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  • Shadows into Light | ON HIATUS
    144 24 10

    After her older brother dies in a dog sled accident, Alexa swore to never sled again. But when she finds a husky abandoned by the side of the road on her way home from school, he turns her life around as she remembers the reason that she used to sled in the first place.

  • Lock, Shock, and Barrel
    2.3K 217 23

    Jack Skelington, Sally, and their ten year old daughter Emily live peacefully in Halloween Town. Emily loves living with her mother and father in Jack's house. She plays with Zero, goes to school, and spends time with her best friend Veronica(she's a vampire) who's an extreme daredevil. But her father has one rule tha...

  • Darkness Rising-A Descendants Story
    2.9K 215 29

    Mal's been having nightmares. But not normal nightmares, nightmares that seem real and like they actually happened. They're about a queen of dark magic who seeks out for revenge on Mal and her mother. Mal realizes that she needs to stop her before the queen takes everything from her. As the VKs travel deep into Aurado...

  • He's Fast and She's Weird (The Maximoff Twins Short Story)
    185 43 6

    Pietro and Wanda Maximoff hate their life. Their parents when they were little and they were taken by Hydra to be used for their 'experiments'. Their new strengths are eating them alive, but they must learn to live with them if they must survive. Trigger warning: abuse and language

  • I Choose You | Al
    556 95 8

    Al Galleia struggles with her identity. When she was fourteen, she was sent under the command of Jedi Master Pong Krell. When she did something he didn't like, he beat her. She became close to one of his clones, Red Hawk. The two were like siblings. When Krell is exposed for treason against the Republic, Al is assigne...

  • Blow Us All Away | DISCONTINUED
    145 47 5

    "I'm a Hamilton with pride. You talk about my father, I can not let it slide." Philip wants nothing more then to please his father, to let him know that he should be proud of his son. But ever since his parents stopped talking due to the Reynolds Affair, things have gotten harder. As the oldest, Philip knows he needs...

  • Angelica | DISCONTINUED
    162 48 7

    "I'm scared Angie!" Eliza said. She was inching slowly closer, but the cracking ice made it rather hard. "We're almost there!" said Aaron. "Hang on!" said Hercules. But it was too late. Eliza took another step and plunged down into the ice cold lake. "ELIZA!!!!!!" Angelica screamed. She felt her whole body go numb...

  • Part Of My Life: The Camp
    61 2 22

    Revecka is told the shocking thing about what hitler is doing to her heritage of being jewish. This is a holocaust story. The truth of just how bad people can be. The world is not just unicorns and rainbows. That is a lie. There's horror to the world. Read this book to see Revecka's story of the holocaust.

  • Across The Stars | Original Edition
    7.5K 586 32

    After an incident on Mustafar, Anakin is afraid to show his face in the Jedi Temple, even after he is offered forgiveness for his actions against the Jedi. He's even afraid to talk to Padme and their children. When a mission comes up regarding Anakin's late padawan, Obi Wan takes it, hoping to brighten Anakin's spirit...