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  • You Are My Sunshine (BxB)
    15K 1.2K 24

    Jullian Walcott's life is not just boring, it's dark and depressing. People say it's just a phase. But Jullan knows its not just a phase, he has been living a dull life for almost 12 years now. The darkness is now engulfing him and he desperately needs someone to pull him out from the darkness. He needs someone to giv...

  • Consider Me
    3M 118K 58

    Carter Beckett is the NHL's resident bad boy, top player (both on the ice and in the bedroom), and quite possibly the sexiest man I've ever laid my eyes on, and what's worse--he knows it. He's arrogant and self-centered and can get any woman he wants. I'm not falling for his shit. I mean, charm. I'm not falling for it...

    Completed   Mature
  • Password Incorrect
    1.7M 102K 48

    I can't keep the smile off my face as I take my seat on the plane. I slide my bag under the seat and lean back. I close my eyes and let a blissful smile grace my face. He said I wouldn't be able to run. As if. I'm vaguely aware of someone taking the seat next to mine, but I pay no attention to said person. "So where w...

  • One for the Team
    20.6K 2.4K 39

    Finn Kingston is the golden boy of Northwoods High. Levi Brightly is the new kid with the nail polish and the poems. Months after they meet, the body of a student is found dead in the woods. Mixing drugs with alcohol, hormones and bad morals, the battle between what's right and wrong cannot be won without casualties...

  • The Soulmate System
    23.5K 1.4K 33

    [ A VERY Slow-Burn, LGBT+ Soulmates Romance ] Dylan Matthews never wants to meet his Soulmate. So, when the inevitable finally happens, he expects to continue his life of obscurity, alone. Instead, he gets an awkward waltz of self-reflection, resistance, and lots of sarcasm. And hugs. ~ In a world with Soulmates, Dyla...

  • Infinite Miles
    33.8K 2K 32

    "Because you Miles, are infinite." It was never supposed to go that way for Axel and Miles. And it was definitely not supposed to end like that too. But this is the story about what happens after the end. Follow Axel, Miles and Sydney through their hardships and battles as they attempt to help and save themselves as...

  • Must Date The PLAYBOY! (PUBLISHED)
    108M 1.9M 61

    When Victoria 'Tori' Peige found out that Zachary Anderson was the reason for all of her bestfriend's past break-ups, she knew she had to step in and make a move. Even if it was against her will, Ms. goody-goody asked Zach to be her boyfriend. Little did Tori know that Zach only agreed because he wanted to use her in...

  • The Dreamers [ONC2020] | ✓
    11.7K 1K 12

    * ONC 2020 AMBASSADOR'S PICK * * ONC 2020 HONORABLE MENTION * * ONC 2020 SHORT LIST * * HIDDEN GEMS * Sean has a problem: his dreams come to life. It causes him enough trouble that he moves across the country to start fresh at Everwood Institute. But as his repetitive dreams become more vivid, he wonders if anything h...

  • The Heartbroken Heartbreaker
    46.8M 1.3M 47

    A painful breakup pushes Kyla Evans to get into a fake relationship with the person her ex-boyfriend hates the most: Seth Everett. But what will she do when the game starts to feel too real? ***** Seventeen-year-old Kyla has sworn off love. After ge...

  • A Suitable Gentleman
    182K 9.5K 40

    Countryside girl turned Londoner, Rosie Eden-Porter, must release her inhibitions and overcome her obsession with finding the perfect man before she single-handedly sabotages her own love life. ***** Since having her heart broken by her first love...

  • Sinful Temptations (Boyxboy) (Completed ✔️)
    669K 30.2K 30

    ~Complete!~ Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Pride, and Lust, the Seven Deadly sins that a Christian must resist falling into temptation of. But, anything can be bent with a little pressure and heat. When Chesney goes to California in search for an opportunity to become a published author, he goes through a serie...

    15.1M 57.3K 7

    One of the most powerful men in England, Mason Campbell was cold, hard and unapologetic. The wind carries the whispers of his name and made anyone tremble in fear. He was known to be ruthless and merciless, unforgiving. And Lauren Hart had just landed herself working for him as his assistant and she found...

  • Ace
    43.3M 1.1M 101

    [COMPLETE][EDITING] Ace Hernandez, the Mafia King, known as the Devil. Sofia Diaz, known as an angel. The two are arranged to be married, forced by their fathers, joining the two Mafia's. But Sofia eventually learns, even the devil was once an angel. Cover by @alluringathena *This book is more of a romance book t...

  • Best Friends, Right? (Boyxboy)
    206K 6.8K 26

    "Are you gay?" "No, I just don't care." ~ Meet 18 year old Blaise Clarke. A boy who doesn't care about labels or looks. Some might say he is popular- heck everyone does. But, he isn't mean like most of the popular kids in the school. He is nice and caring, which is why everyone likes him. Meet Jupiter Stokes. A boy wh...

