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  • Solace of Waves (Sweet Lavernia Girls Series #1)
    2.6K 437 43

    [To be Edited] Chase Adeline Cohen, a strong girl with a soft heart. She's a 4th year college student taking a Law firm. Behind the happiness on her eyes there's an agony of it. She's also known as a sweet and caring person to the people she's close with. But something is wrong. Paano kung ang pagpunta niya sa isang...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Sunset (Ongoing Story)
    880 710 18

    Dave Hariques Reilos,galing siya sa pamilya ng mga doctor pero iba ang tinahak niyang landas mula sa pinili na landas ng kanilang pamilya.Sa halip ang pinili niya ay ang pagiging businessman... Nasakanya na ang lahat pero hindi ang pagibig Alam niya ang lahat pero hindi ang pagmamahal Pero nung dumating ang isang bab...

  • ✓ | Under The Same Stars
    152 10 9

    [COMPLETED] Alexandria never really thought on meeting someone during her vacation days. Not until she went to a coffee shop and there she met someone who turns out to be the person she have the same vibes with. Their story started with something fun, slowly, she realizes how much this person mean so much to her.

    Completed   Mature
  • TNL I: She Pulled The Trigger
    1.2K 381 8

    Truth 'N Lies Series #1 >> Where all lies were told and the truth was hidden. ~ "You've just entered a world full of numbers and letters. Be good to her if you don't want to be the center of attraction. Just remember, she's a Zavara." - Flaurenz Started: June 9, 2020 Captain G

  • Courtney Amethyst (Ciervo Series #1)
    1.5K 226 44

    [COMPLETED] Ciervo Series #1 Courtney Amethyst Ciervo is one of the students in their school whom the students find as a threat. They don't know how Courtney could be special as to there is no particular reason why she was able to enter their academy. She's an introvert and likes to keep things minimal. She's got no...

    Completed   Mature
  • It Led Me to You (Destiny's Game Series #1)
    1.2K 450 8

    "Destiny will always let us meet unexpected people at the most unexpected time. I was at my worst when I met you and you met me. Who knew we'd meet again?" At a young age, Claire Kamilah Chavez lived a life everyone wanted. While Liam lived a life of contentment. She felt trapped, and so did he. She wanted to escape...

  • Bewildered in Between
    122 26 6

    Xaxyline started a job as Financial Officer in a small but well-paying company, and striving hard to become one of the best personalities in her field. She focused on her career and told herself that she won't put much attention on other things, specially her love life. Just when she committed that, she met a co-worke...

  • Beauty Series #3 : Paint My Reverie
    1.2K 251 13

    Razielle Blaze Melendes, ang pinakamaganda at masayahing babae sa grupo nilang magkakaibigan. Hindi niya rin inakala na makikilala niya na ang lalaking kababaliwan niya, ginawa niya ang lahat upang mapa-ibig niya ang binata. Hindi naman siya nagkamali doon dahil sa ginamit niya ang kanyang sense of humor para lang ma...

  • Heart Eyes (Rare Heart Series#1)
    28.2K 1K 36

    RARE HEART SERIES #1 Rhivo is one of the Campus Heartthrob but despite of his fame nanatili siyang tapat sa damdamin niya para kay Vianne. Alam ng nakararami ang kakaibang kondisyon ni Vianne kaya naman hindi maiiwasan ang pang huhusga kung bakit ito nagustuhan ni Rhivo. Rhivo accept Vianne with all her flaws and impe...

  • Still Loving You (Valencia Series #1) [COMPLETED]
    11.9K 2K 45

    [COMPLETED] Valencia Series #1 She is the epitome of pain. Crizhael Deirdre Victoria was raised by the pain and sorrows of her past--and she still does. She realized that her life has its missing pieces which she'll find out soon because of an accident. Being with her man is experiencing another phase of pain in her l...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Vengeance (A MAFIA's TRUSTWORTHY SEASON 1)
    3.6K 1.5K 36

    [SEASON 1: COMPLETED] Adeline's name stands for noble or nobility that really suits her personality and presence but it all changed when the 12 boys came to her- to their lives. It all changed when someone already fall. But Adeline has a mission because that is the most important thing to her. Her Family. Will Adelin...

  • Gifted And Cursed
    3.9K 671 21

    Zamara Beatrice Guilford, daughter of Henry Llander Guilford and Zalara Jill Davis-Guilford. Let them unleash their very own power. "Great power involves great responsibility." Gifteds and Cursed. 2020 Cover from Author @devirielle. Thankyou!

  • Battle of The Heart
    2.3K 421 29

    Eleanor Geer is an only daughter and she's very obedient to her parents. Unfortunately, her system started to be in chaos when she was told that her hands are already tied and she'll be in an arranged marriage with the most unexpected person- her best friend, Caleb Ramizer. She changed. From having a happy and a brigh...