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  • Pain & Passion - a Sonic x Knuckles fanfiction
    122 5 4

    Sonic The Hedgehog wakes up one morning to a surprise visit by his old friend, Knuckles The Echidna

  • Ace things
    7.7K 658 48

    Memes, wallpapers, headcannons, anything else I want to add. None of the images in this are mine unless I say otherwise.

  • snow | sanders sides au
    14 3 1

    in which virgil wants to escape and roman wants to feel seen. | sanders sides high school au |

  • Analogical human AU
    4.8K 275 26

    Virgil gets adopted by Roman and Patton. He realizes he's much gayer than he thought when he meets Logan. This story contains •analogical, demus, remile, and royality • Teen Virgil, Emile, Remy, and Logan • Ace Logan and Remus. • genderfluid Emile • not a lot of angst, but there is some • a lot of random fluffy sce...