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  • Krew secrets
    3.4K 162 19

    This story is different. The krew has different life paths. But they have one secret.. They have powers.

  • Lunar and the Magic ✔️
    17.8K 757 22

    「COMPLETED」 Lunar has got a secret, one that tears her apart from the inside. But its never stopped her from using it to help her siblings, especially in their times of need. Then, she slipped. When she eventually oversteps the line, she will need to recover and finally learn to love herself... For who she really wa...

  • What I love about you ( Lunar X Reader fanfiction)
    4.5K 146 14

    A Lunar X Reader Fanfiction When your life long best friend June introduces you to her new friends Funneh, Gold, Draco, Rainbow And Lunar your life gets flipped upside down.

  • I-It's Not Like I Like You | Cuts And Bruises | {Natsuri}
    33.2K 954 17

    [FINISHED] When Yuri and Natsuki are stuck in the same house for the night something other than pillow fights and baking happens. *Cover artwork is not mine but I edited it* I don't own any of the characters Natsuki x Yuri fanfic {WARNING} this story includes •Abuse •Selfharm •Swearing •Etc If you're sensitive t...

  • °Save Me° [Depressed!Natsuki X Yuri]
    20.5K 513 9

    Hey! I know this is a bit late because doki doki isn't that popular anymore, but I really wanted to write this. I don't expect any reads either lol. Just like the title says, Natsuki is depressed because of her dad. As you know, he is abusive. She acts all tsundere and cute in school, but whenever she's alone..its co...