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  • You Are the Shell to My Tortoise
    35.9K 5.1K 69

    Nolan, an unapproachable guy who ignores the existence of all his schoolmates, sleeps in all of his classes. Normally, this wouldn't be Chelsea Arnold's problem--she does her best to pay attention in class and attends gym like a good, normal student. Unfortunately, she just so happens to be his assigned desk partner i...

  • Lost in Time
    493 72 4

    Windiness has always been at home in Heather's hometown. None of the blustery winds so far have been able to sweep her entire body up into the air, however. When Heather is done visiting her mother's grave, she turns to leave-only to find herself carried away in the anomalously powerful wind. In the blink of an eye, s...

  • Neptunic Rings
    9.4K 1.3K 5

    She is Neptune - distant and invisible - and I am her ring of stardust; alive because of her.

  • Upend
    37.2K 14.7K 68

    *Featured on the official Mystery page of Wattpad @mystery* ❝Worlds are different, twisted and sheared❞ A Marshall Cop, Annika Greene, is assigned to solve an unnerving case in her city. One tragic death leads to unfolding many cold blooded mysterious disappearances, all pointing to a dangerous hidden agenda. All stak...

  • Notorious Five
    13.2K 2.3K 37

    • Status: Completed • The true tests of bloodless bonds. In this town, guns, lies and unsolved enigmas are normality. The veiled ambiguities are suffocating for Skylar. There are layers of unknown knowledge hidden from her eyes, but is this madhouse of past history even worth understanding? Anxiety, shattered memories...

  • Sugar Boo
    6.3K 1.9K 22

    (boyxboy) Two opposite, a sensitive loner - Andrew Landry, and the top athlete cum big flirt - Ethan Cushing have been best friends since childhood. Despite being an introvert and used to being by himself, Andrew often finds some comfort in his friendship with Ethan as the star quarterback never leaves him behind and...

  • With You ✔
    17.4K 3.3K 49

    BOOK ONE OF THE SOLITUDE SERIES Featured in Wattpad Romance Featured by Wattpad Community Team ••• "Come on, look at me," he says, placing a finger under my chin and using it to raise my head up so we are at eye's level. Like always, once my eyes meet with his, I get drawn in, feeling myself drown into the brown swir...

  • Wicked Roots
    1.6K 264 10

    [Ongoing] Every three years the Council chooses a new set of Guardians. Each one of them have protected us and risked a lot in doing so, but I was chosen to destroy everything. - Alyssa is chosen to partake in the training that determines the new set of Guardians. Her mother sees this as a chance to gather information...

  • Losing Grip
    16.9K 2.1K 38

    Avery Taylor never quite had the same definition of "fun" as the people she knew, especially her sister. Her favorite occupation was staying in her room and avoiding living her own life by hiding behind her sister, Riley. But that was eleven months ago. Then Riley died and nothing was ever quite the same. Now she had...

  • What Lies Beyond You | ✓
    30.3K 4.7K 52

    "What did you think would happen?" I asked. "That we could spend every day together, hugging, holding hands, arguing, doing whatever it is I do, and you saying whatever it is you say, and I wouldn't feel anything?" Avoiding him is a challenge since he's her best friend's brother, but the more Daesyn learns about Caelu...

  • I Know What Sin Is
    12.5K 2.7K 32

    College. According to Ben's lifelong friend Sarah, it's the gateway to adulthood - a place for him to study, find a decent career, and maybe a cute girlfriend. It's the beginning of their successful lives together, something they've been planning since middle school. For him, it's more about finally getting to wave go...

  • The Burning Rose
    10.7K 1.6K 26

    Featured on Wattpad's Dangerous Love and Romance profile @dangerouslove @romance ❝To be in the face of death was something I never imagined happening to me at the age of twenty-one. But, terrified as I was, I couldn't put myself in a position to regret the decisions I've made these past months. When life of...

  • The Daphne Effect | ✓
    27.1K 1.9K 50

    the daphne flower: petals the prettiest blush and beautiful to the eye, but take one bite, and the toxicity will kill you. *** Karmin Desai is optimistic and kind with a smile that can bloom flowers. She is the epitome of summer, unless you piss her off. Instantly, her flower-like persona is covered in thorns and poi...

