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  • Kokichi Oma x Reader ONESHOTS (COMPLETED)
    767K 14.8K 83

    I get lots of ideas for Kokichi x Reader so yeah. Story is COMPLETE

  • When I'm With You [Zen X Reader]
    30K 961 7

    [Y/N] has been living happily with her boyfriend, Zen, for a year. Since then, the narcissistic albino had become quite popular in the entertainment industry. She finds herself facing romantic opponents, and especially one girl in particular: Lillian Swan.

  • [Naj! au x reader
    30 4 1

    y/n are a teenage girl who live with her lovely family but something went wrong,Y/n parents divorced... y/n must follow her mom moving to some city... after moving your neighbour is mr.cross who is an ex best friend mom and a teacher to a highschool name Underhigh ...... tbc meh..

  • NAJ Sanses x Magic! Reader
    74.7K 1.7K 15

    (Pic above is what you look like) You're parents are killed, countless "friends" have betrayed you, and Highschool starts in a few days. At least you live in a mansion. Your only hope is that life could not POSSIBLY get any worse. couldn't be any more wrong. (Note that none of the images or videos belong to me...

  • Only Missing One Thing(Error x Reader)
    32.8K 736 11

    You are a Goddess of Crafts and War, but you feel as if you are missing something... Then you meet Error. "I don't know this feeling you give me."

  • AU Sans x Reader One Shots ✔
    190K 2.1K 42

    Read the damn title. Art not belongs to me but belongs to Golzy on tumblr. Requests still can continue! I need more requests!!!!! #105 - sans in ranking. #392 - sans in ranking. (2019)

  • Au Sanses x reader The Reality World
    32.6K 703 23

    There is a girl name Y/N, this girl was kind and an artistic, she does play games alot and knows about Undertale, Sanses and fandoms. She really really loves it but she hides it, So no one knows that thinking she was really crazy. So what happens when her favorite character's come to life? (With a little bit of count...

  • Hero With A Leo Sign (Au Sans x Reader)
    112K 3.1K 67

    Hello everyone. This is my account in Quotev: I hope you enjoy

  • THE MAGICAL MIRROR - (Bad Sanses x reader)
    13.1K 829 16

    Having recently moved to a new city, Y/n is almost frightened by all the friendships and experiences that would have awaited her. However, just starting her first year of college, things don't seem to go as she expected. The peace between humans and monsters had finally been established, so why did she seem to have tr...

  • (Finished)The good Nightmare (Nightmare sans x reader)
    114K 2.7K 24

    You are an emotopath meaning you can feel emotions and a very strong one at that so felt more than emotions. Your parents were horrible to you and the students at school were no better. At the beginning and end of every day you would go to the tree, 'your' tree. Sitting in it not knowing someone else was there, and li...

  • Cross star (Cross x reader)
    194 10 4

    After Cross joined the moon empire, king nightmare planned to Kidnapping Y/n from the sun empire at midnight .

  • Tangled (Error Sans x reader) {Completed}
    168K 3.9K 23

    Error 404 Page not found

  • Pj's Daycare (oneshots) (Request are CLOSED)
    14.5K 330 8

    Request any type of oneshot, for example, young Ink x young reader

  • A school with Monsters
    196 6 4

    Y/N is a young student being transferred to a school named UnderHigh. They find that most of their peers are Monsters and very few are Humans. Y/N meets a friend on the first day and they become bestie's throughout the years. Y/N is a person that fits in with the Jocks and Nerds, making them somewhat approachable.

  • Loving A Glitch? Error Sans x Reader
    102K 2.2K 17

    You were just a typical school girl who had a rough past and never made many friends or should i say 'none' so you given the nickname 'Lone Wolf' by other kids/students at school. Your mother had died a few years after you were born while your father on the other hand, he was always too glued into his research to ever...

  • Young Love (Child!Reader x Child!Sans) -ALL AU-
    220K 5.1K 28

    (y/n), the new kid at the daycare, was very shy, and stayed by PJ as much as she could. But, she starts to become friends with everyone. How will this young love turn out for everyone? THE ASKBOX IS CURRENTLY OPEN!

  • ♥~• A Competition •~♥ [Highschool Au Sans X Fem!Reader][EDITING]
    59.8K 1.5K 23

    Your Y/N Wing Dings the younger daughter of W.D Gaster.... Gaster!Sans or G Wing Ding your elder brother... Summer is now over!.. Your Father enrolled you to a school called "UnderHigh"... Where your brother G is there. 'UnderHigh' a school for Humans and Monsters... G told you and warn you about how things are going...

  • Broken [Sans Aus x Reader]
    49.4K 2K 20

    [ Sans AUs x Reader ] This wasn't what you expected - this isn't what you wanted. You wanted to rest, to finally, finally breathe, relax. But apparently life had other plans for your sleep deprived self. It wanted to trap you, it wanted to make you see - to make you realize, you're life isn't what it seems to be. Yo...

  • [You're Not Alone] Underverse Cross Sans X Reader
    204K 5.3K 48

    You were a kind human who has a brother named Frisk. You and Frisk always get along until both of you climbed up a mountain. very curious if the legend was true or not. "(Y/N)!! Help!!" You looked towards where Frisk was. He fell into a hole as you jumped in to help him. Both of you landed on the ground with flowers c...

  • The Hybrid (Naj AU Sans x Hybrid!Reader) (COMPLETED)
    194K 4.5K 26

    [CURRENTLY EDITING] Y/N. A hybrid. Half human...half monster. How does that work? Well, Y/N got enrolled into a high school called Underhigh. Will she fit in? Or will she get killed by some unknown stranger? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I do not own Underhigh or any of the characters. Nor you.

  • 𝗠𝘆 𝗟𝗮𝘇𝘆 𝗦𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗱𝗮𝘆
    27.8K 540 13

    A world where monsters are free, and can roam anywhere they want, yet a group of skeletons decided to crash with you out of all people. It's not easy living in a house with skeletons of all different personas, but you're determined to try. And boy will you have fun trying. Please note I do not own any of these charact...

  • OppoSIteS aTtrACt (An Error X Reader)
    19K 409 11

    Hey guys!This is my first story,so it might be bad...but either way,I hope you enjoy!(Please note that the cover doesn't belong to me.)