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  • Family Matters
    1.6K 67 16

    WARNING: LANGUAGE The paladins are deciding who would play what part in their fucked up little family. See: Space Dad tm. This is mostly a bs story for laughs. I saw a comic on Instagram where Allura said something about not wanting to be Keith's mother and he teared up saying she already knew her lines, so it was sad...

  • Baby boy Lance (On Hold Sorry)
    51.9K 1.1K 10

    When Lance decides to be a hero and save Keith from getting hit by one of the Galra's weapons, he's turned into a baby and it's up to team Voltron to return him to normal, however he has some slight attachment issues to Keith who is keeping a secret. -This is also a Klance story Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS...

  • Painted Red (Klance)
    12.4K 454 21

    Second book to The Spirit Of A Lion Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me What a bunch of bullshit Words can hurt so much more, but blades can take away the pain

  • The Boy of the Ocean - Klance
    58.8K 2.3K 18

    In this world there is a force so powerful that it can control the ocean with just a wink of his eye. He does not really have a name and no one knows were he comes from, he just has always been there. He never grew, never showed any wrinkles and as time passed he would stay by the ocean and make massive storms that co...

  • The Spirit of A Lion (Klance Voltron)
    99K 2.9K 58

    Keith made up his mind. He grabbed his knife and held it to his left arm. If the mark wouldn't go away on it's own, then he would get rid of it himself. Keith has been acting strange for the past few weeks and the team was getting worried. He stayed in his room most of the time, only allowing Shiro to enter. He's been...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautiful Enemies - Galra Keith x Altean Lance
    211K 6.1K 40

    This is a story about a captured Galran soldier who meets the one and only Altean prince, what happens when there paths cross? This work will have omegaverse aspects due to Galra being able to get pregnant as well as experiencing heats. This story will contain violence, blood, gore, self harm, death, depression, and r...

  • kit keith
    23.7K 570 10

    this is a book about Keith when he's with the blade of marmora they realize he's not as old as they though Completed

  • tearing up my soul (Completed)
    88.2K 2.9K 10

    Lance feels sad and depressed all the time and it tears him up inside. it's getting to be so bad that he stopped eating and sleeping. Lance is slowly becoming more sick inside and out. can his loyal teammates help him or will it be too late?

  • Klance Smut
    72.7K 464 4

    Exactly what the title says! If you have any stories/one-shots of your own, feel free to share! You can stay anonymous too if you want. (11-30-18 #29 out 1,000+ in sports ;)

  • Fourteen Days
    333K 11K 30

    "2 weeks, alone, handcuffed sounds like the description of a shitty porno!" I never post stories but I've been working on this one and just said fuck it so here. Another cliche fic where they're handcuffed alone for a certain amount of time. But it's all my ideas in it so hope you enjoy :))))) it's shitty ikkk but li...

  • The Comfort Zone ¥~A Garrence FF~¥
    40.5K 1.2K 10

    Laurence...? W-What are you doing..? Well you have to get outta your comfort zone sooner or later Garroth.. B-But what are you doing? Getting you out of it.

  • Depressed and Possessed (A Zanvis Fanfic)
    2.9K 55 18

    Zane Ro'maeve is abused by his father. Travis Valkrum is possessed by a blood-thirsty demon. Can these two boys find love through the pain?

  • The Forgotten One// A Garrance FanFic
    25.9K 936 40

    A young brunette, feeling forgotten by someone he thought he could trust. Everything starts going downhill.......until he finds... The light to his shadows, his trust, his safe place...

  • Forced: Garin (Garroth * Ein) Fanfic
    374 17 5

    It takes place in the highschool series season two when Ein is around. Basically garroth finds out why ein did all the things that he did. the characters belong to aphmau not me only the story line. Practically all media is not mine and does not beolng to me unless i say it does.

  • Klance one-shots & smuts [FINISHED]
    179K 2.2K 43

    The title says it all, but it's my first smut book so..... Be Positive! Requests are CLOSED untill I can catch up!! Hope you understand ❤

  • Star Crossed Secrets
    73.6K 977 11

    Keith and Lance are left alone on the ship while the others go out for a mini vacation. A special bond begins to grow between them, growing. Until the crew comes back, Keith wants to come out, but Lance doesnt think it's a good idea. Yet neither talk to each other about it. Soon, the team will find out. But what will...