  • The Roommate Therapy ✓
    78.4K 9.1K 61

    [FEATURED] 19-year old Akira Joshi has always lived in a shell. She has always viewed the world through a pair of metaphorical rose tinted glasses. Good grades, a people-pleaser and a dimpled smile, she's the daughter all parents pray for. When her parents move to another city, she is forced to be independent and her...

  • Relationship Test
    1.3K 237 29

    Snow have dreamed for a love that is everlasting with the right guy but has no apparent luck since she thinks something about her is loveless. She gets envious from gazing at couples who looked happy together and she wishes to find that great happiness. Casey wants love like many people and thinks he already has that...

  • Phantom Encounter
    668 294 5

    Leon Everett is a rebellious teenager, living the life with trouble all by his side. A loving family, a friend and a few mishaps since he targeted himself as the troublemaker. Due to his actions, he cares about his loved ones and looks forward on becoming a better person and living independently. Only if he can learn...

  • Oh My Genie
    2.4K 446 20

    When a wish goes wrong, Arden and the school outcast, Asa, must travel back in time to get her parents to fall in love again before she disappears. *** Arden Rai-Mitchell doesn't love love. As a matter of fact, it annoys her. She can't bear seeing her parents so madly in love, and teenagers her age promising to be...

  • Heatherly Falling
    414 57 2

    Longing for the comfort of her deceased mother, Ella Haze falls back into the depths of depression, allowing grief and loneliness to take control of her. With a heartbroken father by her side, she lives passively, often feeling completely lost. But when she meets Winston Ashwood - a boy with a heart of gold - in a flo...

  • Vitamin Bullet aka (Yin & Yang lovers)
    20.7K 4.8K 133

    Embark on an adventure with two students who must face their fate. While testing their love for one another. A demonic alien virus is trying to conquer earth. A god has called upon mortals to defend mankind. Can a high school delinquent and a stoic stern student tutor pull it off , saving the w...

  • The Disappointment Kid (Completed)
    2.4K 559 25

    Katherine Shelley seems to have it all. But despite her white-privileged upbringing, her bubbly sister and her brilliant grades, she doesn't fit in anywhere. She has got no friends to speak of and her mother thinks that she is a loser. The more her conflict at home intensifies, the more her mental health deteriorates...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gilded Cage (Gilded Series #1)
    25.3K 3.4K 95

    Cages aren't made of iron or steel; they're made up of the lies and half-truths we build our realities upon. Sixteen-year-old Caterina Donati's life appears ridiculously perfect on the outside. She's rich, beautiful, and top of her class and continues to maintain this facade until an old classmate's return to Ashton W...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Parallel Lines
    1.5K 802 7

    "Sometimes, what's best for us can break us," he whispered under the moonlight beam as tears began to well up in his eyes. * * * A vicious threat chases her down and an admirer beyond the shadows is willing to protect her. The detective and the assassin team up together to catch the culprit behind every sabotage. Howe...

  • Fall From Azura | ON HOLD
    673 185 20

    Amira has her mind set on becoming an astronaut. Life exists beyond Earth and she's about to prove everyone wrong. But what happens when a strange boy falls from the sky, claiming to be from a blue planet no one's ever heard of. He's on a mission and Amira may be his only chance at life. So with the help of a strange...

  • Love Will Come your Way
    635 243 13

    "Don't worry, love will come your way," someone once told her. _______ Sure it will. At some point it has to.. right ? Mickey Donovan had waited all her life for her prince charming, her bad boy, or her nice guy -really whoever at this point- to come her way and she was starting to run out of patience. Now that hig...

  • It's Raining Cats and Dogs
    781 80 23

    SHOUTOUT TO @FiftyShadesOfTimmy for the OUTSTANDING cover! Go check out Timmy's Extremely Average cover shop to get yourself an amazing cover 😄 For Beatrix, love doesn't come as easy as they portray it in movies. Overwhelmed by her un-romantic lifestyle and terribly depressed feelings of suicide, she's always thought...

  • Eve of Terra
    2.1K 684 17

    "Strip. Now!" I aimed my weapon at him with a glare. Upon a passing light, I was granted a clearer view. Intense green eyes were on me, clenched jaw on a keen guard, and a visible scar at the curve of his left cheek. The idle look aired fearless against my warning, forcing my wary to hyperdrive. The sound of rustling...