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  • Kishaa's book cover store.🖤
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    Welcome, beautiful person to 'Kishaa's book cover store', where the customer is the boss and always right. Uhmm so you can find different book covers here and also order for yours. I make them completely free only that there are a few prerequisites. They are: 🖤. You must be following me and my main account stated on...

  • Maybe Not You
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    Juniper Dawson, the awkward girl. She isn't the smartest but hand a pen and an essay question and she'll ace it. Being the awkward girl she was she didn't really talk to anyone except for her best friend. She knew what she wanted for her future and wanted nothing but a drama free college but what happens when she fall...

  • Finding Ximena
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    Ximena. A girl who had been through a lot as soon as she was born. She had known pain and only pain at the age of one. She is the daughter of Esmeralda and Fernando Alonso-Garza. After about three years of her being missing she was finally found but they knew when they found her she wasn't going to be a happy little...

  • This is Wattpad, baby
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    Evil blondies, bad boys, that loser girl who gets the ✨man✨-wattpad is full of these stories upto the brim. And apparently manyyy love EXACTLY those kinda plots. So here I present for you an all-in-one story, where you'll find all sorts of spices in this one compact but crisp adventure. Ready? cover credits: @dabVre...

  • The Mafia Boss's Claim (Undergoing Editing,Do Not Read)
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    DO NOT READ!!Undergoing editing When Scarlett Hayes gets dragged to the most known and famous club in New York by her best friend Jada,what are the odds that she catches the eye of the most feared and notorious Italian mafia boss? He claimed her,made her his and worshipped the ground she walked on. Will they be able t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Expecting The Unexpected
    2.8M 110K 66

    "I AM NOT MARRYING YOU MR. KNIGHT AND THAT'S IT" I yelled. From where did you get this much courage that too in front of him? My my someone is trying to be savage today. My conscience said. I was heading for the door but he held my wrist and within seconds I was sitting on the table with him standing between my legs. ...

  • Shattered Heart
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    "I can't believe you!" The anger and blood boiled inside me, "So you don't actually like me, and everything we had was fake?" I deadpanned. He just stared at the floor, shrugging, with a small smirk dancing on his lips. "It's not my fault you fell for me!" "You b-tch, you really are a player!" I took a sharp inhale, "...

  • Invest-e-gate | Learning hub
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    Going throughout Wattpad we often find various shops, be it a graphic shop or a review shop, and so on. Their commendable work has often impressed many including most of us, often to the extent that we wish to learn how to do it, from the roots probably. Here the IL fam is back with a new venture: invest-e-gate Armed...

  • Follow for Follow 💜
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    Comment your deals in this book 🤪

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    **Being framed by an unknown creature Arith Lesley goes on an adventure trying to redeem him self of the accusations put against him. During his adventure he finds out the most shocking discovery

  • Distorted Memories (Distorted Memories Series, Book 1)
    2.8K 953 51

    When a zombie outbreak starts first in the town where Zaria lives, she and her best friend and sister struggle to survive the brutality of the outbreak and escape from the infected. * * * * * Seventeen-year-old Zaria Edevane was born with a mysterious brai...

  • An Unforgettable Night
    84.3K 2.3K 12

    He is satisfied with his life and the temporary pleasure that flows through it. Until one night a woman changes everything. Alyssa Gillespie a smart, beautiful, and rich woman. She could have the man she wanted, but once she looked at the amazing Diego, she knew he was the man she needed. When one night becomes someth...

  • Love Or Revenge
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    A girl watched how her parents were killed by a man they trusted. Stealing her dad's billion dollar architectural design. 15 years later, she vows to take revenge on her parent's killer. But in the process of taking revenge she falls in love with the killer's son. Will she forget about the past and revenge or will sh...

  • Amidst the Daffodils
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    His family is notorious, known around the world. Her identity is a mystery, her genetics undecided. He is the voice of an entire species. She cannot speak at all. He remembers every wrong that's been done against his kind--he pursues revenge. She remembers nothing prior to being found in a field of wild daffodils...

  • Mr CEO and his secretary
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    Ethan had the perfect life.... everything was organized to his taste, meeting Nicole on that elevator changed it all.... and then finding out she was about to work for him didn't help....

  • Alpha and Me
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    COMPLETED I ran frantically hoping to elude my pursuer. My arms were scraped form the surrounding shrubs. I heard him growl "Mine" and I ran further. His following steps stopped and I kept running hoping he'd stopped. I smacked into a wall or rather a chest. I felt arms wrap around me encasing me in his embrace. "W-w...

  • The Alpha And The Shy Girl?
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    He was intimidating, rough and serious. She was shy, clumsy and cute. Not a fairytale but not an impossible love either...

  • Rejected & A Baby
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    "I, Xaiver Black, reject you, Stella Whites as my mate," he says with a blank expression. I stood in the room, alone. I was confused, broken, and drained yet he didn't see and like the thin air, he walked away just like that. 5 Years Later; "Mommy, wake up!" five year old Avalon yells. "Okay, okay, I'm coming!" I m...

    Completed   Mature
  • All She Ever Wanted *On Hold*
    3.9K 1.4K 22

    ******* NIGERIAN THEMED BOOK****** Amara is thirty, single and desperately searching for a relationship that'll lead to marriage. Cass Is the exact opposite of Amara, having just ended a relationship. He's the kind of boy, she swears she'll never have anything to do with ever again. She's the kind of girl... he wants...

  • The Mate Hunt
    2.5K 369 30

    What happens when the powerful handsome and strong Maximiliano Black's Alpha King induction ceremony is stopped because he deliberately doesn't want to find his mate ??? And what happens when he is banished from his own pack and asked not to return until he finds his Luna , other Half and Soul Mate?? Read the Mate hu...

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    •[COMPLETED]• This is about an highschool model named Angel who is tired and bored of the same old boring life. Each day,she wishes to quit but she doesn't due to some reasons. I think its luck but is it? What do you think? Well, just then an exchange student named Eric got transferred into her school and to her s...

  • Yasmin
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    A story about a girl called Yasmin . A story of love, pain and a character,All she ever wanted was Dr Sharif. But turns out at the end she will end up being with her brother....

  • Obsession
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    Love comes with pain. This statement has never been more true than it is in the life of Rhian, a senior in high school whose entire perception of life changes once he falls in love with a girl who may never love him back. Through pain and heartbreak, Rhian has to rediscover himself, and ultimately see the light at the...

  • Finding Her Truth
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    Aura Calem, a woman who has had it all, from the beautiful looks to the rich husband. Her world has been filled with comfort since she was born, starting her job as a model at the age of three. Her parents didn't love her and it was obvious but she craved their love, to an extent she made some bad decisions. But she f...

  • Mine (an African love story)
    18.2K 2.4K 30

    Anima and Danny have been best friends since birth. They do everything together and are practically inseparable. When emotions, betrayal, mistakes, and mean girls are thrown into the mix, things are bound to get messy. #3 in Ghana - 06/13, 07/02 #2 in Ghana - 06/14 #5 in Ghanaian - 06/18 #2 in Ghanaian - 07/03 #1 in W...

  • A Prince's Love
    12.9K 2.3K 51

    Maadwoa- an unassuming girl, who lost her mother during birth, and never met her father. She lives with her aunt, where she constantly suffers through the wrath of her aunt's treatment, only getting comfort from her uncle and her best friends. What happens when she stumbles across the handsome and charming heir to the...