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  • Yuno Gasai x Male reader x Ayano Aishi
    83.9K 1.5K 16

    When a heartbroken boy named Y/n transfers to a new school he is met with a girl with pink hair becoming his friend the two bond but when an old friend of Y/n's come to the school it makes the linked haired girls crazy side come out. What will happen will Y/n find love. WIll his broken heart be fixed? How will Y/n's l...

  • Forever Yours (yandere chan/Ayano x male reader)
    74.6K 683 18

    You are a new student at Akademi High, you notice a girl named Ayano who no one knows. She's super suspicious and weird but you find love in her. Once you find the dark secret she hides, everything changes.

    Completed   Mature
  • What makes a Monster
    67.5K 3.6K 54

    Sans has secrets and he's pretty good at keeping them. But how long can his secrets stay hidden, now that his friends have questions they don't want to give up? *** Updates Mondays *** (Cover art by @askbabybones on Tumbr) (Undertale belongs to Toby Fox.)

  • The Flames of Betrayal (Male Reader x Harem)
    823K 15.4K 80

    After being betrayed by Blake on the train, her younger brother Y/N was taken prisoner by Atlas. Experimented on by a mad doctor, he becomes the first ever human/Faunus to survive the Aura/Dust Integration Experiment, which earns him the revolutionary moniker of The White Fangs Sword. Two years later, he reunites with...

  • Juveniles of the Apocalypse (Glitchtale X Megatale X Reader Fan fiction)
    9.9K 277 54

    WARNING: Contains offensive language. Could potentially have ships (depends). This story is incomplete. It will be updated regularly. This is a Reader - Insert story. Y/N is where your name is. Y/N is a typical juvenile troublemaker. He hangs out with his friends, sets fire to trash cans and gets in lots of trouble. A...

  • RWBY Oneshots ( closed and discontinued)
    529K 5.2K 90

    I will right both RWBY x reader fics and character x character fics

  • Come home ( Raven x Reader)
    349K 5.9K 45

    When she got with Tai, (y/n) Rose was gone. Took off without a trace. He comes back to Vale twice, one time to see her, and one time to find leads to bring her home.

  • Unexpected Fate
    3.7K 44 45

    A/U: From the battle on a dying planet against Frieza, Bardock finds himself on Earth living alongside his youngest son. Following the trials, will the cursed warrior finally find peace? Or will it all be taken away by a monster hellbent on destruction? Rewritten story. Original can be found on the other fanfiction si...

  • OP Male Saiyan Reader x Precure x RWBY
    35.3K 373 10

    Y/N trains in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to prepare himself for the Cell games. Once finished, he soon finds out that he is far stronger than everyone else by a wide margin.

  • The storm of city Z
    123K 3K 18

    Y/n L/n a young teenage man and friend\neighbour to Saitama who going to shake up the world as we know it. (First story ever)

  • Burning Rage Within: RWBY X Male Godzilla Reader
    17.9K 374 20

    After a number of events and conflicts occurred during your first semester in Beacon, the new semester rounds the corner as you continue your training to be a huntsman with your friends at Beacon. Growing stronger and learning to use your power however, you also learn things that change the view you see of this world...

  • Pyrrha Nikos X Male Reader: Champion's Ballad
    51.3K 942 10

    You were a long time warrior from Mistral, fighting in tournaments and championships around the world. However, there was also one person who took the top spot from you constantly. And that person was Pyrrha Nikos. Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY. All characters from RWBY are own by Rooster Teeth. All RWBY OCs within...

  • New Life In Gensokyo (Touhou Project Fanfic)
    39.5K 744 33

    Y/N L/N, a boy died in the outside world, but luckily, God chose you to be revive in Gensokyo. Now, this story is about his new life in Gensokyo.

  • Traveling With Two Goddesses is a Hassle!
    22K 468 19

    Male reader x Goddesses A quest set by a goddess to destroy the four enemies of her daughters yields the reward of both of their hands in marriage. A lone warrior, (Y/N) (L/N), decides to take up the challenge and attempt to win over the goddesses.

  • ~Fictitious Reality~ A DDLC Fanfiction
    10K 140 10

    You are a male high school student that had stumbled upon Doki Doki Literature Club. Ever since the game's beginning, you couldn't help but take interest in Monika, one of the 4 girls. Instead of deleting her, you change the game more and more until the game IS Monika. Monika, along with all of the other assets and c...

  • The last male saiyan (a dragon ball harem)
    39.8K 867 16

    In this completely fucked timeline, you're the last male saiyan form planet Vegeta. You're also and Goki are perfect for each other. (Characters will act differently from what they do in the show, just be mindful. And this is partially made for comedy.)

  • Never Look Back: A Male!Reader X Cinder Story
    76K 944 17

    Disclaimer: RWBY is the property of RoosterTeeth. NOTE: This story was originally a one shot made by a writer named darkprince171. I highly recommend you go read their one shot before reading this story, as I'm only going to give a really quick recap of the events. I'd also love to give a shout out to darkprince for...

  • Azur Lane lel 2: electric boogaloo
    48K 799 70

    Your waifu is trash

  • Chara x Reader
    405K 7K 43

    It's been a few months since monsters entered the human realm, but there's something else biting on the mind of your best friend Frisk - and she bears a lot of history. Whilst you and Chara grow closer together as two young adults on the surface, you learn that the hardest problems are the ones you made yourself. Why...