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  • laconic • t.nott ✓
    16.9K 1.1K 51

    with hogwarts having changed drastically under the control of the carrows, theodore nott finds his life taking a drastic turn too - making new, unexpected friends, questioning his ideologies, and dealing with the feelings he starts to grow for none other than his best friend, blaise zabini. [theodore nott] [1997-1998]...

  • undeniable | scorbus
    152K 6.7K 25

    (popular albus x nerd scorpius) it's not scorpius's fault he's in love with albus potter. who isn't? as for albus, well, he's just trying to figure out why he's so enamoured by the quiet, slightly anxious nerd he was partnered with in potions class. based on a request i got on tumblr :)

  • Inevitable
    145K 5.8K 25

    After the war, Harry Potter becomes a talented Senior Auror with a penchant for injury in defense of his colleagues. Draco Malfoy leaves the country for five years and becomes an accomplished Specialty Healer. He comes back after he accepts a job at St. Mungo's Hospital. When they meet again, it's clear that Draco h...

  • Flower Tattoos ➙ Drarry
    370K 13.7K 21

    In which a Slytherin boy returns to Hogwarts after the second wizarding war with flower tattoos covering his dark mark and streaks of blue in his platinum blonde hair. A Drarry Fanfiction © Ericka | 2017

  • A Fluffy Little Olive Branch (A Drarry FanFiction)
    71.8K 4.3K 6

    Harry comes into work one day to find a box with a baby owl inside sitting on his desk, and a note from a mystery well-wisher. Drarry/Harry Potter Fanfiction. Post Hogwarts AU, pre-relationship fluff. No smut. 4.9K words.

  • Protection (Drarry)
    297K 13.7K 21

    In the months after Voldemort's death, Draco Malfoy comes to live with Harry Potter under witness protection. But Draco seems somehow different, and Harry is determined to find out why and whether it is going to mean anything different for their relationship. Meanwhile, it seems the Golden Trio might have missed Volde...

  • What If? - Drarry
    436K 19.5K 66

    A Drarry fanfiction based upon a simple question - what if Draco had met Harry in a different way to how it happened in the books? I try to follow JK's basic storyline so it seems similar to the books and movies, but with some differences (obviously) to make the Drarry happen :D

  • Order From Chaos || Drarry
    34.3K 1.5K 9

    Harry wishes he could pretend Malfoy didn't exist, but when he finds him alone and vulnerable, he might have to rethink this. Disclaimer: All rights regarding Harry Potter go to J.K Rowling, and the Christmas image on the cover does not belong to me.

  • Kiss Me Not || Drarry
    176K 9.3K 10

    Sometimes a witch or wizards magical signature is so completely incompatible with another that they repel one another like magnets. On the other hand, if two magical signatures mesh well together, well there are no stronger relationships in all the world. In a sample of a thousand people, the average witch or wizard w...

  • Stealing Sweaters || Drarry
    38K 2K 2

    It's eighth year at Hogwarts for those students who've chosen to come back. Over the course of several months, Harry and Draco have managed to become close friends. Their friends are entirely certain that they ought to be much, much more and decide to just... help things along.

  • Fiendfyre || drarry (completed)
    94.3K 4.9K 10

    When Draco Malfoy returned to Hogwarts to complete his studies, body and mind alike slashed with battle scars, he had never expected the increased inter-house competition, let alone the stronger than ever hatred for Slytherin house. Torn between correcting misguided bullies from other houses and reaching lessons unhe...

  • Date of a Lifetime || Drarry
    82K 4K 6

    Win a DATE with HARRY POTTER! At this year's fourth annual New Horizons charity auction and gala there will be a most rare and unusual item up for bid, a Date with the hero of the wizarding world, Harry Potter! Pansy leaned into his arm, "Would you win Potter?' she asked and before he could answer she held up...

  • Oh You Pretty Things (A Drarry FanFiction)
    18.4K 813 2

    Draco and Harry have a drunken heart to heart listening to David Bowie. Drarry/Harry Potter Fanfiction. Eighth Year AU. No smut. 1.8K words.

  • never again
    5.8K 250 5

    'dear gellert...' never again will albus dumbledore trust another person enough to let them in. and yet, as much anger as there is in him, there's also grief. pure grief. {lowercase intended}

  • Nobody || Drarry
    47K 2.7K 6

    Junior Auror Potter runs errands, takes witness interviews, does paperwork, and gets the coffee. Rarely, very rarely, he's sent out on the most routine calls, such as when Draco Malfoy misses a meeting with his parole officer. (Inspired by the song Nobody by Mitski)

  • Magical Menagerie || Drarry
    78.8K 4.9K 7

    Convinced by Hermione to get a new pet, Harry goes to Magical Menagerie and finds it's now owned by Draco Malfoy who has changed since the war... in a good way, a really good way.

