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  • Art
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    Some random art because I can

  • Cherry Cheesecake and Drawing pens (KelseyxPerla Fluff)
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    (Disclaimer: I do not ship these two other than as best friends so please don't attack me. This was just because Scribblejuice and Kelsey Animated, two of my favorite Youtubers were asking for this on Twitter lol. ^v^) What happens when two 18 year old girls share a cherry cheesecake over drawing tablets?

  • .. My Erasure Head..
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    So this is kinda like a rewind into the past.. and its told from Inko's POV. I know, InkoxAizawa, but come on it's cute. Don't hate me! When Inko is headed to class, her Principal tells her that she's been invited to attend U.A.high, a high school for heroes in training. Upon arriving, she meets someone...who she do...