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  • I've Seen The Devil ✔
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    why i avoid mirrors: spiders I understand why people are afraid of spiders because the itching, tickling feeling of it creeping across their skin sends alarms blaring through their head saying something so soft and light was just wrong. The feeling of those dark glowing eyes watching them made them jumpy. When the spi...

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  • I've Seen A Goddess ✔
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    how i learned to love: air I dont think love is something that everyone is born with inside themselves, it has to be nurtured and fed into them, carefully and with meaning. You cant love someone into life by accident. The feeling of love isnt always green eyes going across your face or lips on yours, sometimes its jus...

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  • I Live With Monsters ✔
    401 86 38

    My dad still asks about you And I've gotten to the point Where I don't know How to answer I belong to a realm Of complete chaos Occasional tragedy And strong love Because of this I know how to kill Any part of myself That I cannot bare Which is something I think that many do And if they do not I am broken I don't thi...

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  • The Devil ✔
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    COMPLETED #1 IN THE WOLF PACK SERIES Rewritten version is out! "I've come to a point in life where I need a stronger word then fuck." I mutter and begin to tug at my shirt only to be stopped by a hand. I look up surprised to find Xavier smirking at the group with a look I swore the devil could wear and not look as sex...

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  • The Wolf ✔
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    COMPLETED #2 OF THE WOLF PACK SERIES Sequel to The Devil "I can't get over how a few months ago I wanted to know your name, and now you're in my apartment making breakfast in my sweatshirt." I pause blowing on the hot liquid, looking up at the sound of Asher's voice. "You said I could wear this not okay?" I a...

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  • The Deadman [BXB]
    2.3K 179 10

    #3 IN THE WOLF PACK SERIES All my life I've lost my breath. It would happen over the simplest things, if I stretched too high to catch a ball, lifted something for too long, if I sneezed, if I talked. Other times I would loose my breath because I had a panic attack, or was yelling or being yelled at, if I was exertin...

  • Addict In Black ✔
    169K 9.4K 69

    USER SERIES 1 Micah Rex: He's handsome, dangerous, reckless. An addict. When he walks into a room, people notice. People are scared of him, people don't look him in the eye. AJ Ferro: She's cute, nice respectful. A helper. When she walks in a room, people usually get flowers. People love her, people want to be her fri...

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  • The Gamma's Warrior
    2.4K 244 11

    Warrior Andromeda Emmalise Pike is a very odd girl. People have no clue of what she's capable of, how intelligent she is, how she can manipulate and lie her way out of a lethal situation. And that's just how she likes it. Even though she herself deems her name weird, she doesn't use it often. Instead she's Emma, just...

  • The Monster In My Bed
    5.6K 442 15

    #1 IN THE MONSTER SERIES The existence of monsters weren't always known to humans -they hid themselves and stayed legends to be scared of in small villages like mine after the sun goes down. The things that made people go missing, with no trace or words left behind. Then they ingrained themselves into our world in a m...

  • The Short and The Furious ✔
    36.1K 1.8K 20

    "If you had to ask Ares two things what would they be?" Conner asks over the phone. "One time me and him went on the roof and watched the sunset," I have to clear my voice because of how thick with emotion is was. "And we were talking about meaningless things, I can't remember what they were but I can just remember th...

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  • The Golden Jax and The Genie
    1K 86 7

    With major personality differences, friend groups, anger issues, self-hate and him hating her seemingly abusive brother all form differences meant to keep them apart from each other. Jaxon and Genevieve are the most unlikely friends. Both of them with horrible parents and bad family problems, Jax and Genie come togeth...

  • Little Red ✔
    5.1K 477 23

    BOOK 1 IN THE DARK FAIRY TALE SERIES This book is what happens when you merge dark humor, the greater good, sin and fairy tale characters into one hell of a story. Everything you know about fairytales is a lie. The stories aren't true. Little Red Riding-Hood didn't get devoured, the wolf didn't eat the old lady or tri...

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  • Stuck Between The Pages
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    #1 IN NERDS VS JOCKS Keagan Monikol: the jock with a hidden talent for poetry and an unarming amount of intelligence. Hidden away under stereotypes and an unwillingness to correct people's assumptions, his true self is far less dumb and far more sensitive than other's give him credit for. He's ordinary, so why not jus...