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  • Fairy Girls (Fairy Tail)
    65.7K 1.8K 15

    The boy band Dragon Force are going to have a duet with the girl band Fairy Girls but before that they went to a bar and saw girls that are different from the other girls but these girls are not what you think the next day they meet the girl band will they get together and fall in love eventually or just hate each oth...

  • (Sting x Lucy x Natsu){Zombie Apocalypse}
    1.7K 64 6

    well this is a fanfic no power's let's just say zombie's start appearing out of no wear and the student's that weren't present to the disaster inside the school were looking at a fight that was Sting and Natsu in it. some saved some not and yeah i read H.O.T.D a long long long time ago. so enjoy there survival not rea...

  • My Boyfriend is a Saber
    103K 2.2K 16

    Lucy and Sting have this secret relationship that only them and Sabertooth know about. When the GMG comes around Lucy and Sting make a plan so that they can see each other. But their plan fails and Fairy Tail finds out about this relationship. What do Lucy and Sting do, what would Team Natsu think about this. So this...