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  • I'm His, Not Yours [Book I & II]✓
    1M 35.5K 37

    As I ran at lightning speed, I bled from the rocks that scrapped the bottom of my feet. At the moment, the pain was unbearable, but I welcomed it. I rather had felt pain since I was no longer his mate, but his rejection. He said that I was too weak to be his Luna. He was wrong. +++ I was an angel wolf. Highest ra...

  • Hoenest Tweets ✓
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    Funny posts that's a good laugh! Cover Credit: @Punkxst Hoenest Tweets.Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.

  • The Billionionaire's Hired Possession
    1.2M 34.5K 41

    (Mature Content) In which a naive girl is hired to be the maid of billionaire, Donovan Johnson. But little did she know he wanted her to be more than just that. And all it took was one sinful night for both of their lives to change. "Let go of me," I said, frighten at his sudden mood change. "You're mine," He growled...

  • His Soft Spot
    182K 5K 15

    (Mature Content) "Please, let go of me." "No, you're mine." +++ Nora Wilson lived in the gutter of Chicago and never had life easy. She worked long hours to get by. Socially awkward and invisible to everyone, she never seemed to fit into the right crowd. And the last thing Nora wanted was to get involved in...

  • If Falling was Easy ✓
    222K 7.7K 32

    Warning: A Cliché Love Story After being diagnosed with short term memory loss from a traumatic brain injury, a girl unknowningly relives her life everyday. If Falling Was Easy.©2019. All Rights Reserved.This work is registered and protected on

  • Dreams Everlasting ✓
    12.1K 221 2

    In order for her to move on, she need to let go of some things from her past. Cover Credit:GRRRLGERMS Dreams Everlasting. Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved. This work is registered and protected on

  • Best Comebacks Ever ✓
    1.8M 47.7K 82

    Funny and unique comeback! all rights from the internet! Cover Credit: @GlueEater Best Comebacks Ever.Copyright © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

  • The Italian Beast
    5.5M 118K 53

    Most people had the ability to say that their best friend was their sister, but all my sister had done was betray me by messing with my fiance behind my back. Even if I was the kind of sweet girl who was only a hopeless romantic, I had my limits, and heartbreak was one of them. After a wild night of partying, I woke...

  • P.S. I Still Love You ✓
    455K 14.1K 74

    A girl saves draft messages about her childhood best friend, who she still loves. Cover Credit: @GlueEater P.S. I Still Love You. Copyright © 2016. All Rights Reserved. This work is registered and protected on