  • Just Harry
    62.9K 3.2K 7

    It's a few years after the war, and Harry Potter is sick of his fame. He gets a chance for a new start in the muggle world , but fate isn't always on the same page...

  • Silent Tea (drarry)
    89.1K 4.9K 10

    Draco re-enters Harry's life via Harry's kitchen.

  • cruciatus | drarry
    147K 6.7K 16

    what if draco's attempted cruciatus curse hadn't gone as planned? what could have happened if things had taken a different turn.

  • Letters Through Time (A Drarry FanFiction)
    44.6K 2.4K 4

    Harry has been gone for the past few years, unable to tell those he loves whether or not he was alive or dead. When he returns home, he is surprised to find he has some very important letters waiting for him. Drarry/Harry Potter Fanfiction. Post Hogwarts AU. No smut. 5.8K words.

  • Home Is Where The Heart Is (A Drarry FanFiction)
    99.9K 5K 9

    Draco is struggling with his anxiety as he arrives at his aunt's house to help Andy and Teddy out. Will the presence of Teddy's godfather, the handsome and friendly Harry Potter, make any difference? Drarry/Harry Potter Fanfiction. Non-magic AU. No smut. 8K words.

  • Bear With Me (A Drarry FanFiction)
    64.7K 3.1K 6

    After spending the past few years as Auror partners, Harry and Draco have surprisingly become friends. More than that, Harry's been trying to work up the courage over the last few months to ask Draco out on a date. But his Valentine's Day plans are scuppered when an incident at a Muggle funfair turns deadly, and he's...

  • What I'm Missing (Drarry)
    43.7K 2.4K 5

    Draco wants to start over. He never expected that Potter would help. Drarry Fanfiction. 5k words. Tattoos and tentative beginnings. (Edit: while Wattpad servers are processing the updates, it seems to think the story is finished at the end of each part. There are five parts and you can get to them all in the table o...

  • Introductions (again)
    650 32 1

    It's Christmas Day, 1996. Those at the Burrow are celebrating happily when Percy Weasley shows up with Rufus Scrimgeour in tow. However, the Minister isn't the only person he's brought with him... Or: The Minister of Magic requests Percy go home for Christmas to spend time with his family - provided he tag along, of c...

  • Lean on Me ||perciver
    19.3K 981 9

    Flatmates. That's what Oliver Wood and Percy Weasley are. Just flatmates. And if Oliver doesn't do something, that's all they'll ever be, at least until one of them moves out, because Percy certainly won't do anything. He's too exhausted and overrun with work all of the time to deal with his personal life to notice wh...

  • Kitten
    8.5K 299 7

    Percy and Oliver have been friends since the first week they've been at Hogwarts. Even though they're not what one would call inseparable (Percy spends too much time in the library, Oliver spends too much time on the Quidditch pitch) they are very close and would trust each other with every secret. But there's only t...

  • Quills, Quidditch, and Percy Weasley
    173K 10.1K 31

    Quills, quidditch, and Percy Weasley. These seem to be the only three things on Oliver Wood's mind lately. Quills - how many of them he's broken lately, working on his new job writing quidditch articles for the Daily Prophet Quidditch - how many days until he can play again, thanks to an injury due to a bludger Perc...

  • Forever Falling For You {Scorbus}
    158K 7.9K 47

    The platform was filled with bustling pupils, fetching their trunks and hooting owls, searching for their friends. Two boys stood together silently in the midst of this commotion, gazing upon this scene. They already had their trunks, and no magical creature to speak of. Friends to find? No. All they had was each o...

  • Lovely (a Scorbus story)
    127K 7.5K 40

    "I know Time-Turning is a thing of the past, but I hope we aren't." It's year four for Albus Severus Potter, who has gained popularity over the summer from the stories of the defeat of the Augurey, and his best friend Scorpius Malfoy, who returns to school with several dark secrets. This year, there's a surprise waiti...

  • Who We Are (Drarry)
    132K 5.4K 22

    *COMPLETED* Harry, Draco and the other seventh years have come to re-do the year. Draco is struggling with post war Hogwarts and is just trying to blend into the background. Harry sees Draco's distress and wants nothing more than to help. But will Draco let him in? WARNING: Self harm and suicide attempt. Some chapte...