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  • Random Boboiboy Oneshots
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    Just some random BBB oneshots uwu Contains mostly angst- (im not sorry) Just a reminder that the oneshots are not related with each other If the oneshot involved elementals interactions, pretend they're brothers. No shipping, I'm uncomfortable with them, please understand ueuueue I have bad vocabulary and grammar I'm...

  • To Protect
    2.6K 213 1

    One moment he was fighting the weird mud aliens surrounding them and suddenly he was in front of Gempa, red sparks flying everywhere. The pain that went through him surprised him. It was swift enough that he didn't have time to even grunt or scream. He just took the attack that was meant for his counter-part.

  • Cahaya Fails
    5K 438 3

    He finally hit his breaking point as his eyes never left the red mark on the top of his test paper. Even when the teacher had ended the class. Even when the students started standing up from their seats, packing their notes and books. Even when the red numbers started to become undecipherable as his vision blurred. H...

  • The Septuplets
    8.2K 329 12

    It all started when the carefree and clumsy Angin opt for a tree climbing. Then, Api being a nuisance until Air had to comfort him. Nevertheless, this is nothing like the same normal life any other kids of Boboiboy's age will experience. -------------- "Guys! Shooting each other at such a close range is dangerous!" T...

  • Holding On
    1.4K 108 1

    It was just supposed to be a simple mission. Investigate the planet for any power sphere, retrieve it, then leave. But with Boboiboy and the gang, their missions are anything but simple. Trapped in a freakish-koala infested cave by Adudu and Probe, they soon realize that the creatures were venomous. And that one of th...

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    Just a collection of one shots I've decided to write in order to satisfy your hunger for angst-themed Boboiboy stories. I'm sure that these one shots will be interesting to read! WARNING! HEAVY ANGST UP A HEAD! This book is also dedicated to a dear friend of mine! (❁'◡'❁)

  • Accidents Happen
    4.3K 201 6

    You know that sometimes, accidents happen. And that accident changes your view of someone. Everyone knows him as someone that is dependable and strong that can never go down even in the face of despair. And that someone is none other than their beloved leader. Disclamer : I only own the plot and the art The character...

  • Insouciant
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    Gempa ketika terbangun setelah bertarung dengan musuh terbesarnya. Begitu banyak pertanyaan di benaknya. Begitu banyak kegelisahan. Begitu kalut dia. Sampai sebuah pelukan membuatnya tersadar. Semua sudah baik-baik saja Warn: elemental siblings, hurt/comfort, boboiboy fanfic. . . . (dan saya masih hidup tapi pindah f...

  • Rivalry Wars [COMPLETED]
    42.8K 3.6K 35

    Once again, the two popular rivals namely, the most fearsome badboy, Halilintar- as well as the smartest and well-known alchemist, Solar of Stanford High are back! They may be rivals before but now, they'd finally got along after for almost ten years of debating from whom in between, is the most famous one among them...

  • Countdown to Zero [Completed] | sequel to One Miracle
    1.4K 62 2

    Petir's on the run. Sometimes, it's better for some people to stay missing. Chapter 1-24 published in one chapter.

  • One Miracle [✔️] | mlbb x bbb
    19.4K 1.5K 39

    A miraculous holder that doesn't transform; what was his worth? Petir is a magnet for akumas. Yet somehow he's never the villain.

  • Boboiboy Shitpost Book
    203K 10.2K 290

    Warning: Theories, Foreshadowing, Cursing, and indefinite sarcasm. Leaf is trying to figure out what shipping means. Solar is too embarrassed to help.

  • Just a Weapon [Completed]
    42K 2K 26

    ❝Who are you, Boboiboy? A friend? A foe? Our saviour? Our death?❞ ❝No, Fang.❞ ❝Then what are you?❞ ❝I am a monster.❞

  • Enchanted (winx! elements)
    2.5K 146 7

    Blaze is done with magic's bullshit. Please just let this fiery boi stay in Enchantix.

  • How To Be Me (boboiboy galaxy)
    9.9K 600 25

    "You say you want to save people, but you can't even save yourself." Thunderstorm looked down to her hands, but all she could see was red.

  • This Isn't Your World
    9K 598 24

    ❝Petir's in a coma, Cahaya's sucked into a black hole, and Tanah went missing... I don't see how we can turn things back to the way we were.❞ [sᴇϙᴜᴇʟ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜɪs ɪs ᴍʏ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ]

  • This Is My World [High School AU]
    9.6K 720 27

    ❝I don't know what's going on. I was just a nobody, but then Tanah came along and my world turned upside down.❞ -Api, 15 years old

  • history | a boboiboy fanfiction
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    "You didn't tell us." "Not yet." "Then when are you going to? You already took me and Cy's powers." Thunderstorm didn't answer.

  • BoBoiBoy One-Shots
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    Just a bunch of BoBoiBoy One-Shot Stories. May or may not contain truth or dares or whatsoever. Requests are open for all. Picture not mine. I got it from Google Images. :) Disclaimer: I do not own BoBoiBoy or BoBoiBoy Galaxy. It belongs to Animonsta or Monsta if you prefer.

  • Shuffle Siblings
    106K 13K 32

    Apa yang akan kalian lakukan jika tubuh kalian tertukar dengan saudara kalian? Ya, inilah yang terjadi kepada ketujuh kembar yang memiliki kekuatan elemental. Lalu bagaimana cara mereka menjalani kehidupan sehari - hari sampai mereka menemukan jalan keluarnya? "Apa yang..." - Gempa "Dari sekian banyak tubuh, Kenapa h...

  • Saudara Kembar
    71.2K 6.2K 30

    SEASON satu dan dua ada dalam satu buku ini guys,so just see the chapter list 👀👌 Summary: Boboiboy terpisah dengan Ochobot, ketika itu Ochobot menggunakan kuasa Teleportasinya, Dan tidak sengaja Boboiboy terlebih dahulu masuk kedalam lubang teleportasi.

  • Septuplet!AU (Side-story: Daun)
    2.5K 215 2

    "Hey, Api... wanna hear the story of that time when you guys thought I ran away when we were still with mom and dad?" "I was there when that happened..." Api mumbled, while trying to subtly wipe his face. "I know..." Daun replied, "But... I still think you should hear it." "Why?" He gave him another firm grip, his eye...

  • Septuplet!AU (Side-story: Petir)
    6.1K 380 2

    He really used to be a crybaby back then... so he couldn't help but wonder what made him change. But, then again, thanks to that change, Adudu had become more scared of him and never tried messing with him again. No wait... that day that Adudu suddenly acted weird around him... that's when the kid started getting all...

  • Define The Darkness
    16K 731 3

    "Listen to Justice! Last night, while I- Papa Zola- the hero of Justice, was roaming around the dark corridors... a dark scary monster with wings suddenly appeared and caught me off-guard!" He looked absolutely terrified, "And before I knew it, Justice was suddenly knocked out!"

  • Septuplet!AU (Side-story: Cahaya)
    4.6K 261 1

    So yeah, Cahaya always found it hard to fit in with his siblings. Declaring that his only true friends are books and mathematical equations, which made it hard finding friends since... well... he was in a whole other level with them in terms of intelligence.