  • Klance Smut
    210K 2.2K 25

    A bunch of different Klance stories! All will be Smut. BoyxBoy. There will be warnings and descriptions before each Smut.

  • Stickers- Zanvis
    66K 2.2K 77

    Travis and Zane were best friends in high school until Junior year when Travis abandoned him for Dante, years later they reconnect with each other and start hanging out just like old times... of course it doesn't go well at first... they bond over old memories and well... stickers. (Cover art is drawn by: Yoaigirls37...

  • Zanevis~
    18.9K 419 22

    Zane and Travis get set up on a blind date together by their best friend Aphmau. Will there be more dates in the future or was this a one time thing? I dunno, read to find out!! ~~~~~ I do NOT own any of the characters from MCD or MYSTREET They all belong to Aphmau. WARNING CONTAINS: SELF HARM SUICIDAL ATTEMPTS D...

  • | Paranormal | Garrence Fanfiction |
    2K 80 8

    Garroth died, due to drowning. Laurence hasn't felt the same, a year later he still feels a tremendous amount of pain. The thing that hurt the most was, that Laurence was planning on confessing his feeling he had meant to tell Garroth for the longest time. Laurence thought that he would never see Garroth again, until...

  • Garrence: I Want You
    8.7K 181 6

    Garroth R'omeave is the most popular boy in school. He is loved by all. Little did everyone know...he's bisexual and has a crush on his best friend Laurence. Mr. Perfect...isn't so perfect On the flip side Laurence Zhal lived a hard life. He was adopted by his now dad Hayden and his older sister Cadenza. He was put up...

  • The Comedian & The YouTuber[Garrence FanFiction]
    3.3K 151 18

    A Comedian. A Youtuber Garroth wouldn't of ever guessed, once he reacted to a light-hearted, and hilarious Comedian, called Laurence Zvahl would lead to meeting his new bestfriend, And who knows, maybe more..? But oddly Garroth's convinced Laurence doesn't like him, and only see's Garroth as a friend, but little does...

  • The Remembered One // Garrance Fanfic // Book 2
    954 52 6

    A boy once forgotten, has been remembered and revived. He has a happy life with his family. And there's nothing he wants more than to be happy.

  • I Don't Want To Love You { Zanvis }
    412K 13.2K 41

    Zane has never truly experienced love and doesn't mind it. That's when he begins to have feelings for the white haired male, which he refuses to acknowledge. But what happens when Travis helps Zane accept those feelings? [This story is also found on my QuoteV]

    845 84 7

    Who agrees with me? Rantaro Kiyama (my bro!) and Wakiya Murasaki are meant to be together.

  • "Spirits Can Still Love" (Garrence Story)
    15.7K 699 15

    [Rework in Progress] Laurence starts hearing things, seeing things , and dreaming things after he'd played with the ouija board alone so he would contact Garroth. He kept telling everyone about what he kept hearing and seeing but no believed him. Therapy, Friends, Relatives, Or anyone at all. But to find out what hap...

  • Forever Doesn't Last Forever - Kaori121410
    175 13 1

    Sequel to You're My Always And Forever. Read the first one before this one, please? ~~~ After Zac Kaneguro was released from the mental hospital, he wants his revenge for his lover's murder. He was going to make Shu Kurenai suffer for killing his sweet and precious Akira. But there's only one thing stopping him... Val...

  • Lighthouse ✔
    68.3K 1.6K 46

    Uhh, good bit of trigger warnings -Depression -Anxiety -Panic attacks -MAYBE self-harm -Abuse -Mpreg -Possibly DID ------ There MIGHT be some smut. ALSO, they're 18+ in this. Just imagine how they look in Burst Turbo.

  • 🖤Fubuki x Toko💚
    177 14 3

    hi guys this is my first time doing beyblade Burst story hope you enjoy and hope you like it^^ Toko x Fubuki