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  • Hiraeth: Longing for you
    198 51 8

    After the experience of loss of someone important, Hiraeth, a 29-year old, is finally able to face her fears after 3 years but when she sees that person in New York again will see be able to get through her downfall or will she lose from the demons of her mind? Does she wants to live through those horrific memories ag...

  • His Demoness ✔︎
    170K 20.6K 66

    When Xu Zhijian becomes a full-fledged demon slayer, he is given a talisman to summon his familiar. When he ends up calling forth the sleeping 'Demoness' instead, he finds himself bound to her without a choice. Days go by and he begins to discover that she isn't like how the rumours describe her to be. Together, the...

  • Piano Keys | Kim Taehyung | ✓
    641 161 14

    ✔ [featured on Wattpad's Official Short Story and Kpop profiles' reading lists.] ↠ ▮▯▮▯▮▯▮▯ ↞ The familiar black and white keys which we spent the summers and winters of our childhood with; those piano keys with which she played countless songs as I watched her, mesmerized by her; those piano keys which hold coun...

  • Trifecta: Ice
    1.6K 362 38

    Elise is a werewolf living in an isolated town in the Canadian wilderness. Prompted by fear for those she loves, she sneaks out to an ongoing battle and ends up inadvertently cursed to live as a thrall of a neighbouring pack leader. Elise gradually learns to cope with the overwhelming fearful control of the magic, wh...

  • The Final Cycle: A Zodiac Story
    5.2K 284 27

    In the beginning, there were the Great Gods and their creations throughout the five Realms. But with beautiful worlds comes endless corruption and betrayal. To retaliate, the Great Gods created 12 beings to protect and serve them against their mortal enemies. Every time, the final battle between good and evil reaches...

  • The Legal Kills
    890 210 22

    She glares at me and grits out, "Yes without that, might I remind you, where would you have been right now, Wilson?" "You are going to hold that over my head forever, aren't you Davidson?" "Yes. Because I deserve that credit don't you think?" She smiles sweetly but there was nothing remotely sweet about it. "Yeah. You...

    286 86 31

    Arina's life turned upside down when she's cuffed to a pole in an abandoned factory. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A team in the crime department of South Korea is tasked in another case. The disappearance of an idol. Only to find another person was involved with the...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Tribrid Queen - Book One
    4.1K 260 33

    BOOK #1 of the (TRIBRID SERIES) PS: This is not a fanfiction of any sort. This book is completely based on my imagination and every thing such as places and characters etc, are my creation. ... Lydiah Von'celstine is from three different royal bloodlines. A blessing some might say but its no such thing. She is entwin...

    1K 169 15

    Indian all-round cricketer Mayank Sharma had always treasured the unlikeliest dream ever, he was a guy who fascinated himself as a serial killer. The rare talent had forever been a sea away from being contended with his life in and away from the field. The path destiny led him to was only an enormous mistake, or that...

  • 3 Paths to Love
    296 66 31

    Three omega brothers, Taeyong, Seunghyeon, and Myungsuk, set out to navigate three very different life stages. Taeyong saving a marriage, Seunghyeon opening his heart, and Myungsuk learning what it takes to be happy. They each embark on their own love stories with three exceptional people: Kim Daehyun, Nam Kwangsun...

  • Vlaurentia High
    150 19 14

    „ Could be changed is Destiny, but fate not." . . Born as a Silver Soul who appears once in a millennium, Arrheyl is cursed to live the life of her past self, destined to live a life full of suffering if she ever meet her fated one. The only ailment to the curse is by becoming one with the Golden proportion, the one w...

  • Kreed
    170 30 23

    ~No one ever said your guardian angel had to like you~ Kreed's name had always been ironic in life. He never believed in God until he was staring him in the face. Faced in a courtroom of God and his angels, he is sentenced to life in hell. When Kreed pleads for a second chance, God offers him the rare "communit...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Crescent Moon Pack
    714 106 19

    This is the story of Mia Winters. The one who lost everything. The one who was treated in a way no sane person would treat anyone like. The one who almost gave up on her life. Yet she rose from her ashes. Strong and filled with fire, just like a Phoenix. But was she truly saved? She believes that she is yet another o...

  • Teasing Your Wicked Heart
    51.4K 4.3K 41

    [Reached # 2 on Regency and # 1 on Austen] After the death of her father, Lady Sarah Jane is passed around her inheriting cousins and uncles as the tolerated ward no one wanted to care for. Years later, when the last of her relatives passed, and with the threat of dissolving the Rosenberg title looming around the corn...

    Completed   Mature
  • This is me
    634 138 17

    - Ongoing - ----- A girl trying to do everything at once. Run a mafia, get a degree and kill the 'bad' guys. This is the story of my messed up life. If you're brave enough to enter my world of danger, craziness and love, you have my respect. ----- A/N: cover made by me, please don't copy any of my stuff. Some swe...

