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  • Of Dust and Bone
    230 70 6

    "I'm not just a killer, Chezran," I whispered into the air around us. The prince watched me with cautious eyes, palm resting on sword. "I am an ancient, unforgivable, cold-blooded killer." ~ She had been raised with blood covering every inch of her calloused, filthy hands. Her hair was night, her eyes were stars, and...

  • When the Ocean Calls
    1.5K 421 32

    The ocean can be gentle, lulling one into a false sense of security. But the waters are never calm in the Bermuda triangle, and when the waves pick up, one may be dragged under the sea. Kiara Vatelle's love of the ocean brought her to The Bahamas for her senior trip. It was her dream vacation - four weeks of sun, sand...

  • The Necromancer's Wand: Rise Of The Phoenix-[Returning Feb 1st]
    505 85 27

    Pained by the loss of his sister, who was murdered by humans, Corvin Phoenix begins a crusade in starting a war with the non-casters. First, he seeks out to find the wand of Mordin Malice, a 12th Century Necromancer, for it is one of the most powerful wands in existence. Then, he plans to mass an army, with the help o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mermaids And The Vampires Who Love Them
    12.6M 522K 38

    Everyone knows mermaids and vampires can't date. But when a mermaid ends up at a boarding school with a smoking hot vampire for a roommate, will love take a bite? ***** Just before her senior year of high school, mermaid Waverly Fishwater learns...

  • The Lost Realm
    34.2K 5.6K 37

    *FEATURED ON WATTPAD FANTASY'S "ROMANTASY" READING LIST* Pardita. A land where witches rule the skies and mermaids haunt the seas. A land where dragons slumber in canyons and bloodthirsty beasts known as wisps lurk in the shadows. A land bound together by magic. And the humans can't know anything about it. Each h...

  • The Forbidden Act
    7.4K 1.5K 28

    Vampires exist. And they live amongst us, hidden within the shadows and right under our noses. They are beautiful, forbidden beasts; everything I've been trained to hate and reject.. Yet, what is this that I feel? Lust? Desire? Love..? His crimson eyes pierce through my soul, holding me captive in his gaze. I cannot m...

  • Agents Of Zodiac
    15.8K 467 23

    12 agents 1 goal Find the key to the wheel of zodiac. The agents of ZODIAC have their job cut out for them as they race against time and the Seven Deadly Sins to aquire the key to the Wheel Of Zodiac which will give them invaluable knowledge. But their adversaries are powerful too. Can they succeed? Read on to find o...

  • Heroes of Layrucia
    978 156 20

    "Destiny is calling..." A young sharpshooter with an icy ability. A blacksmith with electrifying power. A general with fire in his heart. A young girl with the earth at her fingertips. These four must answer the call when a great fire breathing dragon comes and threatens the peace of their beloved land of Layrucia. Li...

  • Golden Eyes
    238K 8.8K 34

    She is a hunter, hunting the paranormal since she was 9, when she was abandoned by her family. She is known as Golden Eyes, because it is rumored her eyes show pure gold when she kills. She is thought to be a Lycan, killing her own kind. However, she holds a darker secret, a more powerful one. She is one of the last r...

  • Woman Of Gold
    3.5K 1.6K 9

    Her body, flecked with scars, was a puzzle of mistakes she would never make again. Aria has been burdened with saving a kingdom from a madman with too much power, and too many people bowing to his wishes. When she protests his violent and oppressive rule, she is assigned a nerdy accomplice, Otto Banks, to help her sa...

  • Married to the Vampire King
    3.8M 225K 49

    Sophie Reese is a young woman struggling to save her local community center when a mysterious stranger offers to solve all her problems in exchange for a dinner date... This is the sequel to Married to the Prince of Darkness. Book 1 - Married to the Prince of Darkness Book 2 - Married to the Vampire King (You do not n...

  • The Alpha King's Weakness
    324K 8.3K 24

    "You're mine." The King snarled. "And I don't take well to people who try to steal what's mine." °°° Renee Azalea is a hybrid. Her father was a warrior in her pack and her mother was a witch. She has always been an outcast, to different supernatural creatures Renee simply doesn't belong. After her parents die protecti...