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  • Weekend Goal
    265 103 20

    Sanne wanted a new adventure to forget her heartbreak and the Greenwood Foxes Soccer Club might be it, provided the teammates accept having her around. Rose wants stability, love and success, but her past life keeps throwing add balls at her. When the future of the club is in danger, they'll have to put their differen...

  • Naija House
    2.5K 547 21

    A safe and fun Naija space where we share fun facts, quizzes, and the latest gist. Here we drop sentiments at the door, relax and talk about your favourite show, book, food, movie... in fact, all join. Oya, come inside.

  • Male Face Claims/Models
    266K 2.6K 59

    Sure, Francisco Lachowski is cute and everything, but there are more models that can play a character in your story! Since I look at models all day because I have no life, I thought I might share some mostly new faces with you guys for face claims or whatever you need a hot model for. Guy on cover = Jack Hurrell, ins...

  • WOC Face Claims
    19.7K 245 18

    If you're looking for a female character that isn't overused and is of color, (black, Asian, Hispanic, etc.) look no further. Most of these women will be able to play teen characters. Suggestions are always welcome!

  • Writing A Good Book
    809 76 25

    Wattpad is full of prominent writers, people trying to get their work out in the opening. We all know that writing and creating an original book is hard, and you'll most likely get stumped on the way. It doesn't matter how wild and interesting your imagination or ideas are. We all want to write something original, dif...

  • Writing Without Cliches
    943 76 14

    It's not enough to love our story ideas. We need to weigh their suitability as subjects for fiction, and then figure out how to go about making use of them. This means steering clear of cliché and its sappy cousin-melodrama.

  • Community Happenings
    2.7M 27.6K 20

    Welcome to The Wattpad HQ Community Happenings story! We are so glad you're part of our global community. This is the place for readers and writers to come to discover all the things we're doing to keep our community connected and inspired. From writer prompts to keep you motivated to weekly reading challenges, you'l...

  • Contests and Writing Prompts
    28.9K 984 15

    Challenge yourself to write something new and discover ChickLit! Please note, the following contest and its rules are the creation of a team of Ambassadors and is in no way affiliated with Wattpad or its staff. Judging of said contest is entirely run by its creators and is not the responsibility of Wattpad or its staf...

  • Wattpad 101: Your guide to the world of Wattpad
    307K 12.6K 126

    So you just started an account... Or maybe you've been here a while and you just aren't getting a feel for things. Well Dorian is here to help you out! Here is an ongoing guide and the tricks of the trade. How to get followers, how to critique work, how to be popular, and how to write. Feel free to throw out comments...

  • A to Z of Writing
    2K 223 33

    Wanting to Hit The Bookshelves pretty hard??? Or Amaze your peers with your impressive writing skills??? Or even gather more than 100,000 views, votes and likes on your story here on wattpad? Then You've Found the Right Book! Everything A Writer needs to be successful. Advice from Respected Good Writers made simple an...

  • Improve Your Writing
    3.3K 188 27

    A quick guide on fiction writing. As a content editor, I've read many manuscripts over the years. In this guide, I'll go over the main weaknesses I often see in manuscripts and how to strengthen them.

  • Simple Writing Tips for Newbies
    2.9K 443 37

    Welcome to this writing book guide. The book is divided into two. The first part is on how you can improve your writing with short simple tips. The second part is about how you can identify the different book genre. Find out what genre your book fits in and how to tag your books correctly.

  • How to NaNoWriMo
    23K 1.8K 12

    Have you heard of NaNoWriMo (November is National Novel-Writing Month) but are unsure of how to get started? Or maybe you're just looking to write a book and need some guidance? I got you covered either way.

  • Writing Wrongs: How To Be A Good Wattpader!
    146K 10K 36

    Hello, my fellow Wattpaders! I will be your tour guide this evening! Your food and drinks should arrive soon! In the meantime, I will be able to answer all your questions about Wattpad! Why don`t you get reads? How can you make covers? Did you know if your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer? Ow! Don`t do th...

