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  • Mask of Celibacy: A Multimedia Novella
    68.8K 5K 40

    High school senior Jess Smith meets Ace of Spades, an online friend who helps her question her mask of celibacy and recognize her true asexuality. Except that their friendship begins to develop into something more. [Featured April and May 2020 under Love and Heartbreak and June 2020 under #PrideatWattpad] ___ It's the...

  • Fragmented Reflection [BxB]
    2.4K 387 33

    | highest ranks: #237 memories, #17 demisexual, #764 new adult | Abel Fox has spent his childhood and young adult life confused about who he is. He thinks he's abnormal for not feeling attracted to other people, especially when he's never heard of anyone going through the same thing. He feels completely alone. The one...

  • A Starless Existence {boyxboy}
    100K 5.5K 34

    "You like it, baby?" Ambrose purred in Kyree's ear, "I picked the colour out just for you, remembered just how much you like it on me," Kyree groaned as Ambrose caught his earlobe between his teeth, biting down hard enough that he knew there would be a mark. "Out," Kyree demanded the tailor, pleased with how fast the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tawdry Little Affair {boyxboy}
    102K 7K 42

    It was gentle at first, tender little pecks, before Fionn embedded his fingers into Dante's hair. The vampire tugged Fionn flush against his body as they explored one another's mouths. Fionn was a little fearful of Dante's fangs but every time they grazed over his lips or tongue he let out a soft moan. Admittedly, Fio...

    Completed   Mature
  • Searing Heart Strings {boyxboy}
    66K 3.9K 43

    "You're really pissing me off, Iggy, so I'm gonna give you two options. Either walk away or keep fucking provoking me and watch what happens," Ignatius' bottom lip caught between his teeth, Enlil's hot breath tickling his ear as the sylph leant in awfully close. One option was far more appealing than the other, though...

    Completed   Mature