  • Red Sun ✔︎
    1.8K 181 53

    "Seven gang members. Seven operatives. One operation." In 2030, after a string of murders litters the streets of Washington with uncertainty and deception, FBI special agents Phoenix Thompson and Laney Pearce find themselves entangled within a foreign operation into the Korean Mafia. With the help of fellow FBI partn...

  • her grace || narnia
    219K 6.3K 31

    "Wherever we are, Narnia will always be our special place." ALARICE KIRKE's adventure in NARNIA begins after she became friends with the PEVENSIE siblings. She and LUCY PEVENSIE finds a lone wardrobe in one of the rooms of the mansion, the same wardrobe she was found by the professor. • [ƈԋɾσɳιƈʅҽʂ σϝ ɳαɾɳια] started:...

  • Looking Beyond
    3K 462 21

    Cover by Ellie6880 Logline: An ambitious Hollywood actor tries desperately to win the heart of an author from a well-connected family of the film industry, with the aid of his smart, childhood friend. Amaya Anderson, though an heiress, is an independent, prosperous writer who likes to help others. She's t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trust me, Kitty
    536 69 34

    Just as Kathryn Summers thought her life in Santa Monica was finally going well, everything suddenly changes. Her boyfriend Mikey starts to disappear mysteriously. He is seen in strange places, with strange people, doing strange things. No matter how much Kathryn tries, Mikey won't tell her anything about what is goin...

    2.3K 1.2K 37

    Several years ago, legend had it that only two mystical creatures existed in the world. The Elevanas and the Glorindians. They lived together in peace for decades until the day that the Glorindians claimed to be more powerful and superior than the Elevanas. It caused the leaders of the clans to create boundaries betwe...

  • Force Of the Past
    1.5K 997 16

    'Somedays I feel like giving up. Then I remember I have a whole lot of motherfuckers to prove wrong.' --- She's stubborn. So is he. She's ruthless. So is he. She doesn't want to live anymore. But he wants revenge. She hates him. He could never stop thinking about her for the past millennium. She's a trybrid. His a vam...

  • One Last Time
    2.2K 279 49

    "Come on, just one last time? Then you can go to sleep, I promise." ***** They fell in love as soon as they set eyes on each other. Him, an orphan coming to New York to become a student. Her, the daughter of a rich man...

  • Gideon Drake and the Fire Within
    3.2K 420 39

    A new story set in J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World. Gideon is a wizard! Or is he? As his first day at Hogwarts finally draws near, Gideon's life begins to unravel, and so, too, do the secrets surrounding his past... Find out how the magical world and fan favourite characters have changed since Voldemort's defeat, in th...

  • Dragon: Myth of the Bermuda Triangle
    1.4K 273 16

    Twelve-year-old Will is a dragon...a member of the Water Clan that thrives in the Bermuda Triangle. His parents abandoned him seven years ago and never returned, leaving Will with just a magic necklace and the Ocean to guide him. Alone on a tropical island, his world will change when he meets her...a beautiful, young...

  • Four Players One Lover ✔
    2.4K 216 6

    "I'm a jerk, but you stole my heart" ---->Derek "I'm a better person when i'm around you" ---->Halsey "I fell in love with you because you loved me when I couldn't love myself" ---->Nicholas But what shocked me the most were Alec's words... "I want you. All of you. Your flaws. Your mistakes. Your imperfections. I want...

  • The Gazelle (A Rapunzel Retelling)
    18.9K 2.1K 62

    A Fantasy Retelling of Rapunzel Inspired by Mesopotamia Having lived alone in a tower all her life, Tabeya can only dream of the outside world. That changes when she meets Humban, a young general from a rival kingdom who isn't afraid to ask the questions she has long given up on. Those questions bring answers that lea...

  • Tales From Sin City (Completed)
    169 39 13

    Prologue : "We all lived in one city, we shared the same sky, we heard the same cacophonic sounds everyday. But we have different stories. Maybe the city took from us more than it gave, or maybe we lost ourselves amid the process. Who are we? We are like you" said the charachters to the readers ...

  • THE SEDUCTRESS- (A Tale Of Vengeance) 18+
    301 95 10

    She is the SEDUCTRESS! She puts a thin line between pleasure and pain. Orphaned at five years, she is made into a beast. She has the rage of a Demon and an insatiable bloodthirst! He who tastes her blade does not live to tell the tale! ***** Stories like this normally end with the orphan girl brutally killing all tho...

  • Heartthrob
    5.7K 1.5K 60

    Heartthrob is a lovely love story blended with laughter and love. This story has a hint of magical experiences and questions that express themselves while some doubts manifesting, leaving the story a total mystery. When the course of life continues, there are secrets to be revealed, dark times to be undergone and hea...

  • suddenly important
    284 90 25

    Ever wondered what would happen if you were abducted by aliens but you managed to hold onto your phone? Sally is just bringing in her laundry when she's sucked into the sky. The view is pretty good but the rapidly approaching alien spacecraft is a whole different story. Is Sally doomed to be part of some kind of exper...