gained the other dolls trust back and became leader o...

  • Art Book
    1.2K 59 28

    this is a follow-up to my second art book

  • MLP and Godzilla the Bridge: Prologue
    8.1K 51 5

    This is a story from the beginning...

  • Kingdom Hearts: Black Panther's Quest
    171 7 2

    First chapter of KH X BP story. The story begins about the King of Wakanda named T'Challa. He is also known as the Black Panther and he has been a King for years since his father died. He had a dream, a dream that he worked together with a heroes known as Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Kieran Quarles, Kirito, Asuna, Leafa...

  • God of Destruction
    429 24 4

    Base on the GOW (PS4) Years ago, two demon children named Lora Light And Raven Starshine has been with their father, Solarius. He is trying to save them from their evil Mother Deluna. So when he say goodbye to his daughters, he open the portal to another world and stopped Deluna by making a flash that is so bright tha...

  • Robzilla: Lost Door of Lost Spirits
    402 23 4

    Robzilla is having a relaxing day for his life, he goes anywhere to get something to eat, pay his friends a visit, watch some movies and he does what he wants. But when he enters the Canterlot High School, the students whispers about what happen to the people who were killed. They mention Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy...

  • MLP TMNT Sonic & Godzilla couples
    2.5K 70 19

    These arts don't belong to me. They belong to someone else.

  • Follow Your Heart (A Lesbian Love Story)
    335 40 6

    2 girls. . . 2 lives. . . 2 lesbians. . . May and June have known each other for many years during their school days and they're now Juniors in High School. They become a couple and reign over their school as what is possibly the cutest shipping ever in the history of shipping random OCs. Join these 2 on their advent...

  • Smile In The Name Of Love (A MikeyPie Love Story)
    1.3K 77 8

    Michelangelo has always been the youngest and funniest turtle of all, but his brothers always treat him like an idiot and he feels likes he nothing more than a spare in his family. Pinkie Pie has always been the party girl who loves to make people smile. Each of the 2 have a lot in common but they both have the same w...

  • Can Fashion And Science Be Mixed? (A Raritello Love Story)
    964 58 7

    Donatello has always had a crush on April O Neil for almost a year but she only considers him as a friend. Donnie was sad and questioned himself if he will ever find true love. Luckily there is one girl who will help him find the meaning of true love. And her name. . . is Rarity. These 2 bond and learn a lot about eac...

  • Christmas Special! (MLPEG/TMNT/SONIC)
    78 3 1

    This is my Christmas special! Hope you enjoy!

  • Rebellious Love (A RaphShimmer Love Story)
    1.5K 95 10

    (Credit goes to @kiana1506 for making the cover) Takes place after the episode "Clash of the Mutanimals" Raphael still feels guilty for after being mind controlled by the evil Shredder and almost betrayed his family and his older brother, Leo. Sunset Shimmer is a former bad girl, who heads to New York for a special mi...