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  • 「The Magic Garden || Hitozuku 」
    306 23 5

    Izuku Midorya was a very calm, kind, and quiet boy, he liked gardening in the garden of UA. One day Izuku was working in the garden and then he saw someone, someone with purple hair...

  • Photograph - KageHina(Discontinued)
    1.7K 123 7

    Shoyo Hinata has always wanted to play volleyball. It has always been his dream. Due to his ITS ways, Hinata wasn't allowed to. He ended up practicing on his own. When he officially joined Karasuno High he ended up on the School Newspaper team. What if he is selected to write about the same volleyball team that he i...

  • With time comes pain
    23.7K 642 6

    Izuku is the older brother of eri. They both have similar quriks except izuku can rewind and fast forward so yeah the story two horns inspired me and I wanted to try something new so yeah. Just read the story

  • My Hero Academia memes /// Cause why not
    765 53 12

    I'm bored. It's like 3 in the morning when I started this so... ///////// My conclusion: Find random My Hero Academia memes and post them here so I don't loose them. ///////// Enjoy I guess?

  • Hiding in Two Families
    3.2K 215 17

    [BEING REWRITTEN/DISCoNTINUED] Izuku, left on the streets when he was a baby, moved out of the bar with Shinsou away from his loving family of mischievous psychopaths when he was 8. During his patrol, Aizawa spotted the two boys sneakily walking to their crumbling apartment from the bar. "What the hell were those kids...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bakugo's Little Brother |Completed|
    174K 5.7K 17

    Izuku has a bad health condition that costs lots of money to take care of. Because of this Inko couldn't take care of him and she killed herself. Izuku had a harsh life ever since he was left in an orphanage when he was just 1. What happens when the Bakugo family deiced to adopt him? *Izuku Is 5* *Katsuki Is 15* Start...