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  • Captain Underpants 1
    34.2K 424 19

    Ariel Krupp is the most quiet and shy girl in Jerome Horwitz Elementary School. She had never talk to anyone since she was 4. The reason of that is because her best friend Annie had died. Harold and George try to help her talk again and feel better, but run into some problems as they try. This my first book..... so pl...

  • Captain Underpants Various X Reader
    66K 1K 25

    (Y/N) was a regular high school girl, she was a fangirl, a smart girl, and she's well, she's many things and mostly, she's an artist, a writer and she's kinda childish and she loves all of captain underpants. But at home she's not herself much because, of divorce parents, a drunk mother and a brother who left and you...

  • Captain Underpants 2
    18.1K 271 22

    This is the sequel to "Captain Underpants." It had been 5 years since Melvin has became friends with George and Harold. Ariel and AJ had became superheros for Captain Underpants. They still need him sometimes, but not all the time. George and Harold are thinking of becoming more responsible and not pull pranks EVERY...

  • Finding Harold - (Captain Underpants)
    1.9K 67 6

    When Harold is arrested for something he didn't do, it's up to George to save him, but can he do it on his own? Read to find out. The Search For Harold - (Captain Underpants). This story was made by George and Harold, so expect words that they made up, and misspelling. Enjoy!

  • Captain underpants and the battle of Poopypants for (Y/N)
    19.9K 433 24

    Poopypants is Back to take his daughter back. And it's up to captain underpants, George and Harold to protect (Y/N). And Poopypants will do everything in his power to get his daughter back. And this is before her decision and George and Harold both had huge crushes on her. Who will win (Y/N)? Will Poopypants take her...

  • Captain underpants Deleted scenes
    6.9K 64 11

    You all must've read the first captain underpants and loved it I am making thus for the deleted scenes and I added some deleted scenes of only (Y/N) and I hope you like it.