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  • Original Love💘 (Prequel to New and Old Love)
    7.2K 242 13

    Prequel to New Love and Old Love!! READ A/N Pretty much a Prequel to the Highschool Au books i wrote, so I kinda recommend to check em out before you start with this. Also do not harass Dreams or George about shipping and fanfics. Even though they say they're cool with it, it's not good to shove it in their faces. Ho...

  • ❤Old Love💔 (SEQUEL of New Love) Highschool Au
    21K 863 19

    READ NEW LOVE BEFORE YOU READ THIS BOOK So this a Sequel of New Love my other Highschool Au book. This book may be short like the other one. 10 chapters maybe. Now there gonna be lots of fluff, a lime scene or two, some homophobic people, cliche stuff and other stuff I'm too lazy to explain. oh and some drama with so...

    Completed   Mature
  • ❤New Love❤ (Gream/Dreamnotfound Highschool Au)
    28.7K 972 12

    READ DESCRIPTION This is a Gream highschool Au, it may be a pretty short story maybe like 10 Chapters, idk. Pretty much George got exposed about being Gay in school, he get beat up by someone, Clay helps him then they fall in love or something. ( pretty cliche I know). Theres gonna be lots of fluff and sad moments...

    Completed   Mature