  • When Creativity is Blocked
    14.9K 749 1

    What writer's block is, why it happens, and strategies that might actually help. *Includes actual citations* (In case you care. Which you should.)

  • Ice's writing tips
    14.7K 549 27

    Hi fellow wattpad writers! I've gotten a ton of messages on to give out writing tips so here it is. This is a book collection of my book tips that i feel that every book should contain. I'm here to help new writers and new people to wattpad get started! Feel free to critique my tips or tell me your opinion, i'm open m...

  • How to Write the Perfect Romance
    7.6K 280 1

    Tips from Harlequin's Top Romance Editors

  • Your Guide to Writing the Perfect Story
    145K 6.8K 66

    As the title states, this is your tutorial, created by me, to writing a story to the very best of your abilities. By carefully reading through the following pages, you can enhance your skills and clear your path to becoming the great author that you wish to be, uncovering your potential each step of the way. For tips...

  • How to Write Young Adult (with Wattpad's Finest)
    56.8K 2.9K 26

    Tips and tricks for writing young adult by Wattpad's finest.

  • Writers Digest {A Writing Guide}
    3.6K 180 7

    A guide from Creating Covers to Creating the perfect character. This guide has it all!

  • The (Unofficial) Wattpad Writer's Manual
    28.6K 561 11

    The "unofficial" manual that will help you write better! These are the basic tricks that I use when creating my own stories, with insider tips based on the different things I have observed while attempting to read other works. A short, unbiased collection of chapters that highlight how you can instantly make your stor...

  • How to Become a Better Writer: A Wattpad Guide
    385K 17.6K 66

    Some basic writing tips to help you become a more effective storyteller.

  • Writing Prompts For Everyone
    381K 10.3K 203

    A little bit of inspiration... Check out this book when in need of some inspiration to get you back to that keyboard! We all know how hard it can be to stay motivated with anything, especially writing! So don't sit around waiting for inspiration to hit you! Come find it! Feel free to use any of these for your endeavor...

  • A Better Novel
    1.4K 28 19

    A book fully of tips and tricks to get you into writing. Descriptions and large words and face movements!!!

  • The Writer's Guide to a Good Story
    128K 7.1K 32

    Extra, extra, read all about it! Have you heard? I'm giving out writing tips. Whether or not you actually pick up some writing tips is up to you. Hold on. Please don't run away screaming yet. I promise I'll be nice. Cover by @southofparadise

  • For The Forgetful- The Complete Writer's Guide
    58.5K 2.6K 20

    If you're struggling with punctuation, dialogue, spelling or grammar, have a read of this simple guide to the components of writing, copyright, and publishing. [UNEDITED VERSION- Full, edited version to be released soon!]

  • Who Am I? Exercises to prevent your character from having an identity crisis
    76.3K 3.5K 12

    Coming up with five adjectives to describe your character barely scratches the surface. In order to make your character figuratively come alive, you'll need to know them better than they know themselves. The exercises in this book will make you think about your characters in ways you never have before.

  • Hook Your Reader
    43.7K 2.8K 11

    [ON HOLD] Nobody will ever know how incredible your book is if they don't read it. And for that you need a hook. A unique opening line that touches the core of the story, that temptingly hints to what they'll find inside, that compels your reader to read on. Here are ten tips to hook your reader and get more rea...

  • The Do's and Don'ts of Writing a Story
    27.7K 1.2K 240

    For all you amateur writers on Wattpad that want to write a smashing book. Here are the top tips. There are four different sections in here: PLOT - anything incredibly relevant to a book. The backbone. Everything that, usually, you always need. LANGUAGE - here covers common grammatical errors, punctuation, vocabulary...

  • The Help Book - Basic Wattpad Tips
    105K 1.2K 32

    I was thinking about what to give to the awesome wattpad community so I made The Help Book - Basic Wattpad Tips. The first chapters are for those who are just starting out, but you'll also find general tips on writing such as common plotholes and how to avoid them, how to make believable characters, links to useful re...