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  • Only Time Will Tell (Sequel to You're All I Need)
    16.1K 457 7

    Three years after waking up from the simulation Junko put them in, the world started to fix itself. Now, everyone in class 78, except Junko, can live the lives they want to. That leads to the couple to see each other less and less. Now 22, Chihiro is determined to get the boys back together. But will his plan work? On...

  • Fresh Roses-An Ishimaru X Mondo love story
    63.6K 1.4K 11

    They only met at first as friends and roomates...but it quickly became into something more! Discover a yaoi love story at Hope Peaks academy, specifically starring Ishimaru and Mondo. Will they be the Ultimate High school couple? Or will the sadistic Monokuma ruin their relationship?

  • 「【 I Like You Okay! ♡(Ishimaru x Mondo) 】」
    112K 3K 17

    Im surprised you guys are still reading this lmao I appreciate it though Non Despair High School AU because I'm basic like that :))))

  • You're All I Need (Ishimondo)
    49.3K 1.1K 9

    Ishimaru and Mondo are best friends, "kyoudai's" even. But, Ishimaru has hidden feelings, feelings that grow more each day. Little does he know, Mondo has those exact feelings bottled up as well.

    29K 802 9

    Kiyotaka and Mondo's relationship was one that started out as a petty rivalry then soon blossomed into a brotherly friendship... but could it turn into more? Art by kiyondocum on Instagram. It was made by her for this fic (sorta)! Go check her out!

  • I'll keep you safe (IshiMondo)
    55K 1.6K 7

    COMPLETED. This is a non-despair AU with a bullied Ishimaru. (Forgive me) I just really wanted to try to write them in a kind of relationship in which they don't like, hate each other, but they aren't too close either. Not exactly Ishimondo until the end. I hope they aren't too out of character but anyway I enjoyed wr...

  • Study Buddies
    65.7K 1.7K 12

    Mondo Oowada is having troubles preparing for exams. But have no fear, Kiyotaka Ishimaru is here to help! Even if they get a little distracted along the way..