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  • Animalistic and Deep Poems
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    Poems mostly based on animals I see in daily life along with some random poems when I'm struck with inspiration. But mostly animals. Expect serious poems only when I'm going through my deep phase which would be never.

  • Short Poems
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    short raw poems. Disclaimer- some poems contains mention of suicide, depression ( people suffering from mental health please avoid, contains strong language) Don't repost without permission!

  • Careless Melodies
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    If you're feeling low/sad/depressed and want to feel relaxed, then you've selected a perfect pair of melodies to serenade your soul. You might relate to all/some of the parts. Invest your couple of minutes to dive down deep into its sound and then let me know in comments what you've found. With love xx

  • "POETRY"♡ (Completed)✔
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    ♡♡ Poems that will make you inspired and motivated ♡♡ I just want to share you some of my poems to make you alive! And make you feel better with my Poems #1 in inspiration,#3 refreshing and# 26 in positive. Hope you like it!♡ By:Lovelysophiehugots

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    Poetry to desribe every difficult to every beautiful situation of life. Poetry to express a bundle of unknown emotions! Ranking:( #30- poetry contest #3- poetry bliss