  • Marley Meets Josh
    11.2M 342K 33

    After years away, Marley and Josh return to their hometown high school and fall in love. Can their relationship survive sex, lies and secrets from their past? ***** Forced out of boarding school after her mother's death, high school student Marley T...

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Tell My Brother
    1.2M 63.5K 60

    Lucas Sawyer has gotten used to being forgotten. His twin brother Mark, captain and star quarterback, everyone's favorite, gets the spotlight. Lucas doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't go to parties. His life is safe and logical, and that's exactly how he likes it. But when his brother's football rival and wor...

  • Changing Tides 《COMPLETE》
    820K 44.4K 43

    Making your way to the top is never easy, and for Trey the problems begin when he meets his competition and lead swimmer of the team: Bennett Scott. The pair immediately becomes entangled in a web of heated arguments, lies, and loathing. Yet somewhere along the journey, Trey discovers more about himself than he cou...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Soccer Boy
    388K 9.5K 30

    Summer and Bryce seem to have nothing in common, and the fact that they have to work together in class for a full year just repulses them. An attempt to try to bond outside of school, actually turns into something more. Summer starts to fall for her enemy and their love of soccer evolves into a budding romance.

  • Behind The Bars [Short Story] ✅
    20K 1.2K 6

    A young wizard has been sentenced to prison for a crime he has somewhat, yet unintentionally, commited. He thinks he deserves it.

  • Holidays [✔]
    116K 7.2K 24

    In a world where holidays are celebrated differently. Where he celebrates all the holidays he knows there are. Where he meets someone through holidays. Where holidays can bring people closer. |#204 in Short Story 2.3.17|

  • My Heart ✓
    26.1K 1.7K 14

    Ellis was totally, undeniably, heart shatteringly, earth quakingly in love with Alan. Ellis would do anything for Alan. But even doing everything Ellis could wasn't enough to save Alan. Because not everyone gets a happy ending. ••• If you are reading this story on any other platform than Wattpad you are very likely t...

  • Just Fine (RE-EDITING)
    79.4K 3.2K 19

    Max wanted to try an experiment, but it wasn't the kind of experiment that Alvin had expected.

  • rivals in the sheets
    400K 290 1

    Meet Ethan and Lucas, rivals of two different football teams, who just happen to be childhood best friends and teenager rivals. Basically, a mix hot jocks, football, and curious teenagers. I mean, what could go wrong?

  • Without Flaws | Fyodor Academy 1
    12.5K 1K 40

    Nobody understands Parry Hathaway; not even his own boyfriend. At Fyodor Academy for gifted students, hardly a week goes by without Parry getting into some sort of trouble. Nobody understands why he has a knack for mischief, especially when he's one of the smartest students the school has ever had. Peopl...

  • Strangely Comforting (boyxboy)
    490K 18.2K 29

    BOYS' LOVE When Jasper Matthews' childhood friend, Hayden Walker breaks up with his girlfriend, Jasper doesn't feel bad. That's because to him, Hayden is his first love. It's too bad he knows it will never work out. They're both guys. But when a friend of Hayden's starts noticing Jasper more and more, Jasper begins to...

  • Nerd Alert | ✓ [SAMPLE]
    5.9M 145K 12

    [THIS IS A SAMPLE] Read the full story on Radish fiction. The link is in my Wattpad Bio. ---- Alexander isn't your typical nerd. He'll say what he wants, do what he wants, and verbally bash you while doing it. That's what Travis, a soccer player assigned to be tutored by Alexander, hates most about him. Confusing feel...

  • When Lust & Envy Meet
    383K 21.3K 32

    Isaac Harley is Eton's devilish delinquent, and Josiah Beckett's the pretentious prefect. At least, that's what the two have always presumed of each other, their true selves buried under a facade and hidden like a sin. Neither one would've ever guessed that all it took was one fateful night, one of hazy minds and abso...

  • Love and the Sea and Everything in Between
    388K 6.3K 8

    NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON! [WATTYS 2016 WINNER] [Highest Ranking #190 in Teen Fiction] [#2 in #FreeYourMind] [#4 in #Social Issues as of 11/25/18] [First Draft Only] College student Adam West is done with the constant ups and downs of life. Tired of being forced to simply exist, waiting for the low that always comes af...

  • Night Owls and Summer Skies (Wattpad Books Edition)
    32.8K 818 26

    WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION. You have to step off the trail to find your path . . . When her mother unceremoniously dumps her at Camp Mapplewood for the summer, Emma Lane's hopes of repairing their fractured relationship are gone with the wind. Now she's stuck in the wilderness facing her worst fears. Trees? Terrifying. Sp...

  • Must Reads On Wattpad! COMPLETED BOOKS
    171K 1.8K 103

    Are you having trouble finding a new book? Well, you're in luck. Here's a collection of some amazing books I've personally read on Wattpad, I strongly recommend you read all of these books at some point in time. They are placed in no particular order and all books have been completed. **Please keep in mind that this w...