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  • high school sweetheart
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    ‼️ CURRENTLY BEING EDITED ‼️ she hurt feelings, she break hearts [COMPLETED] - [A/N]: There's a lot of errors that needs to be fixed, so read at your own risk.

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  • Hidden Hills ✅
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    Maybe I could have dealt with the med students, but something told me their neurotic habits would do little for my mental health. I wanted to live in that house. I wanted to live with the girls in Hidden Hills.

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  • Real Eyes: Book 1 ✅
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    She beckoned one of the members of her security. "Kenyon go get me that girl at the bar.." she began. "That's specific." He shot back sarcastically. Nicki just stared at him straight faced, unblinking. "Like I said, go get me that girl at the bar.." she deliberately dragged her words out. "..with the pretty eyes fro...

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  • BeyNika One-Shots
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    Whatever comes to mind 💓

  • Sleeping With the Preachers Daughter
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    He scorned her not to consort with the likes of that heathen, but she didn't listen... Her heart beats fast when she's around her. Even when she so badly wants otherwise, she can't shake her indelible presence from her memory... Was she really drowned deep in the warmth of love? Or was she blinded obliviously by the g...

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  • High School Sweetheart II
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    you got used to things without me, baby [[Read book one, 'high school sweetheart' first.]]

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    A woman who lacks the ability to empathize or put herself in "another's shoes". is that really what they think of me if they only knew. ICE QUEEN

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  • Willow Heights
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    A sweet, small-town Beyoncé Knowles is forced to leave her loving neighborhood when something tragic strikes. She now have to get accustomed to the new environment, people, and school. Things starts to get hopeless until she meets trouble maker Onika Maraj.

  • The Art of Secrets
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  • Honey Bun.
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    She's sweeter than a honey bun.

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  • All Night || BeyNika
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    •Continuation of my SSOB "Big South" •Beynika version of Alexandria House's book "Let Me Love You"

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  • To All The Boys (And Girls) I've loved Before || BeyNika
    21.9K 1.7K 20

    In a moment of desperation, Beyoncé and Onika agree to fake-date each other. Onika agrees so she can avoid talking to Nasir and more importantly, Ming, about the letters. Beyoncé agrees so she can win back her long-term girlfriend, Tia. •Based on the original Netflix movie and book by Jenny Han.

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  • Realize: Book 2
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    "Knowles-Maraj residence." I uncapped my water and took a long sip. "Don't tell meh you've gone and gotten hitched before I could even meet ya child." My eyes nearly fell out of my skull. That could only be one person. "Mrs. Maraj I-" I choked. "Carol or Mama is fine." She replied smoothly. "So tell meh. Has Onika l...